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Saayii Tolof-Tolof (Troubled marriages) Part 1


By Amie Sillah Marriage No 1 is a Christian marriageBernard (Noperri) Noperri graduated from the U.S., came back home to set up a Computer Software/Hardware Company to provide an alternative opportunity to employ Gambia youth; he is also single as he returns home to marry a ‘Kumba Banjul’ as his mom Nene Ndungu instructed.Nene Ndungu “I want you to marry a home grown damsel who would know our custom and tradition; we are Africans; I would not want you to marry someone who will come home to insult our customs and tradition; you know I am a no nonsense woman,” She bragged. Noperri is ‘mama’s boy’, emotionally attached to her mom since he lost his dad at infancy. As an only child he gets instructions from Nene before he ventures into anything. Nene is a matriarch full of herself. Her husband left a lot of wealth in assets and livestock. She singularly sponsored her son’s education. She was educated up to Standard Four in those days and has accompanied her late husband to many trading cities in the Sub region. That gave her a vantage point over her opponents as she became Sir Burang’s sole partner up to his demise. She was called all sorts of names that she is evil, sorcerer that she killed her husband, etc, but she is self confident and does not give a hoot. Nene ensured that the extended family is excluded from her family affairs and involves them only if they can be used to serve her objective. “I am of the new school and will never find you a wife, go out there bring your sunshine and I’ll play my part.”Noperri He hugged his mom and said; “What would I have done without you?” “Am I not your mom?” She reciprocated.Cecilia (Cissy Hor/Hoyan) She is a primary school teacher, an orphan from the provinces and came to stay in the city accompanied by her younger sibling Mary (Mambotorr).Rugiatou She is her best friend who has a strong influence in her life. The duo visited the Computer Company for some services.Informal Meeting As Hoyan was coming out she bounced upon Noperri and her glasses fell on the floor. She stooped to collect it but he held her hand and stared into her eyes, both melted and say some stupid things.Noperri “I’m sorry! Am I not silly to tumble over a daunting damsel? You are a beautiful my fair lady; can I know your name, I want to meet you again.”Hoyan She shyly looked at Rugi for support and approval. She signaled her as she nodded and showed her approval. Cecilia nicknamed Cissy Hoyan shortened Cissy Hor, a shy person under Rugi’s influence, always seek her best friend’s approval and believes everything she tells her.Noperri He extended his hand. “I am Noperri Yorro Baldeh. Nice meeting you and I want to see you again.”Rugi She chipped in; “Are you CEO Nene Ndungu Computer Services? Filthy rich but so simple in appearance and manners.” She commented.Noperri He is simple and humble, he prefers to be seen as a person first before his accolades; he answered her with simplicity. “I am just Noperri Yorro.” He smiled. Rugi is not happy with his response; she has a plan to hook him for herself.Rugi She started to create doubt in Cissy Hor’s mind. “Do you believe him? He is filthy rich and very stingy, he is not flashy and does not want to eat and enjoy his money.”Cissy Hor “Miss ‘Sabi-Sabi,’do you know him enough to judge him? He is not haughty and proud despite his huge wealth, he is down to earth and I like that.”Rugi “What is wealth for, if it not for enjoyment? I rather go for a poor man who loves life than a rich man who shuns it.”Cissy Hor “That’s your opinion and I respect it.”Healthy Marriage Noperri kept to his promise of a short courtship and married his fiancée within a period of one year to satisfy Nene’s request to see his bride before she joins her ancestors. The marriage went as planned and Rugi was the chief bridesmaid and Noperri’s best pal, Amadou was his bestman. Nene Ndungu could not attend but the wedding album was sent to her sick hospital bed as she was put on chemotraphy.A Surprise The couple decided to spend their honeymoon with Nene in hospital and it was kept as a surprise to her. Cissy kept it as a secret which she did not share with her best friend Rugi who would have discouraged her out of it.Nene Ndungu She was put on sedative when the couple arrived at the private ward. They spread fragrant flowers everywhere with balloons flying about; she startled when she awoke. “What! Am I dreaming or not? What a big surprise?” The couple bent over her and showered her with kisses and presents as they all shed tears of joy. “Even if I die now I am satisfied with the lord as