Elders in Council
They promised to rethink their position but decided the status quo remains.

Pro Peace Elders
“Why the position they should rethink their position into positivity and not maintain the status quo the world is changing look at the British Monarch accepting her grandson’ choice of a wife an Afro-American descend and from another nationality; let us embrace Peace and let our children be they want to love themselves. Ada would have died in the process God forbids and Essa too has disappeared into thin air. It is only dialogue that can save the situation our children are disgracing us it’s a new world.” Alh. Ousman posited.

“There can be dialogue but let the status quo remains you have a large heart mine is small let’s do it step by step.” Koto Jambo posited.

“Problem cannot be solved bit by bit but as a whole.” Said Alh. Ousman.

The War Mongers are happy for a while.

Some Arrangement
Ada was in her room planning how to meet her fiancé while Chief eavesdropped her.

Her Travelling Documents and cell Phone
    They suddenly disappeared she went to her parents to enquire;
“Where are my documents and cell Phone? I left them on my bed when I go to sleep.”

Her Parents
Her dad remain silent while her mom said;

Yaa Hojah
“Did you search very well?”

   “I have searched everywhere mom I cannot see them hell will break loose if my Cell Phone and documents are not found can they fly away?” She walked out on them.

Yaa Hojah
   “If you have them please give them back to her she is your kind hell will break loose as she said, I am out of here!” She posited.

 She took Chief’ hat which is a taboo and means calamity she wore it and mimicked she was having a court session and mocking the Elders in Council calling them derogatory names Chief came and found her like that he slumped unto the settee; Yaa Hojah came and exclaimed;

Yaa Hojah
“What is happening Ada? Are you crazy?”

  “I’ll harassed and make life a hell for both of you 6 and 9 just dare me!” She yelled and went into tantrums.

   He is very worried as he heard not from Ada and her phone was not picking;
“This is unlike Ada she is a lady something must be very, very wrong this must be another conspiracy, a hurdle.”

At the Village
    Isha assembled the village girls with their Peace Banners heading for the Chief’ abode chanting ‘we are unmarried because of the conflict we want happiness!’.
Hoyan the gossiper was present she sent a text to Deputy explaining the situation suddenly some village thugs invaded the girls and captured Isha and took her away she was beaten to a pulp and kept for three days before she was released the thugs were masked and cannot be recognized. All the same she took a lawyer and some thugs were surrounded and apprehended when tortured they exposed everyone that was involved the Chief included he denied the allegation to safe face.

   He visited the village as a last resort and saw a villager whom he stopped;
“I am a stranger do you know Ada?”

“Who are you before I give you an answer?”

“I am Ifang Ada’ fiancé can you go and call her for me.”

   “Please do you want me to be beaten to a pulp as Isha? I am out of here.”

Her action was seen as abominable and bad omen for Chief who started experiencing nightmares which he attributed to Ada’ action.
Chief is very worried Ada acted mad.

Elders In Council
They all concluded that Ada was mad and need some treatment.

   He has a bitter argument with his father Chief Sam;
“You cannot marry a Slave descendant that is abominable Ada is a no go area.” He yelled

Ada’ Home
    She was dejected and singing a melancholy melody.

Yaa Hojah
She came to console and reason with her but to no avail.
Elders met Chief’s family and discuss the problem with them.
To be Cont.

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