Deputy with Daughter
    “Why did Chief refuse for Ada to marry Ifang?” Nyima asked her father.

“What a stupid question of course it is the ancestral feud did I not tell you that a hundred times? Why are you asking me again at this crucial time when our family is suffering?”

“I am not convinced that it is the ancestral feud only there is more to it than the eyes can see and you as the second person his Deputy should know and now you are telling me you know nothing about it then who should know other than him?”

“There is nothing other than the ancestral feud stop bothering me with your silly questions.” He remarked.

“I suspect Chief is hiding something from his family and from you his Deputy Ifang is handsome, rich, intelligent which parent can reject such potential son-in-law if not for something drastic and abominable?”

He interrupted his daughter;
“What are you saying big mouth? Be careful before you put yourself into trouble mind your business and save your stupid life busy body!” He rebuked her.

Nyima with Ada
Nyima visited her friend Ada;
“Why did Chief refuse your marriage to Ifang?

“He refuse because of the ancestral feud between the two communities a very stupid reasoning.”

   “Think further there is more than the eyes can see there is a strong secret to it.”

She got alerted;
“Secret! What type of secret? I cannot understand let me learn!”

to    “Chief is not justifiable to reject Ifang did he want you to become his second wife? He was eager to offer you 5 suitors which you rejected why is Ifang’ case different? Only your dad knows Ifang might be….(she whispered something into her ear).

She went straight to her mom;
“Do you know the reason why your husband does not want me to marry Ifang? He is his son with an unknown woman.”

Yaa Hojah
“What! What are you saying? It is not true.”

“Go and ask your husband.”

“Don’t believe her she is lying and want to cause division between us.” Chief is shock that his daughter is ready to go to this extent.
The accusation of cheating, lies, slander and fabrications infuriated him he advanced to beat Ada but Yaa Hojah shouted at him;

Yaa Hojah
“Don’t touch my daughter or else blood will flow! The truth is bitter I am living with a stranger not my husband a lots of secrets?”

Chief and Wife Alone
“What are you hiding from me?”

Yaa Hojah
“Liar Ada is not a liar she heard it from a reliable source who is Ifang’ mother.”

“Ada is lying I have no other woman but you my people wanted me to marry since you cannot give me a son but I refuse that was my vow never to marry another woman my sisters call me ‘woman wrapper’ and refused to enter our functions since then you know that now why are you being deceived by your cunning daughter. I want to sleep I am very tired please.” Chief closed his eyes.
When he woke up more villagers came to complain about land disputes which remained unsolved.

Ifang and Ada
“My dad refused me to marry you.”

“Your dad also what are his reasons?”

    “He did not tell me anything and has sent spies to monitor my movements let us separate for a while to confuse them.”

She went on the rampage there was a Committee meeting but she locked the gate to their house Chief came and found his men outside and enquired;
“Why are you outside? Are the gates locked and the security not around? This is Ada’ work she is on the rampage angry with my decision.”

The Elders are very angry they protested;
“What kind of insult! Even the Chief cannot take care of his family your daughter is very rude she does not care about our culture and tradition that’ all no respect whatsoever!” They said in unison and dispersed.

Deputy’ Home
He narrated his experience at the Chief’ abode;
“Chief’ naughty daughter Ada closed us out we were dejected and insulted.”

“You are being insulted don’t go there again go to the Government Quarters and have your meeting there I was never contented with your meetings being held at the Chief’ abode his daughter is rude and arrogant. Rumour has it that Ifang is his son with an unknown woman that’ why he rejected the marriage proposal.”

“Abomination that is a lie Ifang is not his son never spread such a rumour again desist from rumours from hence forth I warn you.” He scolded his wife.
To be Cont.

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