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Saayii Tolof Part 435 EPISODE 31 Difficult Marriages – ‘Slaves’ ‘Jamm’ ak Free Born ‘Gorr’


Mobilization of the Village Female Youth
She went to the Deputy to report Isha’ activities;
“Fa Burama! Fa Burama! Where are you? I want to speak to you.”

  She came out of the backyard furious;
“Who is that dog shouting my dad’ name disrespectfully?”
She saw Hoyan and became furious;
“My dad is not here get out of my home gossiper there is no news here.” She drove her out of the yard then Fa Burama came out;

Fa Burama
“I am here what do you want from me I hope all is well.”

She came back as Nyima went back to her work;
“it is Isatou she is mobilizing the village female youth against your Council of Elders she said you people are useless and hopeless and they are going to overthrow you people,”

Fa Burama
“What! They say all that? I’ll report her to Chief that girl has chewed more than she can swallow she will be taught a lesson thank you.”

The meeting of the Chiefs
Chief Nyanko was reluctant to meet Chief Sambujang but the Elders in Council force him to go and three senior council members convey him to give him strength.
Chief Sambujang likewise was accompanied by three senior council members and they met at the middle where the two villages intercepted.

The Deal
The two parties open called each other and each Chief praised the valour of his ancestors and who he is in society their praise singers also praised their valour and courage.
The deal entailed that each one will release the hostage taken.
   “Marriage between my son and your loose daughter is impossible we are warriors ‘gueurlawarr’ how can my son marry a ‘Jamm’ descendant? No way!” Sam posited.

Chief Nyanko
Sam’ remarks infuriated him;
“Look at an educated person in the 21st century talking about slavery is it modern slavery you are talking about? But these people are victims and people of conscience are fighting to stop it! Are you not among such persons? My ancestors were victims manipulated and sold by unscrupulous people you are singing praise of and admired it is a wrong taste please change it. I am a sovereign person no body’ slave our land is prosperous and our people are educated in all walks of life that’ why your community is envious.”

Chief Sam became envious and left with his entourage.
Both Ada and Ifang were released from custody and they went to their respective homes.

At the Deputy’ Home
His wife Maama criticized Chief;
“How can he kidnapped his own son?”

He became angry;
“What do you mean by his own son?”

“Gossip had it all over the village that Ifang is his own son when he was abroad with a strange woman his family or you his Deputy never know.”

“Gossip! Gossip! Gossip! When will you ever stop the gossip? Never gossip again in my house I forbid it.”

“Ada is back! Ada is back!” Shouted the servants.
Yaa Hojah rushed to Ada and embraced and welcomed her home Chief followed suit but she snubbed him and he got embarrassed and vented his anger onto the servant who was jubilating for Ada’ return and drove her away.

Back to the U.S
Ada is emotionally charged as she packed her suitcase for the U.S Yaa Hojah came and found her packing;
“Where to my daughter?”

“Back to the U.S of course where I’ll not be interrogated with stupidity.”

Yaa Hojah
“Are you not being selfish here my only child? If you go back to the U.S you’ll come back to bury your mother.”

Her Spirit leaves her
When Yaa Hojah said such pitiful words Ada left what she was doing and just sat down dejected her plan was foiled from the onset.

Peace Talks
The Council of Elders is divided some talk Peace and others are for War conflicting interests;

The Peace camp
“Let us forgive our fore fathers and fathers it is ignorance that made them arrogant fools let us bring them to light through Peace in War we are all losers look at Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan the list goes on the Gambia was on that trend during the impasse thanks to those noble minds that preach Peace when War was eminent until other Nationals were asking their citizens to leave when it is sweet other Nationals stay but when it is bitter they will seek refuge elsewhere home is what we have let us build it and make it heaven on earth.”

At the War Camp
“It is payback time what these people have done to us we were humiliated, tortured, exploited and marginalized let them taste the bitter pill they have shown for me it is tit for tat we’ll do it until we are satisfied. Our people are blaming us it is the pay back they have seen not what has triggered it. No Peace until we are done.”

Peace Camp
“Hatred is negative force it is also eating us up and has clouded our minds and reasoning our children are now shaming us they say their love for each other is superior and Allah is demonstrating to the protagonists by making their children defy them in the process their premises are being shattered.”
To be Cont.

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