he has granted my request of seeing and touching my son’s wife. She has to be helped to sit on the bed and the request was granted. She prayed for them. “Let the lord make your bed dirty by giving you the fruit of the womb, love and cherish each other and don’t allow the devil have a space in your life and always be prayerful.” The couple stayed a week with her before going to Hawaii for their honeymoon proper.Back Home Rugi paid Cissy a visit and registered her anger.Rugi “Why did you not tell me about going for a honeymoon? Is it not too soon to be keeping secrets from me?”Cissy Hor “I am very sorry it was an impromptu decision, we were not sure because of Nene’s condition.”Rugi “Where did you go to?”Cissy Hor “We visited Nene in Ohio and spent a week with her before proceeding to Hawaii to spend the rest of the three weeks. It was very good and we brought life back into her ailing body.”Rugi She exploded. “You are very cheap and Noperri has taken you for granted; how can he take you to a dying woman when you were supposed to enjoy your honeymoon with your husband?”Cissy Hor “You are a negative person, that’s why I did not tell you our plan; how can you describe the woman who raised her sole son single handedly as a nuisance to our life when she has made that life of affluence and influence possible for us? It was a great enjoy including her into our lives when she was unable to attend our wedding because of ill health. We did not regret it.”Rugi “Now my advice and opinion is no longer relevant? Okay, you are showing me that you are married and I am single. We shall see, sooner than later; you will see the consequences.” She walked out at her friend. Part 2 By Amie SillahHealthy Marriage Life Cissy Hor decided to enjoy her marriage without the intervention of any friend; Noperri becomes her sole friend as the couple does everything together, he prepares breakfast for her and serves her in bed; there was fun and happiness in the home.Marie Marie is her house help and was with the family since Nene was alive; she has now become part of it. She always advises Cissy Hor and asked her to be aware of female friends. “They are always jealous especially those who tell you to fight your husband; don’t tell them your secret; they can use it against you; they go behind your back to stab you; that’s my candid advice my daughter.”Cissy Hor She thanked her and promised to take her advice.The Pregnancy Noperri gave Cissy Hor solidarity all the way through, he accompanied her to clinic and ensured she took her drugs accordingly. She went through the pregnancy and when birth was due Noperri accompanied his wife and waited for her.Noperri He paced up and down confronting every nurse that comes out from the labour room. “How is she? Is my wife alright?” He asked Nurse Sophie.Nurse Sophie “It is all right just keep praying for her.” Sophie rushed past him. He stood at the door watching and followed every nurse that comes out from Labour Ward.Dr. Mam Biram He saw him and rushed to him. “Congratulations! You are the proud father of a bouncing baby girl!”Noperri “What!” He whirled around with doc. And asked; “How is my wife?”Dr. Mam Biram “She is fine.”Noperri “Can I see them?”Dr. Mam Biram “Give them ten minutes to be cleaned up and you can then see mother and daughter.” He shook his hand and again congratulated him. He felt great relief and excited to see his family.The Family The couple relationship waxed further. Noperri ensures that the nannying is not left to Cissy alone, in fact Nene Ndungu Mundow became more attached to daddy then mummy which earned her the nicknamed ‘Daddy’s Girl’. Noperri took paternal leave to get closer to his girl.Noperri “She is ‘Daddy’s Girl’ as my ‘taaw’ (first born) and dear mummy’s ‘tomma’ (name sake). He ensures Cissy Hor practices exclusive breast feeding and he gave her support throughout the process. He provides the material in the form of human and financial resources to make it possible. Cissy Hor is satisfied with her husband as she gave him all praises.Cissy Hor “I married my best friend and do not regret the union.” She confided in Aunty Marie.Aunty Marie  “Keep it like that all the time; and always remember my advice, the tooth is white but the root is deeply rooted in blood.”Rugiatou She went to Dubai being part of a Trafficking Ring; she recruits young girls and trafficked them to Asia; she was trapped but she escaped and came back home and lay low until the heat cools down. She visited her friend and found her well settled in a healthy marriage. Cissy Hor was surprised to see Rugi again.Cissy Hor “Lou wanha dii doh norr? Why is the blister beetle walking in the dry season?” She