“Yes we were course mates in the same university I know her she was my friend.”

Mama Ebi
 She wanted to be sarcastic and naughty then she said;
“Daughter in-law Absatou go and call your husband for her.”

 “Okay in a jiffy I’ll call him for you.” As soon as she left Efy disappeared when Mama E went into the kitchen.

Absa with Tunde
“Where is Efy I left her here?” Mama E laughed hilariously;
“She should have waited for Tunde why did she run away? God is great! ‘All ahu Akbar’”

He hissed and cursed her then left which surprised Absa;

 “Why the bitterness mom? What has Efy done to him? He is deeply hurt.”

Mama Ebi
“Get it from your husband’ mouth it’ a long story please heal his deeply wounded heart. Men build empires but women build family and home as well as the nation.”

His Story
This evil woman goofed my heart I gave her and her family life I sponsored her university education and when I was about to marry her after school her greedy mother connived with her and she was sold to a rich junky who maltreated and used her as a slave then she presented her shameless self for me to take her back can you imagine but the good lord fought for me and brought you into my life, my heart, my soulmate I love you with all my heart.”

She held him to her heart and Tunde wept bitterly as never before to flush Efy forever from his heart and said;
“Thank you my sunshine it is poisonous to hate because you are also hurt as your betrayer I have forgiven Efy because of your love.” Tunde posited with a great sign of relief.

 “Free your heart and show her love and forgiveness as it is very painful to hate you have found your soulmate Efy was never your wife but Absa is we have found each other and our life have started.” They enjoyed sweet romance and locked the world in front of them to be opened when they finish their exploration of new boundaries absorbed into each other’sweet, warm love.”

  She went and shut herself up as she insult and curse her mom;
“What sort of mother are you? You kill my love and left me stranded Tunde has married my classmate and where is your rich Don? I am finished with you I am relocating to the city I only have my father to take care of.”

Mama Aiye
“You are just bad lucked Ted has also remarried go to the city and get remarried and stop lamenting and crying over spilt milk I wanted good life for you that’ all and I did not regret it.”

Papa Eku

   “Take heart my child and stop lamenting Tunde has made up his life you also go and build your life you are a graduate your husband would come and this time around you’ll not let negative influence destroy your life I’ve prayed for you be prayerful and repent your life will come back to you.” Efy left for the city for good without saying goodbye to Tunde and his wife Absa but she wish them well by sending them a congratulatory card.

The Congratulatory Card
 “My dear brother and friend Absatou
I wish you a blissful marriage Tunde is an angel hold him with strong hands I wish you progress and prosperity;

The Duo
 They were very happy that their relationship is now cordial and blissful they also sent her a thank you card to show their appreciation.

 Ade proposed to Bimbo and she agreed to a simple village marriage Tunde was his best man and Absa was made a special guest Efy was also invited and she came with her fiancé Hassan they enjoyed the ceremony and only talked about the positive old days; few days later Efy got married to Hassan and took him to her father.

At the Village
 Efy took Hassan to her father and introduced them;
“Daddy I’ve brought home my husband Hassan for you to bless our wedding we can celebrate it here I took your advice I don’t want bad people to cast their evil eyes on him.”

Papa Eku
 “I am happy for you our people say if a snake bite you once you’ll runaway even from a stick you are now contented hold your marriage with double hands.” He then blessed them

“I have also found appointment with an oil company we are given the privilege for housing my project is at our compound our company’ contractors would come and you’ll show them where they will build a mansion for you it is time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour through your daughter as you as my strength always showing me the prosperous way I appreciate especially when God gave me a second chance.”

As the couple were going out they met with Mama Aiye Efy greeted her nicely but did not call her mother but she refused to greet back Efy left with Hassan who was very surprise.

In the Car
 As they travelled Hassan asked about Mama Aiye
“Who is the woman you greeted and she refused to respond? She is hurt what is she to you?”

 She wept bitterly and explained her story;
“That woman is very wicked she destroyed my life, my love because of greed she sold me to a notorious drug dealer and destroyed my childhood love to a man who sponsored my education and fix her eyes problem the man almost kill me only God made me alive I hate and disown her.”

At the City
Hassan gave her time to relax as she was pregnant and counseled her;
“Give her a second chance she is your mother who gave birth to you she is now shattered and torn and has learnt from her mistake her isolation made her to pretend to have a brave face but she is already shattered and torn we have to go back to the village with some elders and have a family reconciliation; Efy kicked against it but Hassan’ patience and persuasive nature finally prevail upon her.

The construction was completed and when they were to move in a religious ceremony was held and Efy reconciled with Mama Aiye who confessed and asked for forgiveness and thanked her son-in-law who made everything possible.
The couple opened a confectionary shop at the catchment market for Mama Aiye she also made peace with Mama Ebi and they continued their friendship.

She also build a big mansion for Tunde’ parents who also relocated into the house she also established a food kiosk for Mama Ebi at the catchment area.

Bimbo and Ade
Ade got an international appointment and they relocated to the US but Bimbo also built a mansion for her dad who remarried to enjoy the rest of his life.

Papa Fansu
“I refused to marry to let Bimbola enjoy her life without the interference of a wicked step mom I am happy that my only child and daughter has elevated my life she urged me to remarry to enjoy my old age. Bravo girl child.”

A happy ending! Everyone needs a Second Chance!
End of EPISODE 28

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