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Saayii Tolof Part 440 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baanyel’ Hatred Mother In law ak ‘Domm Jetle’ Step Child)


  He has invested in husbandry he went to inspect his animals in the hinterland. His animals are doing fine and he praised the herdsman and gave him a bonus of one cow.

As Ken was driving home to the city he visualized Lolly softly speaking to him amusingly he smiled and shook his head as he drove home.

At Home
As he washed his car Maget passed him without greeting he drew her near and scolded her;
“Have you not seen me, am I your companion to pass me without greeting? Am I too small for you when you are living on my sweat foolish girl?”

She snapped and fought her brother
“Who are you is greeting by force?”

“Rude girl no home training just a spoil brat!” Ken slapped her and she fought him.

Yaa Njameh
She came out and started taking sides;
“Leave my daughter! Why are you beating her?”

He shed emotional tears;
“Again let me ask you are you my real mother why do you always side my siblings, are you not the reason why they disrespect me?”

Yaa Njameh
“I don’t know about that but did you greet me?”

“How can I greet you when I am just seeing you?”

Yaa Njameh
“Now you have seen me did you greet me?”

“Why are you doing this to me? You are just engage in semantics.” She drove Maget into the house and kept grumbling about Ken.

She and her mom Mam Mbissine and her niece Safna are selling ‘Akara’ at the junction people of all walks of life are their customers.

He passed by and stopped to greet them
Lolly did not recognized him at first but when he insisted
“You do not recognize me the one who helped you in despair!”

She scratched her hair and laughed loud,
“You are correct Ken the Good Samaritan!” She introduced him to Mam Mbissine.
“Mam this is the Good Samaritan I talked about at my time of despair he gave me money to bail me out from your wrath.”

She broadened her arms,
“You are welcome my son Lolly told me about you just be saying amen I pray for you daily because of your clean heart your kind is rare in our world a girl you know from nowhere assisting her family like that? I am impress and pray you never lack.”

“Amen Ma! Amen!” Then he started to get into his car.

She asked Lolly to pack D100 ‘Akara’ for him he declined and preferred to pay but Mam insisted and he took it for courtesy and praised them then drove away.

At the Pub
Ken met his friend Joseph (Maha) and he shared ‘Buru Akara’ with him;

“This is the best ‘Buru Akara’ in town and it is clean do you enjoy it?”

“Of course! Where do you buy it?”

“I did not buy it Lolly’ mom Mam gave it to me.”

“Who is Lolly and mam? Do I know them?”

“No you do not know them but I narrated the incident of accidentally meeting Lolly on the roadside the young lady I helped who was in despair.”

“I do remember their ‘akara’ is the best according to taste.”

He praised Lolly for being clean, neat and hard-working and beautiful inside out.
“This girl is one in a million wait until you see her you’ll also come to that conclusion.”

He teased him;
“Are you sure? Are you familiar with the adage ‘all that glitters is not gold’? Is she not trying to impress you? Boy-friend don’t be naïve ‘just look very, very well before you leap! Let me make an independent assessment.”

“I am very sure I tested her I gave her a thousand dalasi but she took only D500 and returned the rest I have to force the other D500 and it took time for her to accept it was not pretense but real.”

The Duo Meet Again
Lolly asked him a favour:
“Ken I have a request to make would you give me the ear?”

“Of course! What is your request make it and I’ll see whether I can solve it or find someone else to do it.”

“My brother was a labourer for a firm but was retrenched some two years back since then he opened a mechanic and motor parts workshop where he fixes cars and also sells motor parts but nowadays business is not good for him and he is thinking about going back way but that is disaster Allah forbids he might perish enroute his character is also a challenge he smokes Hem which can get him into trouble.”

The Bomb Shell

“Would you marry me?” He dropped it.


She was flabbergasted;

“What! What do you say?”


“Will you marry me? I love you Lolly you are the woman for me you are not impress by my wealth

You are clean and innocent say yes and I’ll be the happiest man in the whole wide world!” Ken shouted with excitement.


She kept quiet for a while then said;

“Are you sure? We are from two different worlds you are rich and I am poor what will you parents say? Would they accept me?”


“You are not marrying my parents you are marrying me even if they disapprove they’ll later come on board it is you I love and nobody else cross my heart!” He put her hand on his heart.

To Be Cont.

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