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Saayii Tolof Part 503 EPISODE 34 (Difficult Marriages – Two Great Friends ‘Yaafuse’ Careless and ‘Faagaru’ Careful)


She felt disgraced and humiliated;
“How can I face our community? Enemies are abound and gossip thrive how can I handle this humiliation? I am innocent and have done nothing wrong please help me God.” She begged Yaafuse going back to him; “Please reconsider your decision.”

He became very callous;
“I have no feelings for you I love someone else.” He asked the guards to throw her out again; he yelled at her and she ran in a jiffy.

She is shattered she has no faith in men again;
“Collins took my innocence and duped my money and now it is Faagaru he accepted me in my vulnerability I love and believe in him and now this I am shattered; Faaga is evil he is wicked a cultist Yaafuse warned even though he is no good but he is right he was his friend; Faaga is a disappointment the devil himself how can he do this to me? He will pay dearly for this I swear!”

At the Village
Maama is devastated;
“Who did this to my son? He is innocent Faaga could not hurt a fly the security will kill him they maimed through torture I had nobody in high places to absolve my son.”

She arrived with urgency and rushed to console Maama;
“This must be a mistaken identity Faaga cannot hurt a fly.”

“But look at how they maltreated him injuries all over his body they will kill my son and nothing will come out of it. I have nobody in high places to fight justice for us.” Maama wailed.

“Maama don’t say you have nobody in high places to fight for you I am here my father is in high places and can help us do something Faaga will be freed God willing because he is innocent it must have been a mistaken identity.”

“I know what I am saying my daughter the oppressed and marginalized always feel the brunt of injustice.”

“I’ll get a lawyer for him who will negotiate his bail.”

“Can you do that for me?”

“Yes I can.”

“But I have no money many people owe him from his small business but are yet to pay him.”

“Maama you are not going to spend anything the lawyer’ bill is upon me trust me are you not my mother?”

She shed emotional tears;
“You’ll do that for me? What would I have done without you?” they embraced and wept together.

She visited Faaga in the remand prison and insulted him;
“You are an animal but will pay for all your sins.” She turned to the police officer and said;
“Do to him as you wish no mercy for a murderer and a rapist.” She spat upon the ground and said further;
“I regretted the day I set my eyes upon you.”

He just stared at Sonia without uttering a word.

At the Mansion
Chief summoned his son and enquired;
“Have you found a suitable woman?”

“Dad my mission is how to win Sonia back she is my target it is Sonia or no one else.”

At the Police Detention Cell
The lawyer went to visit Faagaru and the police officer was present as he hurry them up.

Lawyer Joof
He spoke to his client and he explained that he was from illegal detention and as he waited for his friend to come the police came and arrested him on mistaken identity.

Lawyer Joof
“You have a case you are not the culprit your case is a bailable offence let me go and see the S.O.”

Police Officer
“He is the criminal the law will deal with him rapist, murderer!”

Lawyer Joof
He chided and brake his arrogance;
“Are you the judge and jury? Did I ask for your opinion? Mind your business and don’t be a busy body.”
He took Faagaru back and hissed at the Lawyer.

Lawyer Joof
“Let nobody intimidate you, you are innocent until proven guilty or admit guilt don’t be angry we’ll do our best to free you.”

The encouraging words of the Lawyer soothed his heart and tranquil his mind.

At Sonia’ Home
Her sister Kanbeng was at her neck.

“How is Faaga’ case? It is too slow for me justice must be done my rapist should not go Scott free if it can be done to me a rich girl what about poor girls who have no ‘big man’ in high places and moreover my sister is a barrister?”

She felt pressurized by Kanbeng she became defensive;
“I am at it Faagaru will not go Scott free he will be punished as he deserve.”
To be Cont.   

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