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Saayii Tolof Part 499 EPISODE 34 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yaafuse’ Careless and ‘Faagaru’ Careful two Great Friends)


Suicidal Thoughts
“I experienced some suicidal thoughts one day as I hung the noose on my neck and wanted to take off from the chair I stood on my sister Fidaa came in time yelled and fainted I stopped the action and rushed to Fidaa;
‘What Fidaa! I’ve stopped my action please wake up.’ She was rushed to the clinic and resuscitated. When she woke up she counseled me;
“How can you be this heartless we are two siblings girls for that matter with no other sibling be it a boy or another girl since our parents died in that plane crash everything falls onto your shoulders as the eldest daughter and you have been managing the company since then with excellence you take care of me as our parents did when they were alive now you want to give your valuable life for a useless human being who does not deserve your grace, virtue and integrity? What would I do without you? I would have also committed suicide as well making it double murder and our precious blood upon your shoulders. Get rid of him from your system he is a thrash who does not worth anything.”
We hugged each other and freely shed our tears reassuring each other in a strong bond. From the experience I made a vow that I’ll camouflage my identity to marry my soul mate and other half then I created the idea of being poor and physically disabled I said if any man can selflessly love me in such a condition then he is my life partner. Yaafuse you have pass my test now come with me to celebrate your birthday all expenses with me I am a heiress of a conglomerate money is the least of my problems.”

He is stunned with the revelation and became very envious.

“My brother let’ go and celebrate with Sonia Sethol.”

“Three is a number go and enjoy with your girlfriend I’ll wait here for news ha! Ha! Ha!”

The duo left to enjoy themselves.

He is disappointed with himself;
“What’ wrong with me am I cursed? I loved Sonia Sethol all my life I am a nobility how can I lost to the son of a widowed ‘badola’? I am his beneficiary throughout university how can he take the girl I love throughout my life the girl who will seal my chieftaincy bid and she is heiress to a conglomerate that is double plus her family can buy my own a thousand times. Faagaru has to leave my girl or!” He yelled.

The Lovers
They went to a resort alone Sethol bought a cake inscribed Jesus name and she lead him to cut the cake by spelling the lord’ name before cutting it together she asked him to make a wish;
“I wish we will be together for eternity even if one goes before the other the separation would only be physical but not spiritual and emotional amen!”
“Amen!” Sethol chorused.
“Our love is unconditional that’ why it would be everlasting.

At the Village
Labir visited Maama and asked after Faagaru;
“I’ve come to Faaga today is his birthday and I hope to find him here.”

“My daughter he is not here in fact he did not sleep here I think he is with his best pal Yaafuse at his home town.”

“I have the feeling that he is with that cripple of a girl.”

“God forbid! How can my only son be attached to a cripple? That is not my portion!”

“I brought him some birth day gifts when he comes tell him I was here happy birthday to him many happy returns with good health and happiness.”

“Thank you my daughter you are so mannered even though your mom is late and your dad trained you as a single parent he is a good man he did not want to marry a step mom who would make you a Cinderella any mother who have you as a daughter in law would be blessed I prayed my son see in you what I have good bye and good luck I’ll give him your handsome gifts.”
She thanked Maama and drove away. Maama is angry with her son.

“I don’t know what’ wrong with my stupid son why cannot he recognize Labir she is his perfect wife but I’ll pray over it there is nothing which prayers cannot do prayer is the key.”

At the Mansion
Yaafuse contemplates about his love Sonia;
“She is mind!” He said aloud.
“I’ll never allow that low life to snatch her from me why should I? When he comes I’ll put sense into his thick skull.”

He came and before he took his seat

He came and before he took his seat  Yaafuse said;
“Boyfriend the game is up! Sonia is mine hands off I’ll not share her with anyone.”

“No this cannot be you! Are you joking? Sonia is my life I can’t give her up to anyone not even you, you rejected her because you thought she was a cripple now you know she is not and she is very rich you want her back opportunism! No way Sonia is mine and mine forever!” Then he started to leave.

“So you are walking out on me oh yes! Who are you eh! I pick you from the gutters and give you life and name so you think you are my equal no way I’ll see you the other side of me.!”

“Yaa this is not you are you drunk or what?”

He knocked Faaga who was taken aback and reacted in self-defense they fought bitterly like two angry lions;
“Get out of my mansion and go back to your gutters never to see your face again!”

“I’ll go I have home and I leave comfortably you gave me welfare in return for my knowledge I gave you to pass your exams I am moving to give my mom and my self a life the sky is my limit unlike you who is so lazy and your waiting for inheritance I did not steal anything from you, you rejected and I discovered her good riddance to bad rubbish!”

“Guards throw him out!”
Before they reach him he is already gone.
To be Cont.

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