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The Director of Health Services is put at grade12 and earns 78,000 dalasis per annum or less than 7000 Dalasis per month . The Edward Francis Small Teaching HospitalDeputy Director of Health Services and Senior Nursing officer are put at grade 11 earning 68,000 Dalasis per annum  or less than 6000 Dalasis per month.

The Programme Managers of the Disease Surveillance Unit, Malaria Control; Mental Health;  National Eye Care, National Aids Control;  Expanded  Programme on Immunization;  Principal Health Officers and Medical Doctors  are put at grade 10 earning 61,000 Dalasis per annum or 5000 Dalasis per month; Senior Nursing Officers are put as grade 9 earning 48,000 Dalasis per annum or 4000 Dalasis a month; Registered Nurse Midwives are put at grade 8 earning 42000 Dalasis per annum or less than 4000 Dalasis per month; State Registered Nurses are put at grade 7 earning 36,000 Dalasis per annum or 3000 Dalasis per month, Community Health Nurse Midwives and Enrolled Nurse Midwives are put at grade 6 earning 33,000 Dalasis per annum or less than 3000 Dalasis per month; Enrolled Nurses and Community Health Nurses are put at grade 4 earning 17,000 Dalasis annum or less than 1500 per month; Senior Community Nurse Attendants  and dispensing Assistants are put at grade 3 earning  16,000 Dalasis per annum or less than 1400 Dalasis per month; Community Nurse Attendants are put at grade 2 earning 12,000 Dalasis per annum or 1,000 Dalasis per month; Orderlies, cooks, laundresses, watchmen, Health Labourers and generator operators are put at grade 1 earning 10,000 Dalasis per annum or less than 1000 Dalasis per month. Who could live middle income lives with such salaries?


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