Down Memory Lane
He recalled how he first lust and later loved Taaru.
“it was lust at first sight I have to make her mine at any cost later when she became mine I don’t want her to leave my sight I preferred her and discriminated against my first wife Baah has to protest;

“This is my ‘Aiye’ since you married her she relocated to your room today is my turn to sleep with you.”

“I laughed and mocked at her; old woman! For how long have you been sleeping with me? How old is Buge? Is he not 37 years this year? For how long has I been married to Taaru my Queen is it not only last month? Please my dear now you should give Taaru chance to enjoy me I want more children with her.”

She smiled;
“I cannot be a baby making machine I have already a daughter I want two more kids with you a boy and a girl.” She mocked Baah.
“Even if you marry many more wives I don’t care because I know I am your lover, wife and your heart.”

“Naughty girl! You are right how many wives I marry you’ll always be first and foremost.”

“I am over confident and I am not jealous as Maama Baah who feel so insecure. Ha! Ha! Ha!”

He laughed hilariously;
“Say it again my friend told me the secret when at his old age he married a woman of 25 who turned him into a 16 year old lover and husband and that’ what you have turn me into Taaru.” The duo kissed each other to infuriate Maama Baah.

Maama Baah
“Chief it is not fair and you know it but let me tell you my God is wide awake and as for you Taaru the world is ahead of you are you not a woman?’ The duo laughed- hilariously and she left for her room tears in her eyes.

“Tapale is gone to whom can I go to now?”

She heard everything Chief said and became very suspicious; and also reflected how Chief has judged Che her brother-in-law then she asked very uncomfortable question;
“Chief I have been observing you all this while did you kill my late husband?”

It was rude shock!
“What! How dare you make such a dangerous accusation? Never ask me such a useless question again, how can I kill your late husband? Were we equals? And for what now? Never disrespect me again or else I’ll do something I’ll regret go back to your room.” He ordered her.

She got courage and became more suspicious she recalled what happened to Tapale and argued;
“Can you explain the mysterious circumstances surrounding Tapale’ death and the soothsayer whom he took to my husband’ grave breaking two raw eggs which led to their automatic demise?”

His eyes redden and he roared like an angry lion and yelled thunderously at Taaru;
“Do you dare challenged the ferocious lion? How dare you ask me such audacious question? I blame myself didn’t I get you from the bush and put you over my virtuous wife? Watch your steps I don’t want to do something I’ll regret later.”

“I am not afraid of you do your worst answer my simple question do you kill my husband to marry me at any cost? We were not rich as you but we love each other and enjoy our simple way of life before you enter my life murderer! Do your worst haven’t you kill my husband already?”

“Do you dare me? You’ll never repeat yourself again I’ll tell you the truth.”
He stabbed Taaru at her heart and she fell down in the pool of her blood[
“Go and join him naughty brat in the land of the dead!”

Maama Baah
She heard the bang and rushed to Chief’ room and saw the mess she yelled;
“Get out before I kill you as well!” Chief yelled with red eyes and there was Taaru dead at the floor in her pool of blood.

She dragged the children Buge, Beew and Yaatu;
“Chief has killed Taaru let us run away far from here.”

Jeim Eteh
The family were there at Chief’ castle and witnessed his fall by his tragedy surprisingly he called Maama Goom and her family and confessed everything to them.

Chief Sohoor
He travelled memory lane;
“My late brother Gorr (Freedom) was my elder brother he sacrificed his life for our family to ascend the chieftaincy I should have died because the Chief Priest announced that I was to die but he stood on my stead because I was yet to marry and have a family he was already married has a son and his wife expecting the Chief Priest said I’ll ascend but when Eteh grows up I’ll step down for him or I’ll die; I did the opposite oppress, exploit and hate his family I did everything to see that his family dies in poverty and penury but I fail the more I tried the more Jeim made it as a determined hardworking guy; my castle is your father’ heritage I usurped it from his family take it back I’ll pay the mortgage Buge put on it finally nemesis have caught up with me.”

Chief’ Family
They were called to witness his confession as well as his Elders in Council they were surprised, shocked and bewildered Chief stooped down in front of them in tears.

“How he was behaving when Tapale and the Soothsayer died I started suspecting and distancing myself from his cruelty and debauchery he is very wicked, ‘sohoor’ ‘Naek’ and mean but the wicked shall never go unpunished.” He posited.

The Police
They came with police ambulance carried the corpse then arrested Chief Sohoor and two guard killers they charged them to court and they were later sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. The trio later died in prison.

Jeim Eteh
He built his old family home and Maama Goom and Doilu returned to it Chief Castle was transformed into a holiday resort and income derive from it.

He followed Rafet to the US and further his studies.

She went to the city to continue her law practice.

He lived with her mom and is planning to get married to a responsible girl.

The Chicken has come home to roost that was the end of Chief Sohoor and his deceitful life.

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