She became part of the problem and not the solution; she was doing laundry with Maget Lolly’ clothes were hung on the laundry line she pushed her clothes on the far end and hug their clothes to replace Lolly’ and in the process wet them she yelled at Njetty;

“How dare you stupid prostitute to push my clothes and wet them in the process with your wet clothes?” She went took off their clothes and pushed them to the far end and spread her clothes’

She came to the aid of her friend and scolded Lolly;
“How dare you touch our clothes with your filthy hands?” The trio entered a brawl and Lolly wrestled them to the ground and gave them a good beating Maama Njemeh came to the aid of the girls and start to beat Lolly she screamed and said;
“Maama has joined the fight and is taking sides and beating me.”
Neighbours filled the compound and Paapa came out of his room and scolded them.

Paapa Taanor
He singled out Maama;
“What sort of mother, mother-in-law are you? How can you take side against Lolly? Is your hatred not obvious you hate your son so much that you cannot hide it even in dead.”

“I saw her Paapa she threw libation at the ‘supposed’ grave of Ken cursed and insulted it but Allah knows that is not Ken’ grave Ken is alive and would show up at the appointed time in God’ name these people are so obnoxious as the saying goes ‘lease who do you hate dog who do you feed on dog’ they hate Ken with a passion but are shamelessly fighting over his properties; you’ll always be below him he will always be blessed over you because of his ‘clean heart’.”

“Leave me to get the hell out of her who is she to insult us over my son’ property? Where was she when I gave birth to him? A donkey can kick its kid but does not hate it.”

She wept bitterly;
“She calls me a harlot but I am not I am Burang’ fiancée but she is married but is flirting with Ken’ friend Jo-Jo I saw them in a compromising situation you are lucky I did not snap you for evidence thank your stars adulterous woman!” She struggled to go and attack Lolly but Maget held her with firmness.

“Don’t you worry we’ll get her and beat her blue black.”

“I am not offended because of your lies I am innocent are you married to Burang? Are you not sleeping with him in fornication? Ken found me a ‘virgin’ which you and your friend have lost long time ago none of you can insult and curse me!” She yelled at them Maama threw her shoe at Lolly but she dodged it and went to her room and locked it behind her.

Going Back to the City
Paapa Taanor is accompanied by his brother Uncle Taam
“I am very sorry Taam Njemeh has turned into a monster you asked me to marry her you see it now she sees you as her no one enemy.”

Uncle Taam
“I owe her no grudge brother and I pray she change her ways or if she cannot be redeemed you divorce her. Lolly believes her husband is alive and I also believe the same.”

Paapa Taanor
“To tell you the truth brother I don’t know what to believe now just wait and see and only hope I’ll see my son again.”

At Home
As the two brothers discussed Lolly ran passed them and vomited violently Paapa is concerned;

Paapa Taanor
“What’s wrong Lolly are you fine?”

“It’ okay dad I just feel heavy and nauseated but I’ll be fine I am going to the market.”

Uncle Taam
   “I am leaving until another time I’ll stay with our cousin Alfred I’ll never stay in your house again I am sovereign and your wife and children are rude and unpredictable.” He left.

Uncle Taam met with Lolly and she gave him a lift;
“Uncle why did you not stay in our home we have many rooms to house our guest?”

Uncle Taam
“Your in-laws are savages they thought money is everything when it is not their money but your husband’ you are an iron lady be strong and never be part of any conspiracy against your husband he is not dead and will surely come back to you in Allah’ great name amen!”
She dropped him and went to the market.

Lolly examined her pictures with Ken there was one when they visited Mam Butorr’ shop and shopped for some clothes another one during their courtship where Ken took her home and kissed her at the gate.

Maama Njemeh
She visited Lolly at the shop and when she opened she went and took a central seat and took charge;
She got up and examined everything;
“What! This woman sits on a diamond mine on the whole you were controlling all this wealth while I wallow in poverty? You are barren this is my son’ shop and should come to me I own it from now onwards you can go now leave immediately I don’t need you here again.” She glee.

“Are you not shameless?’ She quickly took the keys from her and ordered;
  “When you are ready close the shop I have no time for you.” She got into her car and drove away.

To be Cont.

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