Two undergraduate students, Yerro Zachariah and Asumbay Agatha fell in love and decided to get married before their graduation they decided to have children after graduation but fate did not allow them carelessly they got intimate without protection and Asumbay took in and they were devastated.
“How can we explained this carelessness a would-be Civil Engineer and Psychologist? We acted as illiterates.” Yerro chided themselves.

“What are we going to do? I told you to take protection but you would not listen you are stubborn look at what you have done to us?”
Asum Agatha put to bed and the couple held a simple ceremony of naming the child without any fanfare, a bouncing baby boy Baaba Galleh Mathew carbon copy of Yerro Zach, Baby Baaba was sweet and lovely and he made them forget their woes for a while.

Life After Marriage
They were unable to get formal employment for two years where ever Yerro applied the answer is always ‘I regret’ he became used to this two words. He photocopied his C.V and made dozens of copies ready to give to anyone who wish to help.
The couple took some soft loans and opened a restaurant to keep body and sold together then another bombshell when Baaba was one year Asum took in again she cried bitterly and blamed Yerro for it;
“How can you do this to us again? Why should you impregnate me when our baby is just one year?” Asum cried bitterly.
Yerro consoled her;
“But darling it was consent let us blame irresponsible love who made us so attached to each other but now we have to be responsible let us go and you’ll take protection for 5 years so that we can make love and our children will not be trouble by our great love because we cannot resist each other and I being a sharp shooter.” Asum hit him and hissed.
“You are wicked nature should have made it possible for you to also experienced the pain.”
“I also pray nature should have made it possible for we men to also experience the pain I would have gladly do it for my sunshine.”
“Come here and massage my waist.” Asum ordered.
“Your word is my command I’ll gladly do it with no naughtiness, smile for me I don’t want your stress.” Yerro posited.

Second pregnancy
It was stressful and difficult but thank God Asum went through it successfully the midwife advised them to space;
“The children were only 8 months apart but I hope you have now taken care of that your job is stressful being graduates and still no meaningful employment but see it as temporal God will see you through the soonest.”
“Amen O! Amen! We are now fully protected for 5 years because we cannot keep away from each other.” Yerro posited and Asum pinched him and they both smiled to Nurse Njie’ amusement.
“You are right what God has put together let no person put asunder.” Nurse Emily posited.
Even though their business is flourishing the couple decided to low key the naming ceremony with no fanfare.
“We are postponing the two ceremonies until one of us has a gainful employment.” Yerro posited as Asum concurred. Their parents agreed with their decision as they admired their courage.


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