Aunty Majula
    She is a ‘panka’ strong headed and never accepted Pat’ (Penda) marriage to Yerro;
“You do not know him from Adam how can you marry him? What about if he is a wife batterer? You better think twice and what is this madness to marry at any cost? Why are you so desperate?”

Pat (Penda)
   “My biological clock is ticking and I don’t want to be labeled a frustrated spinster Yerro is my ‘boil’ and I am his savior and God’ willing I’ll be his wife.”

Aunty Majula (Margaret)
“I learnt he is a married man who left his wife at home do you want to be a second wife?”

Pat (Penda)
“I’ll be a wife only neither first nor second I am the heart and soul of Yerro.”

Aunty Majula (Margaret)
    “Nonsense! He is sweet tonguing and fooling you and I’ll never be a party to such folly.” Aunty Majula was adamant this happened earlier before the wedding.

And Now
    “Am I not being vindicated? I warned you Yerro is a brute, a savage, an uncivilized man but not anymore I’ll keep you here with my grandchildren and teach him the lesson of his entire life.” Penda agreed with her aunt for the first time about Yerro.

Pat (Penda)
    “You are right aunt we will teach him the lesson of his life for laying his filthy hands upon me for no just cause.”

Yerro Come with Barrister Joof
    He humbled himself in front of Aunty Ma but she ignored his greetings and answered Barrister Joof.

Aunty Ma
    “Barrister! How is business and life treating you?”

Barrister Joof
    “Allah is praised! And I thank him for life and progress.”

Aunty Ma
   “Let him thank his stars I would have thrown him out of my abode; what is he to you such a brute and wife batterer?”

Barrister Joof
  “I am his attorney and have bailed him we are here in peace we’ve come to see Penda and the kids ‘Essau and Jacob’.”

Aunty Ma
    “I am very sorry you can neither see Penda nor the twins and you can now leave you have over stayed your welcome.”
Barrister Joof thanked her and left.

She came out and asked;
“Who were you speaking to?” She asked.

Aunty Ma
   “Yerro and his barrister who bailed him.”

“You should have called me to throw him hot water and inflict pain upon him as he has done to me my wounds are still painful.”

Aunty Ma
   “There is no need for that he is already cut to size and embarrassed.”

The Twins
They came out and asked after their dad;
“Granny was that our dad? We want to see and play with him we have miss him a lot.”

Aunty Ma
   “Okay you’ll see him again he will be here very soon.”
And the twins were very happy.

He was disappointed with Pat;
“But how can she bully me and left me at the mercy of her aunt? I am so embarrassed I’ll never visit her aunt’ place again.”

Married Bachelor
Yerro continued to live as if unmarried he keeps girlfriends, go to parties and enjoy life as he calls it.
“She can refused me but cannot obstruct my love life which my first love Asum was unable to do.”

She is Ngenarr junior’ namesake Asum’ university’ godmother a kindhearted woman very generous, humble and down to earth. She got an accident and now walks with a limp and assisted by a walking stick. She is recently married to a scientific researcher who loves her greatly while she is a Nutrionist; she paid visit to her best pal Asum she went to Mama Jaabel’ house but her friend was not there;
“where is my God daughter Asum? It’ a while I hear from her is she okay?”

Mama Jaa
“Your God-daughter is now a big time business woman she sells delicious meals and has attracted a lot of customers far and wide she has expanded and has opened a food kiosk for me as well I am very happy with her and always help me and also pray for her wellbeing as she is very good and considerate; she is also married to Yerro and they are blessed with two kids a boy and a girl Baabagalleh and Ngenarr your ‘toma’ namesake.”

Ngenarr Senior
  She danced around and praise God;
“Asum name me a child and I never know? She is so sweet how can I meet her mom? I am also very glad that she marry Yerro her high school sweetheart.”

Mama Jaa
  “Let me call her number to see whether she is there sometimes she goes shopping and would leave her phone behind with her brother-in-law Samba thrice her phones were stolen when she went shopping with it.” She rang but has no answer.
“She must have left it at home but let me explain the restaurant for you.” She explained it and also gave Ngenarr Asum’ number.
Before leaving she gave Mama Jaa a fat brown envelope;
“All this fat envelope for me? Thank you very much I know something valuable is here. May god replenish your wealth fountain and bless your family.”
Mama saw her diamond ring and commented;
“Satisfy my curiosity, are you married and to who?”

Ngenarr Senior
    “My husband is a colleague in the scientific field working for WHO (World Health organization) as a Researcher and I am a Nutritionist he is now working in our region; I got an accident as soon as we got married but I am now recuperating God be praised for that. I am now very tired let me go home and rest when Asum comes give her my number to call me good bye.”
To be Cont. 

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