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Saayii Tolof Part 346 EPISODE 28 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yaaye Ju Buge’ The Greedy Mother)


Bimbo And Efy
“Efy! Why the plenty foodstuff and firewood? What is happening? Are you holding a village festival or what?”

   “I don’t know what is happening unless you ask mother.”

   “What is it? Are you hiding something from me?”

She became defensive and angry;
“What is it? I don’t know; why are you putting me under cross examination? Please let me be period!”

“Are you angry with me, but why? Am I not your friend and cousin, should I not enquire when I see something disturbing?”

“Didn’t I answer your questions or do you want to know what you want to hear? Please excuse me I have lot of work to do.” She left Bimbo stranded.

“Okay you cannot hide pregnancy as our people say sooner or later the bulging stomach will expose you.”

The Two Mothers
As Mama Ebi was going to the market she met with Mama Aiye who walked past her with attitude she called her back;
“Aiye! Is that how you walk past me? What is it what have I done to you?”

Mama Aiye
“Mama Ebi it is nothing my mind is very busy these days preparing for my daughter’ marriage.”

Mama Ebi
“So it is true your daughter is marrying after your family milked my son to educate her and give her class and status until another man sees and appreciate her?”

Mama Aiye
“Ebironke! Change is the only element that is constant on earth; my daughter want progress your son was in the past the present is Ted the Don who has been God sent to elevate our family status.”

Mama Ebironke
“Aiye you are ungrateful and shameless but the story will be told again and history will record it God will guide our son through the period of betrayal and he will judge.”

Mama Aiye
“Forward ever backward never chaw!” She mocked and walked past Mama Ebi don’t you mind let Tunde calculate everything and Ted the Don will repay him for educating his wife.”
Mama Ebi shook her head and left.

   He was enjoying his alcohol and radio music Bimbo confronted her dad;
“Dad you have sell your soul and compromised your honour how can you connived with Mama Aiye to betray an honourable man who did everything to make Efy what she is today and not only her but also taking care of the family needs these people are heartless and you have become a partner in crime.”

Uncle Hamadi
   “Am I your companion for you to talk to me as your mate?” He threw her shoes which she dodged.

   “Dad I am very sorry but I have to tell you the truth no matter what.”

The Two Friends
    “Are you getting married Efy and to who tell me?” Bimbo asked.

   “What is this I am getting married what can you do now are you Tunde’ guiding angel? Leave Ade and marry him.”

“You are very stupid how can you tell me such a thing? Your betrayal would never go unpunished trust me.”
She showed Bimbo a black posh car and said;
“Look at my baby boy Ted the Don brought it for me as a wedding gift do you like it?”

   She hissed and cursed her;
“You are very shameless I have no answer for you.” She left angrily.

Mama Aiye heard Bimbo exchanges with Efy she came out and scolded her and pushed Bimbo out of the compound and said;
“You are talkative and very envious never show your ugly face in my compound again.”
She bolted her gate.

The Marriage
It was made a simple ceremony until later because of the public outcry a simple ‘taaka’ until later.

He came to inform his friend about the secret marriage ceremony just to camouflage the villagers;
“Tunde Efy is getting married in a simple ceremony at their compound.”

“It’s a lie, a joke Efy can never marry another man it is that evil mother of hers who is pushing the strings which she is resisting Efy cannot betray me she loves me very much.”

“Seeing is believing ‘giis wedi bokut’ come let us go and you see for yourself. Don’t you trust me again?” Tunde finally followed Ade and he drove the car.

The Marriage Ceremony
Efy’ uncle and dad were present but the uncle did the negotiation the bride price in their clan is normally up to D50, 000 on the high side but on the low side D5, 000 but Ted the Don decided to give D100, 000 as Efy’ bride price Papa Tunde was foaming with anger he decided to leave but Uncle Hamadi stayed and was flabbergasted by the money;
“But this is more than expected D100, 000 for Bride Price was never given to any lady since the inception of this village.”
Ted the Don gave him two envelopes one for him and the other for Papa Eku Efy’ father as for Mama Aiye I myself will her as a nice mother in law.
To be Cont.

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