A Turning Point
Manager Boli
He came to the village looking for Jeim Eteh Doilu was the first to see him in his car with two colleagues of his she ran into their house to alert Maama Goom;
“Maama some people are here I think looking for Jeim Eteh.”

Maama Goom
“Have you ask them who they are looking for?”

“I didn’t  but strongly believe they came for Jeim who has business in the city they are looking neither for you nor me.”

Maama Goom
“Go quickly call your brother to come and meet them.”

“Yes Ma.”

Jeim Eteh
He was doing some gardening at the backyard garden he washed his hands and came running to answer the visitors. He was amazed when he saw the Manager who rejected him his first reaction was;
“I hope I am safe what are you doing at my home?”

Manager Basiru
He rushed and hugged him;
“Congrats Sir, Oil and Gas Company Ltd is pleased to announce that you have been accepted as the Petro Chemical Engineer 1 of the said Company and you shall head the Petro-Chemical Unit of the said Company you have the best result of all the applicants we have a whole package for you you’ll go for a year refresher course, given a duplet with car and a driver it is also with fringe benefits for your immediate family e.g. education, medical and health benefits, health insurance and travel.”

Jeim Eteh was stunned he stooped before the visitors;
“Thank you! Thank up and thank you again what can I say when I thought my world has ended? What can I say now when God has said my world has started?” He wept accompanied by Doilu and Maama Goom who danced and praised the Lord’ glory.

Jeim Eteh
“When can I join you?”

Manager Bas
“Just go in pack your luggage and jump into the car we are taking you to your residence right away.”

Jeim Eteh
He went into his house pack his new clothes and other essentials then called his mom;
“Pack all my old things and share it among the village poor for them to pray for me also mom, a virtuous woman pray for me.” He stooped before his mom and she graciously prayed for him as they all shed emotional tears.

He is at home contemplating with himself;
“I am going to make billions if this deal goes through I’ll be super rich in fact richer than dad I’ll prove Taa wrong.” He smiled.
He did inform neither his wife nor his father about the Bank loan and using his castle and his own mansion as co-laterals.

Charles and Marget
The fraudsters came to Buge’ abode for the transactions Rafet came greeted them with Buge and went into her room she is smart and very suspicious of them she waited until they left before raising the issue with her husband.
After sealing the deal thy felt satisfied and left.

She came into the sitting room and enquired from Buge;
“Who are those dubious men you were discussing with?”

He became defensive;
“Why are you harsh at them Sweetie? Do you know them?”

“I don’t but don’t like them either they resemble fraudsters to me and were in fact very uncomfortable when I greeted them they refused to look into my ears they were very nervous.”

“I am discussing business with them but please don’t be judgmental give them chance to prove themselves.”

“Are you not being hypnotize? Don’t be naïve fraudsters are many and abound just look before you leap. What is the investment?”

“Around D2  billion dalasi the upper limit.”

“What!” She exclaimed;
“D2 billion dalasi is a huge sum of money how are you going to raise it?”

“It’s going to be a joint venture my friends and I are raising the fund. Don’t you worry I have my eyes wide awake.” He lied to Rafet and totally left her in the dark.

His Transformation
Jeim Eteh is radically transformed when he paid his family a visit it was difficult for them to figure him out he played them the trick as he drove his posh car and paid them a visit unannounced;
he horned his car to announce his arrival Maama Goom and Doilu came out surprised;
“Who is this well-dressed man paying us a visit? Jeim is not here he is staying and working in the city.” Maama remarked.

Jeim Eteh
He came out and rushed to Maama and hugged her;
“Maama I am your son Jeim Eteh! How do I look? Can you recognize me?”

Maama Goom
She rubbed her eyes opened it and screamed;
“My son you are handsome it was poverty that made my son ugly but no more now its God’ time praised be to the Lord!”

Jeim Eteh
“Maama  I am now a ‘big boy’ with a posh car, double duplet apartment a well-furnished house with state of the earth equipment I’ve also to make an appointment with you people I have to take you to vacation to any country of your choice God has blessed us after much suffering we have to enjoy and also help others in dire need.”

Maama Goom
“Thank you my son but first has to be first my old shamble of a home is owned by your late dad built a mansion here is his memory because for me this is my home develop it and make me proud.”

Jeim Eteh
“My first project is the refurbishment of our old home but building  takes time but your vacation is now start enjoying the fruit of your long labour Chief Sohoor cannot stop our onward thrive which has just begun.’
To be Cont.      

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