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Saayii Tolof Part 420 EPISODE 30 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Dusa Nawle’ not your Category, your Class)


Difficult Parting
With a heavy heart Alhajj met Jula at their hide out and explained his decision to her;
“My son is a ‘woyou’ he can kill to safeguard his interest and he does not give empty threats I love you and have cherished what we have I don’t want my family to hurt you in any way my wife is mean and calculating she has succeeded turning my son against me I can tolerate the insults, taunts, threats and name calling but I cannot bear it when you are hurt in the process I have deposited a huge sum in your account to ensure you never lack any thing on earth and the hereafter if I am in the position.” Alhajj was emotionally charged and he wept like a child.
Jula consoled him and the duo wept together cuddling each other like mother and her child.

At Home
   Another rude shock confronted her at home;
“Mba Toma come and see what mommy brought for you!” But there was no Mba Toma around she shouted her name to no avail then who came out of her room?

   She came out trembling unable to say anything with her luggage;

   “Where are you going to with your luggage and where is my daughter?”

She stammered and managed to say something as Jula’ impatience force her to utter the forbidden words;
“Uncle Fams took her away.”

   She became furious;
“Uncle Fams did what? How dare you?” She gave her repeated slaps until she fell upon the floor;
“You dared me! What did I tell you? I’ll report you to the police right away and you’ll be arrested forthwith.”

As she called the police Ndaxte took to her heels defending herself;
“Wicked woman! Am I your slave? No respect how can I deny a daughter her rightful father? Call the police I can defend myself anywhere even if I am killed.”

   He came again with three of his marksmen;
“Didn’t your maid tell you my message?”

“My maid did not tell me anything she left unceremoniously without telling me.”

   “I am in a good mood thank your stars you have a lucky day I am a gentleman after all even though people see me as ‘woyou’ I’ll give you the benefit of doubt, three days! Three days fine lady!”
The marksmen yelled and whispered into her ears; “three days! Three days!” They mimicked death.

She wept bitterly;
“Nemesis has finally caught up with me I have sacrificed everything my marriage, my dignity and everything valuable to me as a woman.”
She packed all her belongings and left. Before she left she called Fams;
“Famara! You are dead if I catch up with you! Bring my daughter and now!”

“Speak to and hear from her.” He gave the phone to Mba Toma.

Mba Toma
“Mom come to us and leave that stupid man dad and I still love you.”

“My daughter come to mom I’ll explain to you.”

Mba Toma
    “Just come mom without any precondition.” She cried.

The Accident
In rage she drove into a packed truck and disfigured her face some bystanders rang the referral hospital and they came to the accident scene and drove her away. She was unrecognizable but her phone gave them a clue as Mba Toma kept ringing when her mom’ phone cut off.

Mba Toma
   “Mom is not picking I fear she has an accident.”

   “God forbid! Don’t pray that for my wife your mother!”

Then the Phone Rings
“Is that Mr. Famara Bangura? You are wanted at the referral hospital for emergency.”

He rushed with Mba Toma to the hospital Jula was still in the operating theatre specialist doctors working tirelessly to save what is left of her face Fams was invited into the Chief Medical Officer’ Office. But he kept Mba Toma out of the picture in order not to shock her but she keep asking for her mother which put Fams in a dilemma. What was he to tell her?
To be Cont.

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