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Saayii Tolof Part 350 EPISODE 28 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yaaye Ju Buge’ The Greedy Mother)


Papa Eku 
He spoke to his son heart to heart and counseled him;
“Look at the bright side of life what would have happen had you married the scarlet woman? Your wife would be found the soonest.”

“Thank you Papa I’ve heard your counseling and would abide by it.”

Ted, the Don
   He paid the family a visit in another posh car as he changes cars as socks he came blabbing when he saw Tunde;
“Money is great Mama say that God has done well to bring Ted the Don into our life! Repeat it loud and clear mom!”
Mama Aiye repeated it as Efy concurred.
Ted took out two bundles of local currency and threw them at Tunde who picked them and threw it back to Ted; he threw another two bundles at Papa Eku as he too did the same bade farewell to Tunde prayed for him and went into his house leaving Ted with his wife and daughter forming fool of themselves by repeating the nonsense Ted was uttering. Tunde drove away to his home.

   “I’ll take all the insults for my baby all for my baby.” He got into his car and Mama praised him;
“Thank you for restraining your anger after being provoked by these paupers.” The trio spoke slang to mock at Papa and Tunde before he left.

   He passed by Ade before he left for home;
“Thank you my good friend and brother I’ve seen everything you’ve told me before I am going back home to pick the pieces of life but it is very hard.”

   “But you have to try to forgive but not forget time is said to be healer of all wounds, I have been absolved when I was advising you hated and called me names I never trusted your Efy she has wide eyes always admiring what others have and engaging in negative competition for things good bye my good brother and friend.”  Ade laughed heartily.
“Go and start a new life you have my blessing.”

The New Efy
She came in a posh car wedding gift from her husband Ted and she came blabbing;
“Bimbola! You have not said anything? Haven’t you seen my posh car? Don’t you wish me well?”

   “What do I have to say? And why should I say anything?”

“Am I sensing some jealousy Bimbola? Why are you unhappy at my good fortune? I cannot understand whom are you related to me or Tunde? Are you not a hypocrite to throw away blood for water?”

“Why are you telling me all these hurtful words do you want to taunt me? The past cannot be forgotten so soon you have already betrayed a noble person and God would punish you for that trust me.”

“Ted is present and Tunde is past tense soon I’ll go to South Africa and we will live there forever please be happy for me once I’ve deserve it.”

“Please leave my home before I said some nasty words I’ll regret later.” She left and enter her house.

   She saw Tunde in his car and stopped to taunt him;
“Have you seen my posh car? Compare it with your croaky old fashioned car.”

“Efy! Do you have conscience? What offence have I committed?”

“Poverty is your offence I cannot marry you because you cannot fulfill my dream; go on with your life I am not the only woman on earth.”

“I have no choice my heartache is difficult to mend.”

At Home
Tunde decided to return home and plan for another day he took to alcohol and drank to stupor Papa Fansu came and took away the liquor.

Efy met Bimbola again driving her car she came out and mocked her;
“I am still stubborn in a fortnight I’ll be going to South Africa.

Efy’ New House
She now lives in the new home bought from the estate by Ted furnished with state of the earth appliances she cannot believe her overnight gentry class.

The Obsession
Efy is obsessed with her going to South Africa but Ted became bored with her;
“Stop bugging me with South Africa don’t ever mention it to me again when the time comes we’ll go.”

   “But darling I should know when we are going to be able to plan for it I have to give some things for my mother I want to open a business for her in the catchment area she is a good trader.”

He remained quiet and Efy said;
“Sunshine you are quiet say something.”
“Stop your silliness stop your blabbing give me a break! Will you?” He left and went into his room.

“Why is he angry with me? What have I done? Should I not express myself again? He is angry at every little thing.”

Her Birthday
    “Today is my birthday what have you for me?”

    “So what! Will I kill myself because it is your birthday?” He said with arrogance.

“What have I done to you? Are you not happy for my birthday? What are you going to do for me?”

   “I am not going anywhere with you I’ll stay at home.” Ted got up and left her stranded.

Meal Time
   Ted came and asked for his food;
“Where is my food? I am hungry.”

“Today is my birthday we are going out and you have to pay for the birth day dinner.”

  “Go and buy a ‘Take Away’ let us stay at home and celebrate it.”
To be Cont.

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