He came in time and celebrated with Sonia and the orphans. Caring and loving them, Sonia is exalted. He took out the Cake from the car and said;
“All of you come near, we are going to spell Jesus. Are you ready?

“Yes!” They chorus.

“J E S U S!” They spell.
“Let us cut it.” They did after the spelling.
Laughter and fun followed. Everybody present had fun and enjoyment.
Faagaru gave a speech;
“Let us pray for Aunty Sonia to have long life, good health and happiness. Her heart is clean and pure. May God the Almighty shield her from her opponents and distractors, Amen! Say Amen again!” All chorused Amen. Gifts were given by the orphanage. Faagaru gave his gift, a wrist watch on it Sonia’s name was spelt.

“It is beautiful and I love it. When is your birthday?”
“My birthday is next month on the 15th.”

“I’ll give you a wonderful gift which you’ll never forget in your lifetime.”

“You don’t have and don’t force yourself. I appreciate, just a phone call is enough for me.”

“Don’t you worry I’ll give you an inexpensive gift that will greatly be appreciated.”
The duo kissed and Faagaru drove her home.

At the Village
Labir paid a visit to Maama, she brought some gift to Faagaru;
“I’ve come to see Faagaru but he is not here. I rang but he is not picking. Today is his birthday and I have come to wish him well. Give him the card and gift. I tried to speak to him but it was not possible.”

“I’ve cook your favourite, please eat before you leave; you like my food.”

She could not mask her anger:
“I am in a hurry Maama, next time; and I am not hungry.” She left.

She is embarrassed;
“What is wrong with this boy? God knows this girl has tried. She is beautiful, clean and generous. What does he need in a wife? Labir is a wife material.”
Labir found out where Faagaru was and told Maama.

He came, greeted Maama but she refused to answer.

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