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Saayii Tolof Part 347 EPISODE 28


 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yaaye Ju Buge’ The Greedy Mother)

Uncle Hamadi
   His mind was blown up and he expressed it;
“This amount of money was never spent on a woman’ head as bride price as our people normally said ‘chinn su naare negh su bakhe henn ‘cooking if delicious gives beautiful scent as it boils’,” Uncle Hamadi posited.

Papa Eku
   He got up feeling offended;
“You have no dignity how can you stoop so low worshipping money in front of a total stranger you call your so called son in-law what sort of respect do you expect from him? Poverty in wealth is better than poverty in dignity and honour.” He got up and left the delegation who came to witness the ceremony according to their tradition.

Tunde and Ademola
  The duo came knocking incessantly at the gate then dad came out and met them outside;

   “Dad! What is happening inside your house is Efy being married to another man other than me? Speak out papa speak out.”

Papa Eku
   “You heard it correct my son Efy is being married to another man a total stranger from nowhere came with money and bought my family who lost their senses and got me stranded and sidelined in my own house I am helpless and marginalize.” Papa Eku lamented.

Mama Aiye
She came out of the compound and heard Papa talking to Tunde and Ade she tried to locked them out of the compound as she pushed her husband out but Tunde and Ade being very agile pushed her down and rushed to the house to witness what was happening; there was the bundles of cash displayed at the centre table and eyes glittering as Efy stooped down in front of Uncle Hamadi together with Ted the Don to receive the marriage blessings of Uncle Hamadi and the rest of the delegation watching as observers. Tunde was shivering as he stared at lost hope. Tunde almost collapsed but Ade helped him to his car and drove away the thought was unimaginable to him.

The Marriage Ceremony
   Uncle Hamadi prayed for the couple and blessed their marriage the grand ceremony would be celebrated later they announced to the public. Now in tradition Efy has become the wife of Ted and can joined her husband until they are ready to celebrate it in grandiose.

The Great Grief
   Tunde cried bitterly and fell on the lap of his best friend Tunde;
“What has this world turned into? They are terrible and beastly how can they forget everything I’ve done for them within the twinkle of an eye? I cannot believe it, it must be a nightmare let me sleep and wake up and see it as a coax.”

“Keep yourself together boyfriend take it as a hero you have already done your part and don’t punish yourself for another person’ mistake go back to the city within months you’ll give yourself a break and see what happens time they say heal all wounds and pain.” Ade also shed emotional tears.

He arrived home and wept bitterly;
“Mama Aiye you’ll know no peace and destroying the bond cemented with your daughter the Law of Khmer and Nemesis would be your companion your daughter and yourself are hereby cursed.” He picked some sand and threw it away.
“My Efy was hoodwinked by her evil mother.”

Mama Aiye
She felt victorious in her household bluffing she commented;
“I am an empowered woman who have a say in my family I have a weakling as a husband and Efy’ father how can we threw away such a golden opportunity The Don left all homes and come to us we did not call him he came on his own now tell me how can we just sent him away? I’ll not I have guided my daughter wisely and maturely.” She danced and came with a bowl of food and went up to Papa Eku who was expecting to be served but she walked past him sat down and started to eat then Efy also came with a bowl full with food and did the same;
“Mama the soup is delicious full of meat and fish.”
“Eat to your fill my daughter it is the Don who provided the fat fish money let us eat to our satisfaction.”

Papa Eku
He felt embarrassed at his house and protested;
“Aiye! Where is my food? What nonsense is happening here?” They laughed and mocked at him;
“I cannot understand if you hate chicken how can you ask for its eggs? You hate the Don it is his money we used to cook such a delicious dish please give us a break what is it now you can neither bend nor straighten the leg you must do one period!” Mama posited as Efy concurred.

Papa Eku
“What about the rice I bought and my farm produce is that also being provided by the Don?” He just got up and left with dignity he went straight to a village restaurant and made arrangement to be having his food hence forth from there.
“I’ll not allow anyone trample upon my dignity, self-respect and honour I’ll wait for them now it is their story mine will come and we shall see who laugh last and the loudest.” He smiled with confidence.

Mama Aiye
   She tried to mock at her husband;
“Buy me coke to digest my delicious food as you return home darling!”

  Tunde helps dad as he builds the tuber barn to preserve his farm produce Mama returned from the farm being assisted by Efy carrying a basket filled with cassava.

Mama Ebi
  She greeted her son and husband and introduced Efy to her son Tunde who is a trader in town but has come to the village to visit his parents;
“Tunde Boy this is the girl I’ve been telling you about her parents are unable to pay for her education her results very impressive help her fulfil her dream and you’ll be indebted to me forever.”

He hesitated but his mom encouraged him and his dad concurred.
To be Cont.

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