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Saayii Tolof Part 502 EPISODE 34 (Difficult Marriages – Two Great Friends ‘Yaafuse’ Careless and ‘Faagaru’ Careful)


Faagaru was detained in the Maximum cell in Chief’ Detention Camp; Yaafuse came to mock at Faagaru;
“Your girlfriend Sonia came looking after you and I told her you are nowhere to be found.”

“But why this lowly act? You jilted Sonia but why are you now behaving as if you were wronged?”

“Are you still asking me as if you don’t know?” he brought a hard liquor and asked Faagaru to drink with him but he ignored him.

“You don’t want to share drink with me? Its okay I can understand you are a traitor.” He got up and left him there in agony.

At Home
She came home devastated some hoodlums attacked her and the gang leader at gun point raped her while the others stood and watched.
“I am dead these dirty people stood while their leader at gun point violated me and took my money.”  She wailed.

She wept along with her sister and asked;
“Where is your car why didn’t you use it? Why did you take a taxi?”

“My car is at the garage.”

“There are so many cars around you could have tell me and I’ll provide you with one all the same the evil deed is done but the hoodlums have touch the tigress’ tail and will pay dearly for it. Get up and follow me to the police station.

At the Police Station
The Station Officer
“Go along with a police officer and the hospital will confirm the assault.” The duo went and the rape was confirmed Kanbeng came back to the station and met Sonia waiting at the office of the S.O.

The S.O
“Will you be able to identify at least one of them?”

“Yea I can it is so fresh in my mind.”

He called some juniors to accompany their senior to the crime scene together with the survivor, Sonia  they then got into the police van to the crime scene.
“Go to the crime scene and arrest any person Kanbeng point at and bring him along.”

Sonia thanked S.O and went along with the Anti-Crime officers.

The assassins released him after badly assaulting him all his face and body was wounded and bruised.
“I am just being released by Yaa’ kidnappers.” He told Sonia.

“Where are you and where can you be picked? Don’t say anything over the phone until I meet you.”
She turned to the van’ driver;
“Divert the van I have to pick someone from somewhere.”

Van Driver
“Don’t divert us we are running on time we have to catch the hoodlums unaware.”

“I know just give me some minutes to carry along the guy he is a good friend of mine and his life is in great danger.”

Van Driver
“Okay let’ hurry up our task is to catch the hoodlums unaware.”

She came to the Mansion to find Yaafuse and he treated her with disdain.
“Yaafuse what is happening?”

“What do you think is happening?”

“What about our Engagement everybody is talking about it.”

“What are they talking about? I did not talk to anyone did you talk to any?”

“What are you talking about do you want to kill me with shame in this community? Please don’t do that to me please honour my virtue.”

“Get out of my premises I am no longer interested in this relationship it is history.”

The Guards
They came to mal -handle her but she got up and pushed them away;
“God is my witness you’ll live to regret this I curse you!”

“You are not God get out!”

She came out from the Police Van with Kanbeng.

Mistaken Identity
Faagaru was at the workshop he came out and Sonia was shocked to see his state and yelled;
“What have they done to you?” Before he could utter a word Kanbeng screamed and pointed at Faagaru;

“He is the rapist his gang watched while he violated and took away my purse.”

Shocked and bewildered  Sonia asked again;
“Are you sure Kanbeng is he the one?”

“He is the one sis are you doubting me? I can never lie on this as this animal overcome and violated me.”

“it is the wrong person I am not the one I am just from detention believe me Honey it is not me.” He yelled.

Senior Officer
“Handcuff the criminal and whisked him away!”
The junior officers did as told as Faagaru was bundled and thrown into the back of the van.
“Off to the station!” The senior officer commanded.
To be Cont.  

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