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Saayii Tolof Part 470 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)


The Killers
They changed their soiled clothes into their uniforms under the watchful eyes of Pa Tapy and the trio went on different directions to deflect any suspicion.

At the Castle
The killers came and nodded their head and Chief nodded back and smiled signaling the deed has been done successfully.

Alone with the Killers
He asked them to shut the door and locked it;
“Congratulations for a job well done it is only three of us and Pa Tapy who know about it let it be buried here and now no other person should know if need be we take it to the grave.”
They all nodded their head.
“You’ll be adequately compensated and your jobs secured for life.”
They praised him and dispersed to duty.

She is an astute businesswoman her pleasant personality make customers swam her stall;
“Customer look at my palm nuts freshly plucked from the palm tree it is cheap come and buy look at it.” She took her palm and dip into the basket;
“Look at this  it is the bonus just for you.”

“I don’t want to buy but you are so nice I must patronize you my fine lady.”

“Thank you very much my fine customer.”

Her Phone Rings
“Yes! What is it? It is an emergency come quickly your presence is needed!” it went off. She became confused she packed her wares and locked her stall she ran home in a jiffy.

Brother Che August
“What is this O my one and only brother so calm and peaceful who must have done this heinous act to him? My kinsmen come O come and see what my eyes have seen.” He wailed and fell upon the ground.
Friends, neighbours and relatives came and drew him up.

A Neighbour Pa Chernor
“You have to pull yourself together if not how can you console Taaru your brother’ widow who would be devastated when she knows the truth?”

She came trembling and tip toeing trying to get a clue of what has happened she found the compound full to the brim;
“This is a terrible news! What has happened? Where is my daughter and my husband who was babysitting her?”
She saw Hanju holding Baby Sagaar she asked;
“What is happening Hanju, where is my husband?”
She rushed into the house and saw the corpse wrapped in shawl she yelled and fainted.
First Aid has to be administered on her.

Pa Tapy
He visited Chief;
“I went back to their house and was consumed by ‘grief’ I was ‘speechless’. Poor Taaru she was devastated she fainted and First Aid has to be administered on her to gain her consciousness.

“Here is your cheque cash it and add to your butcher business.”

Pa Tapy
He looked at the cheque and exclaimed;
“A whooping sum of D200, 000! All this for me? To God I was not expecting it I cannot return it but what are friends for my Chief? I am at your service any second, minute, hour or day your wish is my command.” He stooped before him and he stroke his back.

“I was invited to a party and I went with my servant who was not invited they serve the invitees each with a spoon and he was not he decided to go out but I was the one whom he accompanied and it was not fair but I have the habit of travelling with my eating utensils I called him to look into my bag and took out a spoon and plate I pointed to the food ‘it is serve yourself can you do that my boy?’ He smiled and went and serve himself. Your situation is the same I have the idea and the obsession but you perfectly executed it for me. Thank you my good friend a friend in need is a friend indeed!:”

Maama Baah
She rang Yaatu and was singing and praising the lord.

“Maama you are very happy have you won a jack Pot?”

Maama Baah
“I am happy and praising lord for giving me life and a loving son who watches my back let us rejoice and pray for detractors to change their ways and come to God’ calling.”

“Yes Oh Ma!  Yes Oh may the good lord answer to all your prayers I love you mom and stay bless always be happy I am always here for you.”

Maama Baah
“I was relaxing on the sofa and enjoying myself bye-bye!”

“Bye-bye Maama I love you.”

One of the maiden was nail polishing her nails and toes but she heard Buge speaking to his fiancé Refet that he was coming to visit her at her village she got up and begged Buge to take her along;
“I never visited that village but I understand it has beautiful beach and an animal park that tourists like the area and always visit it on holidays what about me when it is in my country?”

“Can we I am on my way?”

The Funeral
Chief sent a delegation to the funeral and gave a fat brown envelop Pa Tapy was the delegation head he read the message from  Chief and wept bitterly.

Pa Tapy
“How did it happen? I saw you going to the market that fateful day.”

“I was called from the market I came immediately I found the terrible scene at home.” She wept bitterly.
Through her sob she praised her husband;
“He was a lovely husband who always empower me with the little he has I’ll miss him he babysits Baby Sagaar and he was doing that when the killer/s came and snuffed life out of him but God is watching they will run but will not hide sooner or later the arm of the law will catch them.”

Pa Tapy
“Chief said don’t you worry such a horrendous act has never happen in our town that he’s do everything to get to the bottom of it, Take heart.”

“Thank you and send my greetings to Chief.”
To be Cont.

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