is surprised to see Rugi at this time of her life when she earlier cursed and threatened her.Rugiatou “Can I not visit a childhood friend? Am I unwelcome?” She asked just to corner Cissy Hor.Cissy Hor “You are welcome, we don’t shun strangers not to talk about friends.”Rugiatou She gave her side of the story blaming her boss for framing her up. “My parents’ prayers while alive help me escape such a deadly ordeal; my best friend Mbaayang lost her life; the pimp bosses are vicious and notorious drug barons. I was asked to recruit 20 young girls which I did but the commission I was promised was never fulfilled; I hit back when least expected and they came after my life I escape but they found my best friend and accused her of making me escape as a result she has to pay with her life.” Rugi broke down and wept bitterly. “I would want you to harbour me for a while as I relocate to a safer abode.”Cissy Hor “That is not a problem to me but I have to discuss it with my husband.”Rugi “Of course, you are now a married woman who cannot do anything unless discuss with your man; I understand.” She is not happy realizing that she has lost grip of the innocent woman.Cissy Hor She waited until they were alone in their bedroom and she intimated Noperri with Rugi’s problem. “Rugi is in deep shit as the Americans would describe it; she is stranded and wants to stay with us for a while as she sorts herself out; what do you say?”Noperri He thought hard and asked;    “Do you trust this friend of yours?”Cissy Hor “I do not have any reason not to trust her; she was my school mommy very helpful during my time of need. And as it is said a good turn deserves another.”Noperri “Your mind is set up but just be very careful and not be forgetful of Aunty Marie’s advice.” He is very skeptical of this Rugi of a woman who he sees as envious and vicious who can harm his naïve, innocent wife but he kept his feelings to himself so as not to offend Cissy Hor.Cissy Hor She sprang up and hugged her husband. “Thank you for doing this for me; I love you.” She gave him a passionate kiss.Noperri “I love you too and always want you to be happy. Just be very cautious because all that glitters is not gold.”Cissy Hor “Just as Aunty Marie always says; I’ll be extremely careful.” She summoned Rugi and told her the good news. She hugged and showered her with praises.Rugi    “You are kind hearted same, same, you’ll always stay bless, thank you very much, my stay is temporary and whenever I found a suitable abode I’ll relocate.”Cissy Hor “Don’t be in a hurry stay as long as you wish.” Part 3 Booku Haaram Who is the ‘Booku Haaram’ within?The Couple Neighbours gossip about them.Yaa Diborr “He washed her ‘undies’ I was told; this is quite unnatural, how can such a rich guy stoop so low as to wash his wife’s under wears? At first I disbelief it until I saw it myself.”Njombat “’Kongosa! Who told you and how did you witness it?Yaa Diborr “Her ‘best friend’ of course! Rugi is her ‘Booku Haaram’ she digs out her secrets and tells everyone who cares to listen and the poor woman believes her so much; she is jealous of her and don’t be surprise that some day she will coup her and marry Nopi. I hate that gossip of a woman.”Njombat “Didn’t you say you are jealous of Cissy Hor and would want Nopi look your way and drive her out?”Yaa Diborr “It was just a joke I am not a wicked person ; Cissy Hor is very helpful to all of us in school, whatever she has she shares with us which earned her Rugi’s grudge; she wanted to own her and everything she has. I hate that serpent of a girl but how can we save her from her evil friend? Some girls say she used ‘juju’ on her.”Njombat “I am not sure about your accusations but just be very careful about your gossip, Cissy Hor would not take it lightly especially when Rugi poisoned her mind against you.”Rugi She eavesdropped the couple and washed their dirty linen outside. She laid trap for Nopi to seduce him when Cissy goes out.An Incident She went to the couple bedroom and locked herself in the toilet Cissy went to her boutique and Nopi came back to collect his briefcase; as he wanted to use the toilet it was locked from the inside and he was wondering; he was scared as he thought it an outsider.Nopi    “Who is in my wash room?” He alarmed.The Greatest Surprise The apparition came ‘naked’ as a new born baby.Nopi “What!” He shouted. “What sort of friend are you, trying to stab your best friend at her back? I did not trust you but the sad aspect is that she trusts a devil incarnate; get out of our house, our life for good; I don’t want to see you anywhere around us or else I’ll cause murder and bear the consequences.”Rugi  She gave a