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Saayii Tolof Part 498 EPISODE 34 (Difficult Marriages – Two Great Friends ‘Yaafuse’ Careless and ‘Faagaru’ Careless)


Worried Chief
Chief is worried about his son Yaafuse;
“Woman where is your irresponsible son?”

Madame Eliza
She protested;
“Now that you have problem with your son he is no longer yours but mine I’ll take him but remember your approach is wrong and if not changed tactically your son will resist you and you’ll lose him forever. And please don’t blame me for his unruly behavior. Talk to your son as an equal with love, respect and dignity.”

He came to the mansion with a maiden from the same community Angersigicol (meaning child is better than money) in one of the local languages and presented her to his parents Chief was thrilled and said to himself;
“Sweet  Heart is right with the right approach I’ve got my son back.” He smiled and said;
“Welcome to my mansion Angersigi I know your father he is a noble man from a noble family I’ll get your family to send their representatives to negotiate the bride price.”

There was celebration at the Mansion Chief invited his elders and their families to come and celebrate the change of heart of Yaafuse and his resolution to do what is right by honouring customs and tradition.

He reported progress at the mansion
“I have presented Angersigi a qualified nurse from our community as my bride and my parents are very happy and peace is restored to our home pray for me.”

“I am coming to your home to receive Sonia she said she has a surprise package for me and she wanted to present it to me in your home in your presence I don’t have a clue what sort of surprise it is.”

The Surprise Package
A sophisticated beautiful girl walked majestically towards the duo who were sort of  words;
“Who is this rich girl beautiful and elegant marching confidently towards us?” Faagaru asked.

“I don’t know I am sort of words let’s see what happen.”

He was the first to recognized her and yelled;
“Sonia! What has happened? You were crippled what is the miracle? How were you healed?”

Was sort of words he just stared at Sonia.

“Both of you are gaping and demand answers to your questions I’ll just do that with  My Story;”

My Story

“I was an innocent girl a virgin at 20 years my boyfriend Johnson could not believe it he tried many tricks but could not take me to bed and he got frustrated and started to taunt me ‘you are very wicked why are you denying me when you profess to love me? You do not love me but is just toying with my emotions many girls are dying for me but I rejected them because of you are you being fair to me?”

“I have a covenant with God that I’ll surrender my virginity only to my husband why are you not making efforts to make me your wife? Is it money? No I am filthy rich and can give you money to marry me why are you not taking this opportunity?”

‘I am a man with pride help me develop my business and with the proceeds I’ll marry you, I’ll be your husband God’ willing but how can I be denied my right only to enjoy it later it does not make sense.’

What he said make sense to me then I became weakened and gave in we did everything under the sun I gave him money for his project on false pretext  the tip that break the camel’ back.

Catch him Red Handed
I drew him a cheque of 20 million dalasi to do a major project to uplift him from poverty forever. I went to the house I rented for him what did I see?

There was Johnson in bed with his fiancée having fun and he caricaturing me to her;
‘She is a spoilt rich girl she has money I am ripping Jane to give to Mary I’ll milked her and from the proceeds we will live forever as comfortable as possible.”

I was there I heard everything he said about me in their hurry they forget to keep the door close under lock and key I worked right in and chided him if you see his face as white as that of the ghost;
‘you are wicked Johnson so this is your plan what have I done to you? I gave you my innocence, my pride as a woman, I gave you my money and now this? Where have I gone wrong to love you? I brought you the sum you’ve asked here is the 20 million dalasi see me how I treat it..
I’ve torn it into shreds he could not believe his loss he stared with regret and remorse then his girlfriend commented and he scolded her; ‘look at what you have done? Why didn’t you lock   the door behind you? We should not have lost 20 million dalasi just like that. I hate your carelessness.’
‘you deserve each other I am out of her!’ I left in a jiffy my whole world upside down.’

‘Honey is not what you think I can explain.’ He yelled after me.

Suicidal thoughts
I was depressed with suicidal thoughts I became less prayerful. I stopped living my life and self- pity steps in I over eat to suppress my anger and frustration.

He came to my mansion crawling as a stooge,
“I am sorry it was the work of the Devil I don’t mean what I was saying you are my real love”

“What did you take me for a fool? You are heartless and wicked get out of my mansion I don’t want ever to see your face again what I gave you was your luck now out of my sight before I’ll do something I’ll regret.”
The security threw him out.
To be Cont.

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