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Saayii Tolof Part 388 EPISODE 30 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Dusa Nawle’ not your Category your Class)


The Couple
  They made time for themselves and do what is expected of them sweet, sweet love as they melted into each other’ arms then Fams left for the city.

Mba Jonsaba
  She was left in limbo as she heard that Fams has gone back to the city she looked into Majula’ eyes to know what has happened but it remained void and blank then she has to bluntly asked her;
“Jula Musoo! What has happened? Do you need to tell me something? Have you done anything with Fams?” Mba asked repeated questions with no answers. She became frustrated;
“I am a concern mother I want you not to act cheap to Fams he is your husband yes but everything has to be done properly as per our custom and tradition.”

“Yes Maama I’ve heard.” Was her blank answer.

At the City
He came and took a low profile then the his land phone rang and he picked it;

“When did you come? Your mobile was unreached that’ why I decided to ring the land line.”

“I came yesterday very tired and worn out.”

“And you did not find it proper to ring me? What is happening Fams? Whenever you come from the village you always act cool towards me, but don’t you worry get dress I am taking you out for lunch.”

   “Oh what have I done?” Then he thought of how they first met;
“As I was going on my job hunt she almost knock me down we caught up from there then move onto my present job it is not right oh Allah bail me out as I’ve succumbed to my mother’ whims and caprices, I’ve betrayed the trust of the girl who love me the most.” He sobbed his heart filled with guilt;
“how will I face Jaambi? Help me o lord.”

She came and found him wrapped up in bed shivering;
“Oh! What is it? You are shivering my love let me take you to the clinic, you are from the village it must be malaria.”

“It’ okay my love I’ve already taken my malarial dose before you came I’ll be fine.”

“I am very sorry let me just stay and cook something light for you.”

   He felt guilty;
“There is no need I’ve already brought a lot of delicacies cooked by mom from the village it will last me for a week.” He lied.

“Okay then I’ll be off for lunch and will come back after work, love you,” She blew him kisses.

  “Love you too!” As he hid his eyes too ashamed to look Jaambi in the eyes.

She did not believe Fams is sick;
“Fams is different from the man who professed unlimited love for me, why is he so cool towards me now? Something is eating him up.” Jaambi posited.

After work she came back and forced him to go outing.
As they were eating Fams was not eating much;
“You are not eating what is your problem?” Jaambi asked with concern.

“I am sick my love.”

“You are not physically sick your problem is psychological please let us share your worries, a problem shared is a problem solved.”
He wanted to talk but he was unable to as he stammered his words not coming out.
“I want to tell you something.” Fams finally said.

“I am all ears tell me.” She thought it was going to be good news about their relationship.

At Home
   Finally the cat has to be let out of the box;
“I am all ears tell me I am very eager.”

   “My mother married me a wife.”

The Shock, Disbelief
  “What! A wife? What do you mean?”
Jaambi sloped upon the floor held her head and wept bitterly she is devastated and shattered;
“When I told you most men are liars what did you tell me? That you are not one of them? What game has you played to me now you have made me a laughing stock but it is okay I’ll survive I’ll move on.”
She packed her luggage in pain and dragged it to her car and held the door;
Fams held the wall outside his house and sobbed bitterly;
“What have I done to the woman who ever loved me?”
Fams came behind her about to hold her shoulder but she yelled at him;
“Don’t touch me!”

   “I am very sorry my mother get me into this I never wanted to marry my wife.”

“It is okay I would be fine.” She got into her car and drove away. She sobbed bitterly with a broken heart.

She visited Mam Butorr (Mam B)
“Didn’t I tell you that these men are not worth the salt I can’t marry Jaato they are with the same outlook I’ll be hooked just to wake up one day and found out a wife has been married for him by his people; all the same you are a strong woman and a bright future awaits you I am a friend always lean on me, take leave go for studies and Insha Allah you’ll find your Mr. Right there.”

“Thank you very much for your wise counseling.” She spend the night with Anita Mam Butorr and left for her village the next day after taking her leave without pay for a month.

He was shattered with guilt. Then Anita came along with Jaato and he asked them in;

Anita Mam B
“You are heartless! How can you betray the woman who gave you unconditional love? She sacrifice her everything just to make you happy I wish you good luck with your village wife.” Then she turned away and started to go Jaato went after her;
“Mam B. you are taking it too far come and talk to Fams he is our colleague and friend.”

Mam B.
“Birds of the same feathers flocked together I don’t blame you.” She left and took a cab back to the office.
To be Cont.

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