By Sulayman Bah

Coach Sang Ndong yesterday vowed in the aftermath of Gambia’s humbling by Mauritania.Coach Sang Ndong

The former goalie vowed to right the wrongs which he believes have long dogged the national team and is fundamental in the blips besetting the senior scorpions.

International test matches haven’t been forthcoming with the last friendly been eleven months ago in a one-all draw against Uganda, four days before their opener qualifier match against South Africa. No mumbling of an exhibition game has been heard at the GFF dormitory ever since.

Also such events aren’t held without funds. But Sang nevertheless promised to bother the GFF and the sport ministry for test games for the senior team to give weight to his rebranding project.

‘We will try to reach and knock the doors of the GFF president to help us with test matches. Test matches are important and before our next game, in June, we will try to plan as many friendly games as possible. It’s part of the rebranding process,’ he said in aftermath of the game.

‘Rebranding’ and restructuring are the Hawk’s gaffer’s catch phrases since taking over the managerial reigns and in helping realize his plans, Ndong vowed to scout Gambian players trading abroad, preferring to leave the door open in terms of selection.

‘We’re trying to restructure but that doesn’t mean we’ll close the door on other players. The idea is to get every player on board even going out to scout players outside. It’s also not about selecting players getting minutes but good ones who can deliver,’ he says.

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