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Saayii Tolof Part 476 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)


The Uncles
Taaru’ uncles returned Buuga’ Bride Price according to Custom and Tradition they were met by late Buuga’ brothers and cousins including Che his immediate younger brother.

The Meeting
Uncle Almamy (Uncle A)
“We Taaru’ uncles are here as Tradition and Customs demand to return Buuga’ Bride Price to free our daughter to marry whosoever she desires.” They lay the items on the table plus an envelope of D20, 000.00 .

“Please let me explain my side of the story.”  But before he started to explain Uncle A stopped him.
“We are offlay with everything we have eyes and ears everywhere.”

Uncle A
“What you ask is in order Custom and traditions sanction it but it was wrong how you went about it how can you think of an abominable act as sleeping with a widow of your brother in her mourning dress your haste make you lose your inheritance as you call Taaru.” He asked the other four uncles to get up and follow him home.

Uncle Manu
He is a peace maker he tried to stop the action;
“Our in-law it has not come to that let us dialogue and find a solution to this problem.”

Uncle A
“Manu you are a peace maker and very articulate but destiny has it that Taaru cannot marry into your family again Sagaar is your blood and when she is off age she will find her roots thank you.” Then they left.

At Che’ House
Uncle Manu
“Our in-laws walked out on us it is too bad.”

“Are you bothered? I am very happy when Taaru left us she is greedy and looks for wealth let her be to marry her choice I don’t want to die so soon as my elder brother marrying Taaru is my early death.”

Uncle Manu
He took the envelope and said is his;
“this is mine you three should share the rest of the items among yourself.” He ran and the rest ran after him.

Lady Baah
She rang and spoke to her son Yaatu
“Chief intends to marry a widow as his second wife her name is Taaru according to Custom and Tradition he is permitted he argued that he is overdue as his Elders in Council where always urging him to marry another one or two because he has the means to follow the footsteps of his ancestors who use to marry in the hundreds in their old Harems.”

“Maama you are a virtuous African woman gracious, generous and accommodating accept Taaru as your daughter I understand she is Beew’ age mate if she shuts up you open up and respect her privacy. Be prayerful God is with you smile mom.”

Lady Baah
Whenever she speaks with Yaatu she is relieved she smiled broadly and said;
“thank you my son you are my source of inspiration thank you and may God bless you and touch the heart of your two siblings to see God and be blessed as well.”

He rests in his room and Buge went to meet him;
“Dad do you call for me?”

“I do my son I want to take a second wife and just call to inform you.”

He got up and hugged him;
“Congratulation dad it is long overdue we are Africans for God sake multiply dad we want to see more siblings to add to your glory I support you one hundred percent. May the young bride bring wealth, good health and happiness to our family amen!”

“We are two of a kind I am not surprise of your support you took my looks, habits and personality, your brother Yaatu is not a lion but a lamb he took after your mother in looks and soft and kind character God will guide and protect you.”

Elders In Council
Traditionally the Chief cannot go to find wife for himself the Elders act on his behalf Deputy Chief led the delegation but Pa Tapy was elected as their spokesman because of his familiarity with the case from the beginning to the end.

First marriage Gift (Meeye Gunyaka)
Chief sent a truck load of all sorts of gifts to his bride to be the Elders of Taaru’ lineage were stunned and flabbergasted;
“Is Chief opening a super market for Taaru?” Uncle A asked the Entourage.

Pa Tapy
“He is the Chief of his community and his land is endowed with natural resources and companies local and foreign paid him royalties and he also runs multiple companies and employed the youths not only of his community but far beyond his marriage to your daughter will only spell blessings not only for Taaru but your entire community Chief loves your daughter dearly and if she plays her cards well some of your youths and women can benefit from our community’ blessings.”

Uncle A
“Thank you our in-law Taaru will comply 100%. You are all welcome to our humble abode.”

The Elders of her clan summoned her to get her formal approval.

Uncle A
“According to our tradition marriage is by consent if you want to marry Chief Sohoor and live the rest of your life under his protection say yes to enable us accept these numerous gifts with the truck that brought them and also the sports car for your personal use what do you say, can we accept the gifts?”

She became shy and laughed heartily;
“Yes sir accept them I love and want to marry Chief Sohorr.”

The whole community present applauded and went into ecstasy.

Uncle A
“You heard him loud and clear she accepted Chief’ gifts and will marry him whole heartedly. Now we can safely choose a date and venue.”

The Entourage
They spoke among themselves and Pa Tapy announced the verdict.

Pa Tapy
“Next month on the 15th day of the month (November) the entourage will come here same location to tie the knot at Taaru’ family home all the community is cordially invited come one come all it is Chief Sohoor’ second wedding there will be fun plenty to eat and drink.”
To be Cont.

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