Fa Frumose
He came running into Fa Burama’ compound;
“Did you see your son with the forbidden girl?”

“I chased them away with my machete no one dares me not even my only son.”

Fa Frumose
“Just try all the more sit him down and try to make him understand your plight.”

“Are you a good friend? Why do you always want to come here and torment me about my son? He has eloped and promised never to come home again so please never mention Essa again to me now get out of my house.

Marriage In the City
Essa got married to Angersigi in the city being blessed by her aunt and uncle they rented a bungalow and lived there.

Essa was at home with his mom and sister they dissuaded him not to marry Angersigi;

“I am your mother am not deceiving you marry from our kit and kin from the village we are all related same ancestry are our girls not beautiful? Let me tell you the history of this feud when our ancestors finally settled here after the long suffering our neighbours refused to hold us as humans but refer to us as Slaves and discriminated against us; we struggled build up and our Gods also favoured us with natural resources we strived and became part and parcel of the administration we fought back they become jealous and increase their spite. Do you now know why you cannot marry Angersigi it can never work even if we agree her proud people would reject and call us Slaves.”

“Brother listen to us it is a Community decision.”

He visited Ada in her compound and as they were discussing Chief just appear with his gun again and chased after him Ifang got into his car and Chief ordered the security to open gate for him and he drove away for dear life.

She is shock she yelled at her dad;
“Are you serious dad so you want to shot at my fiancé? Then shot me!” She ran after Chief.

Chief with his Committee
They are concern and want to discuss the issue with him most of them want to rethink on the Peace issue but Chief shun them and left them stranded.
“The Deputy’ son has eloped and you are also having some problems with Ada can we talk about it?” Alh. Mustapha posited as the others concurred.

“Excuse me am not discussing anything.” He left them stranded.
“We must find a solution it is very urgent.” The Elders posited and dispersed.

Chief’ bedroom
“But why is this girl stubborn? I am in a dilemma the Vow, our People! Have I made a mistake to let my daughter study in U.S?” He asked.
“Ifang! Ifang! I’ll deal with you.”

Villager’ Offence
Hamidou eloped and marry from Kerrgumak all his properties were seized and his city friend Algasim hired a lawyer to fight his case he came to the village with him to inspect his seized properties and met with Chief and Deputy who scolded him and called him names then Algasim gave the Deputy a fitting answer;
“Kettle dey call coal black; where is your son? Answer us!” He was shut up and Chief refused to say a word.

Ifang and Ada
The duo continued to see each other at the outskirt of Ada’ village;
“Darling the sneaking outside our village is not sustainable villagers pass us here and we look like outlaws.” Ada posited.

“I agree with you honey we should elope and get married in U.S.” He suggested.

An Elder Arfang
He passed by and stood to greet them;
“Are you not Ifangbondi? Alh. Sambujang’ only son who went overseas at 7 years of age? Is this your wife from abroad? She is beautiful.”

He was very surprised and asked when the man left;
“How did he know me?” he asked.

“It’ a small world in this part of our country famous people are known from birth so we have to be very careful.” The duo separated and Ifang drove home.

Pa Frumose
The gossiper met with Ada and she refused to greet him which annoyed him greatly. He grumbled about it.
“This Ada is full of herself she did not even greet me she has no respect for any one not even elders and is fluting his father’ Vow.”

She walked passed him and he spoke in parables;
“A stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave; whatever a person kills bleed in his/her hand.” Pa Furmose posited.
“I hate gossipers especially a male one going around compounds poking one’s nose in what does not concern him.” She spat and hissed.
To be Cont.

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