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Saayii Tolof Part 473 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)


A Letter to Chief
Taaru wrote a letter to Chief
“Thank you very much for everything you have done for me but I have a complaint about my brother-in-law Che he is harassing me he want to sleep with me in my mourning dress just imagine that please Chief help me from his harassment.
Thank you.”
Taaru sealed it and went to her friend Hanju to deliver it for her.
At Hanju’
“You have visited me early today I hope everything is fine for me.”
“Yes O my sister it is a letter I want you to deliver for me.” She gave her the letter addressed to Chief.
She exclaimed
“Letter to Chief! What sort of letter is this?”
“A complaint letter Che is harassing me insisting I must sleep with him in my mourning dress can you imagine such an abominable act? Please take the letter to Chief for me I’ll be very grateful my friend.”
“I will what are friends for? You would have done the same for me in my shoes; Che is a local champion how could he demand for such an abominable act? Chief will take an appropriate action.”
“Thank you my friend let me go home and prepare something for Sagaar she is asleep before she wakes up.”
She went to Chief’ residence and the guard refused to get her in.
“Do you have an appointment with Chief?”
“I don’t have an appointment but I have an urgent message for him please can I go in?”
Guard Sumail
He hesitated but with insistency he let go;
“You can go but don’t stay long.” She nodded her head.
Guard Edrissa
“Chief a lady is here to see you with urgency.”
“Let her in and excuse us.”
“Yes sir!”
“Young lady you want to see me with urgency what can I do for you?”
“It is a letter from Taaru to you.”
“What did she say? I hope no one knows why you are here?”
“Are you sure?”
“Certainly sure!”
“Thank you young lady.” He read it and nodded his head.
“I’ve heard her and would surely stop the pervert. Send my warmest greetings to her.”
She thanked Chief and left.-
She is playing with Sagaar calling her the daughter of her beloved Buuga; then a car drove into the compound whose car is it? Chief’ car two guards Killer 1and 2 alighted Killer 1 gave her an evelop and asked after Che.
“Where is Che?” Taaru pointed at the behind;
“You’ll find him there.”
“Thank you.”
He was washing his teeth;
“Are you Che?” Killer 1 asked.
“Yes I am Che what can I do for you?”
Killer 1
“Chief wants to see you and now!”
“I hope everything is okay?”
Killer 1
He yelled at Che;
“Obey and not ask any question this way after you.”
“Can I change my clothes?”
“No change!”
He was arrested and whisked away.
She is surprised;
“So Chief want to see him? Let’ wait and see he asked for it pervert!”
Smiling she held Sagaar to her chest;
“Chief is very serious I am very happy.”
Chief’ Court
Che was brought to face Chief;
“Chernor! You are accused of disturbing a widow in her mourning dress and also mourning your dead elder brother don’t you have a conscience?”
“Chief traditionally I have done nothing wrong I am taking what rightfully belongs to me Taaru is my inheritance.”
He caricatured him and called him all sort of derogatory names;
“You are a ‘he-goat’ how can you crawl into her bedroom every night just to try and sleep with her? She is mourning for God’ sake let her be if she’ done let her make an informed decision on her own volition tradition demands she goes back to her own father’ house and you can go after her if she likes she continue marrying into your family if not she returns your bride price and marry someone else; Che take note this is my last warning if you molest her again I’ll severely deal with you just dare me then you’ll know why I am called the fearful and fearless Lion get out and leave my court pervert!”
“Sorry Chief.”
“Sorry for yourself if you ever face me again on this issue.” He quickly left in a jiffy.
At Home
Che came home and found Taaru sitting at the verandah with her daughter he went inside her room and started throwing her clothes and other valuables outside with insults and hard talk;
“You would not open your legs for your late husband’ brother but can open it for another outsider it is okay I reject it now I don’t want give it to anyone of your choice I don’t want to die early as my brother get out of my compound and my life!”
“Where will I go with my luggage my daughter? What have I done to you to deserve such a treatment? How can I leave my husband’ house and go where? I have added my quota to the development of the house I’ll go nowhere and I’ll see what you can do?”
“just dare me I am waiting for you.” He put the house under lock and key and went away from the compound.
She stoop at her luggage and wept bitterly.
“What next am I going to do?” She asked herself.
She put her luggage on her head her child at her back;
“I am going to my parents’ home.” She looked back and waved to her former home tears in her eyes her heart heavy.
To be Cont.

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