sarcastic laughter and said; “She is under my palm and would not believe a word of what you’ve said, you are a damn fool, men struggle to get me sleep with them and here you are playing ‘sakara’ when it is offered to you on a platter of gold. I’ll leave but at my space and time.”The Unexpected Nopi sprang upon her and beat her blue-black; “Go in there pack your things and never return.” He showed her the tape; “You have been tape and if you tried to be funny your friend will hear of it, now get lost daughter of the jezebel and never to be seen here again.”Rugi She has been cornered as Nopi checked mate her. She took her luggage and said; “”Harr dawit dafauti dole’ (The sheep has not run away but has gone for reinforcement.)” She left in a very defiant mood.Nopi He refused to tell Cissy anything let her discover Rugi for herself. He pretended nothing happens.Aunty Marie She is with her boss because she never approved of Rugi’s stay in the house. From the onset she sees her as trouble that has come to uproot her madam. “I know it that serpent is nothing but trouble but madam is naïve she believes her too much.”Nopi “Do you know what has happened?”Aunty Marie “I know everything that happens in this household; I worked for your mom since I was a teenager when you were very young; I saw her many times trying to seduce you even when the unassuming madam is around; how she stares at you with seductive mannerisms but you were very cool towards her that gave me confidence that her plans to trap you have failed; keep it up I’ll keep the secret from madam unless if she tells her herself which she will never do but she has not given up she will try other devilish means to get at both of you, but the lord is our shepherd and he’ll protect both of you.”Nopi “Thank you nanny for watching our back.”Cissy Hor She came back but did not notice her friend’s absence until it was time to dine. She did not see Rugi at the dining and she enquires. “Where is Rugi and why is she not at the dining?”Nopi “I don’t know, have you checked her room?”Cissy Hor “No I did not!” She shouted Aunty Marie’s name and asked her to check on Rugi.Aunty Marie She came running and reported that Rugi’s room is empty.Cissy Hor She became worried; “What do you mean by that, her room empty, where has she gone to? This is very strange.” She went herself to check and did not believe what she saw.Is this a trick or what, I cannot understand this devil of a woman?”    She came back to the dining to express her shock and disbelief. “What’s wrong with this woman, after everything I’ve done for her? How can she unceremoniously leave without telling me?”Nopi “Sunshine you worry too much, you were trying to do good and the person does what she likes, let her be, eat your food you need it you a breastfeeding my mom and you need all the nutrients.”Cissy Hor “It hurts me badly when someone special stabs me at the back. It is a crime to do good?”Nopi “Not at all continue to do good and the lord shall reward you.”Rugi    She rang and Cissy Hor refused to pick up, she tried continuously until she finally picked up and answered her bluntly. “What is it, can I help you?” “You are unwelcoming; give me the chance to explain.”Cissy Hor “What is there to explain? I am very busy and have no time for that.” But Rugi insisted and explain.Rugi    “My abode was discovered and assassins were again sent after me.” She is very sharp and has answers for every question.Cissy Hor She struck the right cord and Cissy’s anger turned into sympathy and empathy. “What! I am very sorry my sister; take it easy upon yourself and be very careful, I am here for you and you can always lean on me.”Rugi “Thank you very much for always being a pillar to lie on, now I’ll lay low until it is time to come up again I am a survivor.” Part 4The Devil at Work Rugi felt humiliated and swore to hit back at Nopi.Rugi “Who is he to reject my free offer and upon it insulted my person, I’ll teach him the lesson of his life?” She decided to pay Cissy a visit.At Cissy’s Boutique She decided to visit her boutique avoiding the home in order not to meet Nopi who is now her arch enemy.Cissy “I hope everything is fine?”Rugi “Of course! What’s wrong with visiting my best pal?”Cissy “What about the assassins, are you free from them?”Rugi “Sort of, don’t you know your girl now and what am capable of? How is Nopi, I hope he is still a good boy?”Cissy    “My husband is perfect he is still an angel, always helpful and babysitting, Aunty Ndugs is closer to daddy than mommy.” Rugi hissed and seethed with disguised anger.Rugi “Are you sure about your praises? Men like your Nopi can be a snake in a green grass; I’ve seen many of