Family Meeting
    She concurred with Burang;
“Bro Ken Bro Burang is correct even Njetty  Burang’ fiancée saw the duo in a compromising position reported Lolly but she continue flirting with Joe.”

She was stunned;
“Let me explain Sweet heart they are lying it is a conspiracy against me against us they never want us to marry in the first place,”

Paapa Taa
   “Ken my son listen to your wife don’t let the distractors sow discord between the two of you.”

   Jealousy clouded his sense of reasoning he yelled at his wife;
“you flirtatious woman you saw me since yesterday why didn’t you tell me of your pregnancy? You are wicked and senseless you thought I was dead so you decided to flirt with my best pal.”

   “My sweet heart they are lying they were the ones who were happy with your death that’ why Burang sold your properties and squandered the proceeds.”

He went into tantrums threw curses and insults at Lolly he packed her things and thrown them out of his house.

She praised her son for the ‘right decision’ he has taken;
“Lolly was never your type you adored her but she has failed you at your time of need she does not respect me and your siblings now that she is gone peace will reign in this house I am very happy and relieved. I have so many girls in my mind from whom you can choose a wife and remarry trust me my son.”

Paapa Taa
   He confronted his wife;
“Evil woman you know you are telling lies against Lolly and misleading your son it was you and your children who clamored Ken’ supposed demise not Lolly she always argued that her husband is not dead but alive time will tell how hard the truth is concealed it finally surface in the end.”

Maama Njemeh
   “I don’t care whatever you say my son has taken a ‘good decision’ finally the evil woman is gone and forever I’ll make Ken marry my choice of a wife and if you continue to argue for Lolly I’ll tell Ken that you knew she was flirting with Joe just dare me.”

Paapa Taa
   “You are diabolical tell Ken anything you wish do I care? But what I know is the truth shall last and would prevail.”

  • Paapa Taanor with Ken
       “I am not judging you my son I am talking about the Qur’an it is wrong to throw your wife from the house before hearing her side of the story. The pregnancy is yours and if you doubt it you can go for the paternity test choose your hospital and your doctor is my challenge to you. If you stay stubborn you’ll regret.”
  • Ken
      “I’ll not regret anything.”
  • Burang and Maama
    The duo is very happy that their plan is working and Ken’ anger is being directed towards Lolly and not them.
  • Ken
      He visited Joe and before he could welcomed him he knocked and fought him;
    “you hypocrite and backbiter! How can you flirt with my wife and got her pregnant? What were you thinking that I’ll die at prison?”
  • Joe
       He was stunned and flabbergasted his secretary stood and stared he drove her away and took a stance;
    “Are you okay Ken? This cannot be you it is someone talking through you.” He walked away very furious.
    “This is not Ken someone is talking through him but I’ll restrain myself in order to help him as he is undergoing a difficult period of his life. Something is very, very wrong.”

Maama Njemeh
She decided to console her son;
“Lolly is not the only woman in the world Allah be praised that the evil one among us has been exposed forgot about her I’ll help you get a wife material calm down.” She counseled.

   “I have already collected some money from the other sales and I have deposited it at the bank.”

Paapa Taanor was furious;
“It is very unfair Lolly suffered for you instead of pampering and celebrating your victory you are insulting, cursing and disowned her isn’t it unfair? This baby is yours.”

“Why was she not pregnant prior to my journey until now? My decision will never change.”

Paapa Taanor
    “I will never support your decision.”

At Mam Mbissine’
“You always chide me when I give my opinion but Lolly was very careless on how she related to Joe she was a married woman  and should have been more prudent I for not cannot vouch whether she was dating Joe or not but it was very suspicious forgive me for speaking my mind.”

Mam Mbissine
    “Are you not stupid you weakling for doubting your blood sister? You are gullible and annoying stop speaking about us you look down upon yourself.”

She is depressed and wish to die;
“Why am I living mom? The man I’ve sacrificed everything for has rejected me I want to die!”

To be Cont.

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