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Saayii Tolof Part 433 EPISODE 31 Difficult Marriages – Slaves ‘Jamm’ ak Free Born ‘Gorr’


Ada with Ifang
“You should not disrespect him, how would people react? He is your father is my candid advice.” Ifang advised.

She got mad at him;
“I don’t care, how you would treat your dad at home is your business leave me to treat my dad how I know best.” She showed defiance to her fiancé.

At the Deputy’ Home
    She convinced her daughter Nyima to marry Ifang;
“Marry Ifang he is a professional, rich and handsome don’t you want to go to the U.S with him? There you can escape the feud and live your life just like your brother Essa, we’ll pretend to oppose it.”

He came and joined in the discussion;
“Your mom is right she told me earlier and I asked her to speak to you and get your opinion; I concur with her opportunity knocks only but once my daughter marry Ifang and elope to the States with him.”

She is shocked with her parents;
“Hear both of you speak! How can you both advise me as such? You know Ifang is engaged to Ada in the States they came here to solemnize it but are now facing challenges from backward society and you want me to add insult to injury by forcing myself unto Ada’ friend and lover you want me to be a loser never what God has bring together let no person put asunder I will never betray a person not to talk of my best friend.”

She made life unbearable for her parents;
“I must marry Ifang whether you like it or not!” She rampaged the house and called her parents names and cursed them acting like mad.

“You cannot marry Ifang over my dead body!” Chief swore.
“I am in trouble which is like a cutlass hang on a tree about to fall down and cut me into pieces.”

The Kidnap
Ifang was kidnapped to the horror of his father as the only son who has lost his mother at birth that’ why at 7 years he was sent to the U.S for adoption by a rich paternal uncle.

She learnt about it when she phoned him at the appointed time and could not get him later she was informed by her security she got mad over her dad;
“kidnapper! Where is Ifang? Where do you keep him?” She yelled at her father.

Yaa Hojah
“This is a serious allegation; who told you so?”

“I know so your husband is wicked and evil and you back him two of a kind! Isn’t it but if you don’t produce Ifang I’ll kill myself.”

Yaa Hojah
“Take it easy with yourself don’t accused your father falsely.”

She yelled and left the house as a mad woman in tantrums Chief came out and enquired about her and was told what had happened he ordered the security to go after her;
“Go out there and bring my daughter back!” He yelled

Yaa Hojah
“What have you done to Ifang? Is he dead? Tell me as your wife I defended you in front of our daughter just to calm the situation.”

“Ifang is not dead I’ve kidnap him.”

Yaa Hojah
“What! You better release him unharmed or else we’ll be in big trouble the feud will escalate my husband.”

As she ran out just few metres from her home a moving car stopped and two men masked and with gun picked her up and drove away the security screamed but to no avail they returned home.

She saw what has happened and rushed to Chief’ house to report the incident
“I saw it all a moving car stopped two gun men in hood alighted and whisked her away.”

He got panicked and yelled at the security;
“go out there and bring back my daughter or never come back to this house again.”

Yaa Hojah
“Chief! What is happening bring back my daughter or else this house will turn into hell fire for you.” She went into tantrums.

Village Gossipers
“How can Chief kill his own child? A maid from his house told me the secret.”

“I can’t believe it Chief cannot do that it is just his enemies trying to spite him.”
To be Cont.

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