such a man who hide from a wife and commit a lot of atrocities in the dark.”Cissy Cissy felt offended. “Nopi is not who you are describing, he can never cheat upon me.”Rugi “Okay, what is today’s date? Mark my words you’ll come back crying over my lap.” The duo quarrelled and Rugi left in a rage.The Manipulation Secretary Aisha Rugi waited until Nopi left the office and she decided to come back and asked for him “Boss has just left, what can I do for you?”Rugi “It is very urgent, let me wait for him.” As the secretary went inside leaving her i-phone behind Rugi copied her biodata from it and waited until she came back. “I cannot wait for him; I’ll leave and come back again.”Aisha “Any message for him?”Rugi “No message, want to give him a surprised visit.” She took out some notes; “Buy refreshments.” She left beaming with delight as Aisha thanked her.Cissy She received sexting texts showing her husband in compromising positions with Aisha. She exclaimed! “So Rugi is right, all men are the same, how can Nopi play the angel at home and the devil at work? I’ll be damned to allow that nonentity of a girl to reap where she has not sown.”At the Office She rushed into the office to the surprise of the secretary.Aisha “Aunty Cissy! I hope everything is fine?”   Cissy Hor “How can it be when you cannot close your legs to married men?”Aisha She is shocked and ashamed. “What do you mean ma, I cannot understand?”The Shock of her life She showed her the pictures with the texting.Aisha She exclaimed; “What! This is manipulation, madam this cannot be true, it is fabrication, camera trick.” Such a comment inflamed Cissy who rushed and hit Aisha who found cover and ran away for her dear life.Cissy She left in a rage. “I’ll be back, you have to leave my husband or face the consequences.”Nopi He came back to the office to meet a distraught secretary who has written a resignation letter waiting to be delivered to her boss. “What has happened? Gorra intimated me about the incident.”Aisha She narrated her ordeal. “Madam came and showed compromising pictures of us sent to her I phone, I tried to explain that it was camera tricks but she did not believe me, instead she assaulted me and insulted my person; here is my letter of resignation, you are a perfect boss but your wife is an assailant.”Nopi “I am not receiving any resignation letter from you, if I do it will signify guilt, nothing of such has happened and I’ve suspected the devil playing the trick and I’ll lay my hands at her and will surely bring her to book. Did any one come asking for me?”Aisha “Yes Aunty Rugi but when I asked her to wait she decided to leave and asked me not to tell you that she wants to pay you a surprised visit.” This was important information Nopi kept to himself.Nopi He took the letter and tore it. “It’s okay, I’ll promote you and will pay you compensation for assault and I’ve promised this will not reoccur. I am very sorry for the embarrassment.” He instructed the accountant to effect the compensation and promotion. The devil will be put to shame, as she/he wanted your downfall but will instead lead to your grace and promotion.”Great Commotion At Home Cissy locked herself up in her room.Nopi He asked her to open to no avail, “You’ll come down and I’ll be waiting for you.”Aunty Marie    Nopi explained the incident and she blamed the serpent of a friend. “She played the trick but I don’t know how but still my advice is to take it easy with your wife.”Nopi “Cissy has disrespected me, how could she do such a thing? She knows me now, how could she fall for such a cheap trick? I’ll protest and she knows me, let me handle it my own way nanny.”Cold War Nopi totally avoided the master bedroom and always locked himself in his private room. Communication comes through notes as the couple avoid each other. Cissy has no malice and the cold attitude only gave her hypertension and she went and laid complaint to Gorra.Gorra Rugi paid him a visit. “Your friend is killing me softly, he neither eats my food nor warms my bed; please speak to him on my behalf; he avoids me totally, help me get my husband back.”Gorra    “You have first to acknowledge that what you did was wrong and disrespectful and from there I’ll take up your case.” She agreed and Gorra made an appointment for the two to meet at his guest house for privacy.The Meeting The duo met and Cissy Hor apologized for her reckless action.Cissy “Sorry for my reckless action, it will never happen again. I was overwhelmed and I over reacted.”Nopi “Let it not repeat itself or else you’ll see my wrong side.”Did it happen again? Continue reading.To be Cont.  ]]>

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