Lolly and Paapa
 She showed her result to Paapa and he became excited;
“That’ wonderful Allah is great now the distractors will be put to shame and moreover it can change the attitude of my family towards you after all you are fruitful and not barren. Give me a hug!”

She is still worried;
“Are you sure they will accept my pregnancy?”

Paapa Taa
     “Why not you are carrying Ken’ baby my daughter? You are carrying my grandchild.”

Maama With her Children
She discussed the case with her children vilifying Lolly and her ‘wretched family’ as she described them.
“Is the money from the sale of the animals and cars intact?”

“I took some but not much I can replace it from my other savings from the other sales.”

Maama Njemeh
“That’ excellent every person has a price the cash can go a long way to stuff mouths where money talks bullshit held sway! I also need some cash to change my ward robe and your sister also needs some cash to buy some girlie things. ” The trio laughed heartily.

“Another time the money is already exhausted.”

Maama Njemeh
“That’ what you always said the sum was all gone without any benefit for Maget and me.”

Paapa Taa
He laughed heartily at them;
“The thieves are quarreling over their loot in situations like this it is animal farm always survival of the fittest! There is a new element all of you listen to me attentively!”
They became alerted;
“Our newest family member Lolly is expecting a child for Ken!”

In unison they all denied it;
“Impossible! Ken died some months back it is a bastard child own by Jo-Jo you remember mom what Njetty saw sometimes back? No bastard will come and inherit what is not his/hers!” He went into tantrums.

Maama Njemeh
“Are you not being gullible here? It is very obvious that Lolly is playing games here we call her barren and for a reason also she is not compatible with my son Ken so when he died he mated with his best pal so that the ‘bastard’ can inherit my son’ wealth no way that is impossible!”

She felt humiliated rushed to her room and locked it from inside she wept bitterly and prayed to the Lord;
“Oh Allah! Why are you trying me in the midst of my enemies I saw it coming they will deny me out of conspiracy.”

At Joe’ Office
Burang went to attack him:
“Congratulations my boy you are a very terrific scorer! Lolly is expecting a son for you again this is my hand!” He stretched his hand but Joe refused to take it he is instead asked;
“Is Lolly pregnant? But she never told me?”

“Tomorrow I’ll send her out of our house never to come there again take her hand in marriage if she puts to bed that ‘bastard child’ can never inherit Ken’ property which is mine and mine alone.”

“You are stupid and ignorant you are a man go and make your own wealth and stop hassling your brother’ wealth and get out of my office before I break your head!”

Joe is disappointed with Lolly;
“So Lolly is pregnant! Why did she hide it from me? Was she flirting with other men? No! Lolly is too innocent to act diabolical but who pregnated her? Is it Ken before he disappeared? I pity my sister in the midst of those wolves she would be devoured if she falters. Oh Allah protect and lead her towards the right path amen O amen!”

She is alone and melancholy;
“How am I pregnant? Is Ken responsible? I don’t know O help me Allah! But how can Burang accuse me? O Allah why are you testing me?” She wept bitterly as two sides of her mind argued fiercely.
Lolly paid Joe a visit and he verbally attacked her.

“Lolly! Are you pregnant?”

“How did you know?”

“Your diabolical brother-in-law came here and accused me of being responsible I was embarrassed and humiliated but you should have told me to prepare my mind I am being accused for being

She wept bitterly,
“I came to tell you Jo-Jo we are both innocent I never know any man other than my husband in this big city with all its ills Ken took me a ‘virgin’ he respected me and could not believe me now he is gone how can I do otherwise? It’s a conspiracy to deny my child its inheritance.”

“I was very angry because of the false accusation but I’ll now cool and will sue Burang to court to prove my innocence we can do paternity test.”

“Yes I agree to also prove my innocence and to give my child a fresh start.”
To be Cont.

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