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Saayii Tolof Part 504 EPISODE 34 (Difficult Marriages – Two Great Friends ‘Yaafuse’ Careless and ‘Faagaru’ Careful)


At the Village
She came gloomy and Maama asked;

“How is it my daughter?”

“They refused him bail.”

“But why should they refuse him bail? My son has not done anything wrong he is innocent of the crime he is being accused of? I can swear it he has never stolen since he was young didn’t I tell you they want to kill my son it is my enemies who are behind this.”

“He is innocent and I’ll keep on fighting until he is free,” Labir received a phone call;

Lawyer Joof
“My client is being charged to court tomorrow by 10 a.m. sharp.”

“Who is calling you just now?”

“Lawyer Joof called he said Faagaru is charged to court he will be appearing tomorrow by 10 a.m.”

“Why are they charging him to court? He is innocent now? I tell you they want to kill my son it is that Yaafuse he wants to humiliate him.”

“Calm down Maama who so ever is behind this will fail just keep on praying for your son.” Maama is shock and disappointed.
As she was going home he met with a man who gave her his back smoking and speaking aloud over the phone she stopped and paused she asked;
“Who is this man? He is a carbon copy of Faagaru they walk alike, same voice same everything if here was the U.S I would have said their genes were fused together Jesus! He is his carbon copy!”
Labir went to Lawyer Joof to narrate her experience.
“As I was going home I met a guy a carbon copy of Faagaru same everything there is a story behind this resemblance.”

Lawyer Joof
“I am very busy but your story is amusing let us go and explore it, it might be a clue to mistaken identity.”

The Neighborhood
The duo drove to the neighbourhood and waited for ten minutes but nothing happened Lawyer became impatient;
“Are you sure of what you told me?”

“Definitely sure the only difference between the two is he is a bit taller and he smokes which Faagaru does not do.”

The Spectre
In another five minutes the guy came out;
“Waaw! A carbon copy had I not seen Faagaru at the Police Detention Centre I would have said it is him. Let us see Maama she has to answer sensitive questions for us to unravel the zig saw puzzle we have to verify.”

At the Village
Maama welcomed them:
“Have you got a breakthrough? Are they still going to court?” She was impatience.

Lawyer Joof
“Maama yes nothing has changed but you can help your son from this case if you cooperate.”

“I’ll cooperate 100% what do you want me to do or say?”

Lawyer Joof
He went straight to the point;
“Is Faagaru an identical twin?”

The question put Maama unbalance and she began to speak in riddles for five minutes Labir and Lawyer Joof glanced at each other and waited for the bombshell.


The duo took a deep breath and attentively listened to Maama’ narration.

Maama’ Narration
“Yes Faagaru has an identical twin brother the two were separated since one year old; I married my love who was struggling to make ends meet my parents hated him with passion they wanted to marry me to a rich man who was ready to sponsor my education and marry me while in school and we were to wait until I completed for us to start a family and he was married to 10 women traditionally and I was to be the 11th I loathed the idea and ran away and lived with my uncle my father’ brother who supported me throughout.
   I married my love and went to his home my parents disowned me for disobeying them and preventing them from enjoying the rich man’ money they cursed my marriage. I struggled with my husband continued my food business which prospered and I took care of my family; then I gave birth to identical twin boys Faagaru and Faagara. My husband came one day during the night bleeding profusely I panicked and asked him to go to the hospital but he refused and asked me to bring salted water and some bandages we have in the house I used that and the blood stopped oozing and I gave him some pain killers and he slept as I perused through his pockets I saw a lot of people in foreign and local denominations I panicked and rushed to him I woke him up;
“Where do you get all this money? What is happening? Do I know who I have married all these years?”

Papa Twins
“You asked too much I cannot answer it.”

“You have to tell me or I’ll leave!” I threatened.
Then I saw a gun in the cupboard I added the puzzle and threw the bombshell;
“So I see you are an armed robber! My parents were right that’ why my marriage is cursed I am divorcing you I can never marry an armed robber Jesus Christ is Lord and master I disown you from now onwards I am taking away my children I don’t want them to become armed robbers.
   I am carrying Faagaru on my back but Faagara was fast asleep on bed he chased me out and I ran away leaving Faagara behind I went back to my uncle and told him everything he harboured me and I divorced my husband since then I never thought of them I later heard my husband was shot down in one of their robbery mission as for Faagara I never heard of him. I tried to forget my past but it has come back to haunt me. It happened 30 years ago when they were one-year-old that’ the story my children.”

Lawyer Joof
“Maama we have seen Faagara exact carbon copy of Faagaru you’ll come along with us to exonerate Faagaru let’ go.” They all went to the station.
To be Cont.    

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