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Saayii Tolof Part 438 EPISODE 32 Difficult Marriages – ‘Baanyel’ Hatred ‘Gorro’ Mother-in-law and ‘Domm Mi Jitle’ Step Child



Papa Taanor lost his friend and wife Yaa Handju through child birth the baayor has to be wet fed who was to do this? Yaa Handju has a younger sister who has past puberty Njameh cultural practice is that Papa Taanor has to marry Njameh to breast feed her nephew Kenbugul who was to do it better? it is believe that an outsider will maltreat the child. The marriage took off but Njameh secretly maltreat the baayor Kenjugul cries a lot and it irritates Yaa Njameh;
“He is a wicked child no wonder he killed his mother at birth.” She complained to neighbours Papa Taanor heard her and scolded Yaa Njameh;
“neighbours told me but I cannot believe them how can you say such a thing about your nephew? I married you to make a difference in my son’s life after losing his mother are you not of the same mother and father with your late sister who was very good to you? Had I earlier detect this cruel attitude of you I would have married someone else and still it is not late I can divorce you and marry some-one who will be kind to my baayor.”
Njameh felt threatened and hide her attitude.
She later bore her own kids Burang and Maget did her attitude change for the better?
An interesting story read to find out what EPISODE 32 has for us.

A Quarrel
The siblings quarreled and it is always the younger ones especially Burang Yaa Njameh pampered him over his elder brother Kenbugul whom he disrespects he went into tantrums;
“Who do you think you are superior over us because of your money? I care less about you since my business drops you refused to help me why should you do that when you are always helping your useless friends?” Burang posited.
“Is it by force that I should help you? Do you own my money? How much did I give you and you squandered it? I’ll not give you a dime until you account for the monies I’ve given you for business?”
Maget chipped in;
“He is right brother you should help him instead of wasting resources on your useless friends!”
“Who made you judge and jury? Mind your business before I break your head!” Ken yelled at her.
Mama heard the noise and came out of her closet;
“What is the commotion about?” She asked.
Before Ken could say anything Burang jumped and explained his frustration;
“He should help me he has the money why is he not helping me?”
Before Ken could answer Maama supported his viewpoint;
“He is right why are you not helping your younger brother?” Maget concurred but Paapa shut them up;
“Look at who is attacking Ken? What has he not done for you? Do you want him kill himself for you? Why did Burang’ business fail? Have you dissect it to know the root cause/causes? Do you want to be filling a basket? Let him be he’ll not invest into Burang’ business until he becomes accountable.”
“Why are you supporting this wicked son of yours? He is just wicked but my son will also make it one day just look!” Maama posited.

Ken became emotional and ask his mom one vital question;
“Mom! Are you my real mom? Did you give birth to me? Why are you so cruel and has hatred for me? Why do you always take sides of my siblings? You are one reason why they disrespect me after everything I’ve done for them.”

Maama dodged his biting questions;
She avoided his eyes and said;
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” She left for her room.

“Let Ken be he is a noble person with a clean heart Allah has bless him and no one can turn him down his business will succeed to higher heights follow his foot-steps and share in his blessings if you follow your mother’ wicked heart you’ll all be doom.” He remarked.

“Paapa you love him more than us but I don’t care I’ll make it with or without his help!” He left in a rage.

   She is poor girl very happy and contented as she helped her mom in her ‘Akara’ business the business triumph as the whole neighbourhood people in every walk of life buys from Aunty Mam Mbissine fondly call Aunty Mam. Lolly is going to grind the ‘Akara’ at the grinder as she sings along the bucket opened and the contents spilt upon the ground she exclaimed;
“Mam will be disappointed in me our business I’ve mess up!” She wailed.

  He drove along and came and found Lolly in a melancholy state as she sat upon the ground he stopped with concern;
“Beautiful damsel! What is the problem? Why do you sit on the ground?”

She got up to answer his concerns;
“The ‘Akara’ bucket I was to grind fell upon the ground and we cannot use it now what am I going to tell Mam?  She will be disappointed in me.” She explained.

  He felt for her innocence and took out a thousand dalasi notes and gave to her she counted five hundred and gave him the change;
“Sir I just need five hundred for everything a thousand is too much.” She explained.

He is surprised and amused;
“It is okay take the rest for yourself.”

She hesitated;
“Are you sure?”

He laughed amusingly;
“Yes I am very sure take it.”

   “Thank you!” She started to move and Ken got into his car and drove away.
To be Cont.

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