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Saayii Tolof Part 421 EPISODE 30 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Dusa Nawle’ not your Category, your Class)


The Accident
Jula was admitted at the ICU under intensive care Specialist doctors surrounded her Famara was invited at the Chief Medical Officer’s Office.

Dr. Jobe
“Famara your wife will need a serious reconstruction surgery and it cannot be done in country but outside in GH would you foot the bill?”

    “I am in senior management and have full insurance cover fly her to GH as soon as possible I have contented and would take leave to accompany her or go afterwards to take care of her; she is my wife and the mother of my child.”

She came out of coma with a plastered face but hearty and looking forward to her reconstruction surgery in GH then she became curious and asked when doctor came for his rounds;
“Who is footing my bill?” She anxiously asked;
“Because it will cause a fortune.”

Dr. Jobe
“Of course your husband Fams he is paying it through his insurance cover aren’t you lucky?”

She became furious and felt insulted;
“Why doctor why? I don’t need his money I have my own money and can take good care of myself.” She sulked.

Dr. Jobe
“Take it easy upon yourself your husband has not done anything wrong even though you are estranged now but he still does his duty towards his wife and remember you have a beautiful girl you share and reconciliation is possible.”

“God forbid never!”

Dr. Jobe
“Take it easy don’t affect your health.”

Fams and Mba Toma
Father and daughter are living happily but mom is absent and Mba Toma felt her absence;
“Dad! When are we going to pay mom a visit?”

“She is recuperating but still want her isolated to avoid infection but I can ask doc to let you talk to her will that be fine by you?”

Mba Toma
“Of course dad half a loaf is better than nothing let be just hear her voice for now.”

On the Phone
Doc arranged for Mba Toma to speak to her mom;
“Mba my darling daughter! How are you? I miss you a lot I am feeling fine now and will soon be flying to GH for reconstruction surgery learn well and pray for me.”

Mba Toma
“I am very happy for you and will pray for your speedy recovery but you did not ask for dad he loves and has made his insurance to cover your health bill.”

“He does it out of his own volition I did not ask for it in fact I loathe it.”

Mba Toma
“Mom don’t say that dad and I love you very much and we wish you well get well quick and come back to us.”

He was devastated when he heard of the accident Haja and Orrma also heard about it and kept sentry over the man of the house he promise his family to behave and be responsible to get their trust especially that of her daughter Mbugel who flew from the US for her family reconciliation, He posted a huge sum of money to help in Jula’ treatment overseas and also posted her a get well card through the Whatsup. Jula was very happy when he got the text message from her friend and well-wisher.

Mbugel came as an angel to the family she got them seated at a reconciliation table;
“Dad, mom these two lovely, loving couple;” she turned to her mom;
“Mom you give everything for dad you came from a rich family and dad came from a struggling one when you want to marry him your parents kicked against it and call him a gold digger you defended him with your life on the line this forced your parents to agree reluctantly why did you do that if not for real, genuine love? You empowered him and give dad prestige in the midst of his peers, your family and also his I was your first child and you decided to call be ‘Mbugel’ after my ‘bassang’ name Maimuna. Lovebirds! Where did you go wrong reflect?” She turned to her dad;
“Dad! Why were you ready to lay your life for that dazzling damsel accepting all insults, taunts, name calling and curses from her egoistic and egocentric rich family reflect dad, reflect!” She then turned to her younger brother Orrma;
“don’t take sides speak sense to both of them they were deeply in love and have to overcome hurdles before they bear us they came from two different families, caste and ethnolinguistic (tribe) background and religion don’t put asunder what God put together be neutral and talk sense to both of them they needed help to come together.”

Mbugel with Orrma
   “They love each other being separated apart because of ego be neutral my brother let respect and love each they are our parents. He left the girlfriend that was my precondition to come home and reconciliate them.”

   “Mom was emotional she made me disrespect and hate dad in order to pressurize him to quit his love affair with Jula but I am now in agreement with you as your approach is mature and more successful than mine. I’ll take your advice.”
To be Cont.

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