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Saayii Tolof – Tolof – Part 239 EPISODE 19 (Difficult Marriages – Dusa Nawle – Caste Discrimination In Marriage)


The Courtship
    Alhassan is satisfied with his fiancée therefore he decided to take her home for his dad Prof to bless their courtship. Hassan is dad’ friend because of his humility and being focus.
“Whenever you found a wife you love bring her home for me to bless her.” Prof kept telling his son.

At Home
 Jomme was nervous and asked Alhassan;
“Is this your home?”
“Yes it is have you ever been here?”
“Yes, what is Gorra to you?”
“Do you know that rascal? He is my twin brother.”
“What? Your twin brother? No wonder you look alike, he was my friend but we parted when he wanted to sleep with me before marriage and I refused he called me crude names and we parted ways.”
“Excellent that’s my girl I always quarrel with him because of his indiscipline he wants to sleep with anything in skirt, trousers or wrapper but I am glad he met his match box; he never expected a woman will tell him no.”

Prof Ibra Dageen Njie
 He entered and the duo got up to greet and show him respect he smiles and said;
“Sit down.” Then he asked;
“Who is this fair damsel you came with?”
“Dad she is the woman that gladdens my heart, my missing rib and I remembered what you told me when I was very young you asked me to bring my fiancée who you’ll love at first sight and you’ll bless our union.”
Prof laughed heartily;
“That’s my boy you have good memory you haven’t forgotten I have remembered come both of you.”
He stood and blessed the duo:
“Your union will be blessed you’ll live long and well fulfilled it will be well with both of you. Your lady is fair and gentle, well-mannered and I have seen compatibility she will unite the family.”
“Thank you Pa.” The duo said and went upstairs to his room.

Madame Pure (Pir)
   She came in after Prof blessed the duo and she frown when she saw Jomme who stood up to greet her;
“I can recognize your face where you not the one I drove from my home? Do you want to tear my family apart? How can you sleep with two brothers? Do you want to commit an abomination?” Madame Pure charged.
“I beg your pardon Ma, with all due respect I’ve not slept with any one of them I value myself and have vowed to my dead father that I’ll only give my honour to the man I love in holy matrimony.” Jomme defended her honour.
Alhassan concurred;
“She is right we are two of a kind both of us virgins that is why we are attracted to each other and dad has just blessed our union.”
“What! Blessed what stupid union? Oil and water cannot mix you are ‘Gelawarr’ and she is a ‘Nyeyor’ an inferior caste whom you can never marry while I am alive.”
“She is my choice mama and Insha Allah I’ll marry her with or without your blessing dad has already given us the green light.”
“We shall see whose final word stands.” Madame Pir asserted.

Prof Ibra
He came down when he heard his wife’ yelling and shouting;
“What is it about rabid dog? Why are you shouting and yelling?”
“She is an unwelcome guest my son cannot marry her she is a ‘Nyeyor’ we are ‘Gelawarr’ two different class positions. And she had also dated Gorra how can she sleep with two brothers it is an abomination.”
Jomme stood up defended herself in front of Prof and beg to leave;
Prof asked her to stay;
“You are our guest at least wait for lunch before you leave, please?”
She stayed out of courtesy while mom raved, ranted and went upstairs to shut herself until Jomme left.

 Alhassan sat his mom with dad and told her his mind.
“Why is mom doing this to me? I’ve found my missing rib and Insha Allah she is the woman I want to marry and you have already bless her for me as the head of the family.”
Prof chided her;
“Al Hassan is not like you he took after me it is Al Housain who took after you in conceitedness, arrogance and big shot he is incompatible with the damsel but Al Hassan has proven himself after your son hurt her pride they are two of a kind and I have solemnized their union and will see it through to the end.”
“We shall see it would be over my dead body.”
“We shall see who is the head of the family me or you?”
Prof went out.

On A Mission
She visited Yassin nicknamed ‘Hebate’ ‘Yabate’ daughter to a Minister who is Prof’ friend but he is not keen about it but his wife insisted to forge ahead. Yassin did not arrive from London but her mom was there her dad also travelled the moms chatted at length and supported the mission.
“Dareem ak Dereem” (Equals with Equals) we are from the same class and we are friends as well as our husbands we went to the same schools up to university level married about the same time and we conceived our children about the same time throughout school they call them ‘the twins’. When I come here to find a wife for my son I’ve come to the right place and would not regret anything.” She posited.

Aja Margo Taal
“You are correct you have come to your home and you are welcome. But first thing first we have to plan it in such a way that the children will meet and make the connection your son is a Computer Engineer Minor and Business Management Major my daughter is First Class Honour Economics major and Minor Business Management both of them are sophisticated and stubborn they should not even have the notion that we are match making them.” Aunty Margo advised.
“That’s a good advice Margi I’ll take notice you are right they are unlike us whose marriages were match made. I’ll be leaving for now get Minister posted as well as me.” They prayed for each other and Madame left for home.
To be Cont.

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