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Saayii Tolof Part 378 EPISODE 29 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Bennen Jigeen’ the Other Woman)


Kumba Amut Ndeye
All the ladies of the community registered for the cooking competition as the courier get their names and their contact address when he arrives at the home of Kumba he did not see her at first as she was busy preparing the family meal he got the address of Kumba Am but as he was about to leave he asked: “Is Kumba Am the only maiden in this household? Because the instruction is that all the maidens despite background are to be registered.”

Kumba Amut
   She coughed from the kitchen and the courier heard her and went to meet Kumba;
“What is your name and are you part of this household?”
Kumba Amut responded in the affirmative and got her name registered to the displeasure of her stepmom Mama Rugi.

The D Day
The competitors met at the regional centre and the cooking started region by region until they come to Kumba Amut’ region all the ladies showed their talents until it was Kumba Am’ turn her cooking failed because it was a tasteless soup plenty of salt and pepper and she became very angry and displayed tantrums which made the organizers to expel her; Kumba Amut was the last in her list and she cooked ‘Mbahal Mu Tilim’ when the judges tasted it they became overwhelmed and declared her the winner of her region then the second stage was when the regions met and contested for the grand title to cook a dish that is a speciality of the ECOWAS sub region what was it?” Gran asked.

She raised her hand when her siblings did not get the answer.
“’Benachin’ and the others called it ‘Jollof Rice’” The siblings clapped for her.

Gran continued her story;
“Kumba cooked ‘Chebu Jenn’ while the others cooked different ‘chebbs’ with meat, chicken and keshah (dried smoke fish) but Kumba Amut’ ‘chebb’ was the most delicious everything was just fine and judges were delighted.”

Kumba Amut got the trophy and plenty of cash to match it she was also given a fully equipped modern kitchen to empower herself and also provide employment for the youth; Kumba then relocated to the regional capital and her business became global providing youth employment. Kumba Am was frustrated and took to alcohol and drugs which destroyed her life her mom was named and shamed Kumba Amut’ dad was shamed and he confessed his sins and made peace with her daughter.

Gran Maama
She then asked the children;
“What have you learn from the story?”

“What we learn is that evil don’t pay but goodness do and we should at all time try and do our best with a clean heart.”

Gran Maama
    “That’ it my children always try and do your best with a clean heart and evil is also disappointed in the end.” She then asked them to go to bed.

   He heard the news and was excited as he called home to ask;
“Dad! Why did you hide Asum’ marriage from me?”

Baaba Senior
“What are you saying? Asum got married to who? She never told us anything moreover, it is her life what do you expect her to do when your brother betrayed and broken her heart? I’ll not ask her anything until she open her mouth and spoke to us.”

Maama Ndungu
“What am I hearing my Asum got married to who? Yerro is the loser he has form the fool until he lost a wonderful family and his children will be trained by another man while their father is alive.”

Baaba Senior
“I don’t know and Samba did not know either.”

   He spoke to her brother;
“Brother Yerro! How careless to lose your jewel to another man?”

“What are you saying you fool, lose jewel to who and which jewel are you talking about?”

   “Asum is married and has given birth to twin boy and girl.”

“Which fool has planted in my field? If what you saying is correct he must be a fool Asum is my wife and I did not divorce her.”

“You are the fool who do not know what he has until he loses it; how are your wives? Are you not contented with them? How many years have you left your field fallow until a wise farmer came and put it into good use?”

The T.V
    Asum’ and Prof’ projects were being shown and the successes being celebrated across the country ladies of all classes join in the celebration lots of jobs have been created for women and youth and they praised the couple Madam Asum and Prof. Burang Burama (Prof. B.B.).

“Who is he Prof. B.B.? He wants to be my rival? We shall see.” He came to town and got to the address he saw on the T.V screen.

At the Mansion
He came and asked for Asum Mballow.

The Security
   “We don’t have any such name here am sorry.”

He got infuriated and frustrated;
“Asum Mballow is my wife with my two kids Ngens and Baaba Junior tell her, her husband is asking for her.”

    “Are you crazy? We have no such people here.”

    He got into a brawl with the security and the chief maid Jean suspected that Yerro is referring to their madam because she heard she was married before she went and informed Asum and she got infuriated;
“What is he doing here? He is mad wait I’ll handle him.”

  She asked the security to let him in;
Yerro came in and was surprise to see a self-esteem, self-confident well packaged Asum and he was shy to look into her eyes.
To be Cont.

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