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Saayii Tolof – Part 424 EPISODE 31 (Difficult Marriages – Slave (Jamm) and Free Born (Gorr)


The contradiction started from olden days during the Slavery Era Community B came from afar the whole community was subjugated by slave marauders they fought for their freedom won then relocated to another area established and call their own (Freedom) their neighbours Kerrgumak (Old Home) regarded them as Slaves (Jamm) but they refused that title, their children travelled abroad came back and established big prosperous businesses and have totally different approach and thinking different from their parents.
The stigma caused a great rift between the neighbours and it became so bad that the two neighbours stopped doing anything with each other villagers were brutalized when they crossed each other’ border. Freedom Village (Community B) became prosperous especially when oil and other minerals became located in their area their pride increase and Old Home (Kerrgumak) became jealous and exaggerated whatsoever conflict happen between the neighbours.
The descendants of Freedom Village occupied high positions in the administration and that added to their advantage.
What does the future hold for these two villages? Read to find out.

Freedom Village
Chief Nyanko and his Committee
 “We are freed at last and will not allow anything to term us as Slaves but the war has not ended in the minds we’ll have nothing to do with the other village they are big headed terming themselves as Free Born (Kerrgumak) can you imagine!”

Deputy Chief (Fa Burama)
   He is the most aggressive pro war he concurred with Chief Nyanko;
“let us cut off all ties humanly possible with Kerrgumak be it happiness or sorrow.”

Fa Bakary
 He cautioned him;
“Don’t talk like that we are all Muslims and we also have some few Christians and Animists among us we don’t know what would happen tomorrow who knows our children would like to marry each other.”

Alhajj Mustapha
He concurred;
“Our people say ‘Adina du Chere why dencko lalo’ who knows what tomorrow holds?”

Deputy Chief
“Allah forbids! Let’s take an oath here and now that such a thing is abomination and forbidden and whosoever commits it would be sanctioned and ostracized.”
The Committee took the oath and it becomes a sacred agreement.

Fa Bakary
  “I have agreed with a heavy heart but Peace should be prayed for and persued.”

Deputy Chief
“Yes we should all pray for Peace but not at our expense we were enslaved in pursuance of this Peace in the past.” The others concurred with him not Fa Bakary.
Chief concurred with the rest; they drank refreshment and the court disperse.

  Fa Bakary walked along with Alh. Mustapha;
“we have to embrace Peace what about if our children want to marry each other?”

Alh. Mustapha
 “Even if that is not the case we should still talk Peace and try to love our neighbours as ourselves the past is past and gone let us think about the future our land is bless and our children are faring better than our neighbours let us be the Peace makers our villagers are being traumatized by this war and it is getting worse day by day I am very afraid.”

At the Deputy’ Home
His son Essa and daughter Nyima embraced Peace;
“I think Chief should rethink and embrace Peace.” Said Essa and Nyima concurred.

Freedom Village Girls
They were at their leisure time after fetching water from the stream they gossiped about Chief Nyanko;

Isatou: “Chief Nyanko is very weak Kerrgumak is taking advantage of him and his Committee I wish I was a man to take charge of our community we are richer and have wiser women and men.” She posited.

Nyima: “I disagree he is a good man but his committee confuses him especially his Deputy my dad who is a war monger I don’t like war the other day I spoke to my brother Essa about it he is of the same opinion let us embrace peace if not most of us would not get married our men have gone ‘back way’ either to the city and worse still Europe.”

Mbinky: “Is that how you think about your own father?”

Nyima: “The truth is bitter they say but I say it is the best tell your friend what is right she/he will not take it today but tomorrow and then your conscience is freed.”
A motor tyre burst with a big bang and they all ran away.

Mbinky: “Look at them all scared to death with the tyre burst.” She laughed at them and also ran away.

The Boys: “The conflict is escalating we should preach peace.” Said Frumose.

Ansu: “But who is escalating the conflict? Is it not Kerrgumak? Their vain pride make them not to see beyond their nose tit for tat is the game if they want peace we’ll embrace it if they want war we’ll go for it.”
His friend Frumose disagree with him;
 Frumose: “Boy! Who gain in war? We are all losers.”
The debate continued during Attaya brewing as other villagers join them some pro others anti.

Faces of the Conflict
A female youth was being dragged along the village going to Chief Nyanko they met him and his wife in his car Yaa Hojah came down;

Yaa Hojah
“What is it why are you dragging her along the street?”

“We caught her cutting firewood along our side of the border.”

Yaa Hojah
“Okay take the firewood from her warn her and let her go.”

Chief Nyanko
He spoke from his car;
“What is the problem?”

Leader: “We caught her collecting firewood from our side of the border.”

Chief Nyanko: “Young lady is it true?” She nodded her head.
“Did you know that’ an offence?” She nodded her head.
“Did you know the penalty?” She nodded her head.
“What is the penalty?” He asked the mob.
“Go and deal with her.” He ordered.
To be Cont.

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