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Saayii Tolof Part 469 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)


At Chief’ Court
Pa Bashiru and Ara brought their case of Sexual Assault to court Ara was crying and Chief enquired;
“Young woman why are you crying?”

Pa Bashiru
“Some village hoodlums attacked my daughter when she was coming home from the bush fetching firewood my only daughter for that matter.”

He felt sympathetic;
“Young woman can you recognized them?”

“No sir they got their face covered.”

“That’ a pity young lady the crime is heinous I cannot charged anybody but if you could recognize any of them the case would have been transferred to the city the culprits sanctioned with heavy sentence.”

Pa Bashiru
“So the vagabonds will go unpunished?”

“You heard your daughter she cannot recognize any of her assailants so what can I do to give her justice? Anyway,” he call one of his barge messenger to go to his safe and brought his cheque book he came and he drew a cheque of D10, 000;
“Go to the clinic quickly get her checked for any disease and also to prevent pregnancy from the incident now go quickly.” He ordered.

Pa Bashiru
“Thank you very much Chief for your assistance but God is awake the hoodlums will never know peace I’ll see to that.” They left.

Pa Tapale
He contemplated;
“How can I fulfilled this task for Chief and be registered in his good books for lie?”

She is very industrious and has good business acumen her small scale business at the market is striving very well to the admiration of her husband and the village Pa Taby met her going to the market carrying her business fares in a wheel barrow after exchange greetings he asked after her family and small girl Sagaar;
“She is fine and my husband is at home taking care of her while I go to the market to sell my fares but why are you taking my route? Where are going?”

Pa Tapale
“I have some transactions to carry out at my maternal home and this way is the shortest before the sun comes out.”

“Okay and good luck I am off to the market but it is sad I cannot patronize you today I have to buy from another butcher.” She left for the market.

Pa Tapale
“It is okay next time my fair lady.”
He waited until Taaru went out of sight then he went to her house and called Pa Buuga he answered but at first could not recognized his voice Pa Taby protested.
“You cannot recognized my voice?” Then he recognized it and invited him;

Pa Buuaga
“Tapy am sorry come right in.”

Pa Tapy
“You are babysitting your beautiful daughter look at her she inherited her mother’ beautiful face and big eyes but she took your nose. May God gave her long life to also inherit your kindness.”

Pa Buuga
“Amen my wife told me your greetings and that you always add some meat when you sell to her thank you and may God bless your business she want to buy meat today and will be disappointed that you’ll not be there.”

Pa Tapy
“It’ okay for now I want to visit my maternal village to do some transactions bring Sagaar I’ll stay for a while how old is she?”
“She is 2 years and on the 20th of next month she’ll be 3 years old.”

Pa Buuga
“I am ashamed when my wife told me I’ll find time for you people.”

Pa Tapy
“That’ what you always say Taaru keeps you busy but who would not have?”

Pa Buuga
He laughed hilariously;
“I always try to have time with them and also to help my hard working wife.”

Pa Tapy
He screamed and held his tommy;
“What is it?” Pa Buuga asked.

Pa Tapy
“My tommy is running let me go and eased myself which way is shorter?” he showed him one direction but he preferred the other way.
“Suit yourself.” Pa Buuga said.

The Conspiracy
He alerted the conspirators;
“He is there babysitting his daughter go now and do your ‘clean’ job.”

The Vicious Act
The killers came took the baby from her father and threw her upon the floor then they gagged him and snuffed life out of him while Pa Taby came with them and pretended to be concerned Pa Buuga waved to him for help nut to no avail. Then they quickly left. Baby Sagaar continuous cry alerted the neighbourhood.

Anita and Hanju

Anita is plaiting Hanju but they both heard Sagaar crying consistently;
“That is baby Sagaar crying consistently but we saw Taaru going to the market to sell her wares without her she must be with Pa Buuga baby sitting her but why is she crying?” Anita asked.

“Let us go and checked.” The duo ran to Taaru’ house.

The Duo’ Shock
Anita and Hanju got the shock of their life there on the settee the corpse of Pa Buuga sat while Baby Sagaar fell upon the floor crying they exclaimed;
“What!” They screamed and alerted the villagers.

In the Bush
Jeim shook palm tree and picked the nuts for a customer he charged her D200 but Maria was very satisfied and decided to give him D300 instead of his normal charge he was very happy.
“Thank you for adding D100 over my normal charge,”

“You are a young man courageous and hardworking I just admire your faith God’ verdict would surely come you’ll laugh last and the loudest mark my words.”

“Do you have another tree I can pluck for you?”

“Yes I have but no money wait for another time.”

“Maria no! No! Am I not your brother? What are brother to his sister? I’ll pluck it for you gratis.”

She is overwhelmed;
“Thank you Jeim thank you!”

Anita and Hanju
They rang Taaru and told her there was an emergency;
“There is an emergency come home quickly.”
To be Cont.

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