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Saayii Tolof Part 348 EPISODE 28 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yaaye Ju Buge’ The Greedy Mother)


Reflections The Story Continues

Efy she helped Mama Ebi cooked lunch she gave her some to take home.

Mama Ebi
“Mama Aiye is a very good cook of our traditional recipes but I too am second to none take my dish and share it with your family.”

“Thank you Ma you are gracious and noble I appreciate everything done for me.”

Mama Ebi
She sold Efy story to her son Tunde who at first hesitated but with Mama and Papa’ pressure he succumbed and decided to try and sponsor her education God willing;
“She has scored above the cut off mark and throughout school her results are very impressive therefore helping her would not be a waste but a gain.”
She turned to Efy and gave her courage;
“God willing school you shall go.”
“Thank you Ma! Thank you Pa I am very grateful.” She left.
“Efy’ parents wanted her to learn tailoring and practice the trade in the village and catch customers from the catchment area but she is not keen to do that she want to go to university. If you do it my son my heart will be gladden she is a very good girl who always help me with the household chores and farm work.”

   “I’ve heard both of you I’ll gladden your heart Efy will be sponsored.”

The Duo
Tunde called Efy and gave her the good news;
“What have you given to my mom and dad? They have argued your case brilliantly I’ve decided to sponsor all your university needs and by God power all will go through very well because my intention and heart towards it is very pure.”

The news was too good to be true she stooped down before Tunde and thanked him from the bottom of her heart as she shed emotional tears;
“Thank you Tunde thank you and may the good lord shower his blessing and make you lack nothing.” Tunde raised her up;
“It is okay just promise me to learn well and achieve your goal and made us all proud to have helped you.”
“I promised never to let you down.”

Papa Fansu
He was very happy as he eavesdropped their conversation and when Efy left he approached his son;
“Well done my son you have made me very proud today because of your humanitarian heart indeed a good Christian. You are training a wife keep it up!”

Tunde and Efy
“Business is slow nowadays but I’ll take loan from my bank and settle all your bills I don’t want you to miss any day in school.”
She jumped caressed and kissed Tunde.

Mama Aiye
She prayed and praised Tunde;
“You are my God given son whom he sent to help our family but my son you’ll prosper forever and would never lack anything because you are an angel.”

He came to collect Efy for outing:
“Mama I’ve come to collect Efy for outing don’t you mind?”

Mama Aiye
“Not at all go quickly and come back but also you should be taking her to church because for a long time Efy has forgotten going to God’ house to ask for blessing.”

   “Okay Mama you are right on Sunday we’ll go to church together.”

Mama Aiye
“Before you leave for the city come back and I’ll treat you with a delicacy and you can also take some back as take away.”

   “Mama I am longing for it because you and my mom are second to none in our traditional cuisines I always bite my fingers when I eat them.”

Efy asked Tunde to stop the car;
“What is it Sunshine? Have you forgotten something?”

   “Not at all am just praising my star and praying to the lord for bringing you into my life, you are a special person, your great love for me, your care, kindheartedness what else should I pray for and ask God for bringing you into my life I just wish we marry immediately after school to prevent any evil eye to come between us; you’ve always been there for me and my family.”

“Are you not embarrassing me Efy? All praises should go to God who made it all possible I love you and would do everything possible to see your progress and prosperity.”

“I am just praying for the day when you’ll propose and make me your wife and I’ll give birth to our children and be called your wife I’ll be the happiest woman on earth.”

   “I am feeling the same when I’ll ask you to become my wife and ask you in church, ‘will you be my wife?”

   “My answer would be ‘of course I’ll marry you and be the mother of our children.” They hugged and kissed each other then Tunde drove the car amidst laughter and fun.

Back to the Present

“Where did I go wrong? What have I done to deserve such a treatment from Efy and her mother? This is a wicked world my dreams have been shattered; is this a nightmare or real? Betrayal of trust is very painful I want to die.” He soliloqued.

Tunde with Bimbo
  His love for Efy is still strong as his family and best friend Ademola chided him he went to Bimbo Ade’ fiancée who gave him a listening ear.
“BImbola! Am I foolish to still love your friend and cousin? Tell me the truth and I’ll surely believe you. My family and Ade your fiancé think I am bewitched by Efy but I am not do you believe the same?”

   “I don’t think so the betrayal was a thunderbolt even to me those people chiding have not experienced what is happening to you your love was real but you gave it to a person whose conscience has been killed by greed and lust for money and material things you are not foolish I’ll go back and talk sense into her thick skull and see how she will react after I prick her conscience. Meanwhile stay cool and calm.”

“Thank you BImbola so far you are the only one who understand me and my state of mind.”
To be Cont.

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