The Security Gate Keeper
He is curious and wanted to know who is the ‘big man’ who brought Madam home in that posh car.
“Who is the ‘big man’, of course it is not boss’ husband? The car is ‘hot’ the latest in town.” He questioned.

“Are you mad? Are you inane? What is your business there? Are you monitored to check who bring who inside Madam’ home? Your better mind your work before you lose it.” She pushed him down walked over him and went out on her business as she hissed at him.

   “Look at this one oh! Don’t I not have the right to know?”

In Bed
   Majula could not sleep as her two minds wrestled with each other at each given time one of them gained the upper hand.

The Phone
   It kept ringing who was it?  Alhajj! Jula politely tell him she was still in bed just to avoid him, Alhajj apologized;
“I am very sorry okay till later.” He hung up.

“How can he ring me at this ungodly hour? I am a married woman for God sake.” She hissed.
Then the mature mind hunt her conscience;
“This is what I am telling you this man is going to be too demanding thinking he has bought you with his money how will you cope? Think before you leap what is the use of gaining the whole world and losing your soul? Think! Think! And Think!”
She wrestled and could not sleep as she wept bitterly about what she will finally do as the temptation was too great.

Her Birthday
She is expecting her husband to come at least for the celebration but the phone rang again.
“It must me your daddy.” She told Mba Toma.
“Get my phone for me.” She brought it and she received it;
“Yes honey when you are coming please buy the cake along I’ve already bought drinks and have cooked your delicacy for the celebration.”

   He paused and Jula got impatient;
“Why did you pause is something wrong? Please speak am getting impatient.”
“I cannot make it the new branch need my attention can you postpone the celebration until next week please?”

She broke down;
“What is this? What are you telling me that you don’t now have time for your family that it is the work all the way round? How many weeks have you kept postponing your weekend visits in the name of giving attention to the new branches? I am fed up with putting career over family you never have time for us since your promotion.”

   “I am very sorry sweet heart don’t say that you know it is not true I’ll made it up to you it is the peak of my career was this not we were praying for? To go up with all the benefits to compensate the difficulties and challenges? I now only beg for your understanding.”

Mba Toma
   “Daddy! Are you not coming for mom’ b/day?”

   “Sorry sweetie daddy cannot come I am making money for us to give the family better life look at it you are now in a new better school and all means more spending please do understand and make mom understand also.”

Mba Toma
   “Okay dad I understand and I’ll make mom understand the good work you are doing for us.”

  He blew her kisses;
“That’ my girls please convince mom for us.”

Mba Toma
“Bye dad I’ll do exactly that.” Then she turned to convince mom but she bash her.

“Daddy’ girl your father does no wrong but please do not blame me if I change my attitude I’ve gone up to here.” She held her chin.

Mba Toma and Ndaxte sang happy b/day for mom and asked her how old she was.

“I am 100 years old.” Mba Toma and Ndaxte laughed hilariously and asked;
“Are you kidding us?”
“But Ndaxte just called me Aunty.” She replied with laughter.

Mba Jonsaba
  She rang Jula and congratulated her on her b/day.
“What are you giving me for your b/day?”

Who should give who? Is it not my b/day and am expecting you to give your daughter something? That’ why Mba Toma is always criticizing you Maama please give me anything from your heart and I’ll appreciate it even if it is prayers.”

Mba Jonsaba
  “I cannot give you any material thing but I can shower you with prayers for long life, happiness and plenty of money.”

“I am very much appreciative of your prayers thank you greet my dad for me I am about to go and celebrate my b/day with my family see you later.”
Her phone clicked and it reads: “I have posted D20 million into your secret account.” She trembled with excitement;
“What!” She exclaimed.

Mba Toma
  “What is it? Is everything alright?”

She caught up;
“Yes! I am fine.”
Another text came: “Dinner tonight 7pm at the usual spot my driver will pick you up see you sweet kisses.”
She kept quiet and stared Mba Toma asked her why the sudden quietness but she did not reply then she suddenly said;
“Darling something urgent happen at the work place we cannot go for outing again I have to be there but you and Ndaxte would go to the best restaurant in town and enjoy yourself.”

Mba Toma
    “I want chocolate and ice cream.”
Jula gave Ndaxte D2000.00;
“Go and enjoy yourselves and buy my honey what she demands.”

Mba Toma
   “Thank you mom you are the best mother in this whole wide world.” Jula smiled and hugged her daughter.
To be Cont.

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