Ted the Don
He was blabbing trying to impress his in law and Efy;
“Say it is a blessing to have the Don in my family.”

The Duo
   “It is a blessing to have the Don into our family.”

   “Say it repeatedly and say it a hundredth times!” The duo kept saying it repeatedly as the Don laughed weirdly.
“I have the dollars use it as you wish and always demand for more I have it and will use it on my ‘boo’.”
Ted gave two bundles of hundred dollar notes for onward transmission to Papa Eku they all came out and Mama Aiye gave it to Papa Eku but he threw it to her face;
“Did I tell you I need his money? Get out from my sight.”

Mama Aiye
“Why are you embarrassing me in front of our important guest? Why does your poverty blindfold you?” She picked the money and apologized to Ted;
“I am sorry my in –law.”

   “It is not a big deal you and my ‘boo’ appreciate me and say it loud and clear for dad here to understand that I love my ‘boo’ and will make her my queen the queen of my heart. Say it loud that God has bring Ted the Don into our lives!”

The Duo
   They repeat it and danced to mock at Papa;
“We thank God for bringing Ted the Don into our lives.”
“That’s it repeat it over and over again.” He waved and drove his car.
Papa Eku shook his head and said;
“I am waiting here to laugh at you and I shall laugh last and the loudest.”

Mama Aiye
“Jealousy! How can you be so wicked against your family? Are you now Tunde’ parents?” She adored and worshipped the money counting it over and over again.
“Our house is flowing with milk and honey and you are rejecting it?”

Papa Eku
    “There is sand and pepper in this honey time will tell.”

Mama Aiye
“You have rejected this money and shamed me in front of our noble guest but I’ll make this house unbearable for you.”
Papa just shook his head in agony and shame.

 She is Ade’ fiancée they still could not decipher the drama being played by Efy and her mother.
“Efy loves Tunde so much I still cannot believe she will leave him for another guy after everything Tunde did for her? I cannot believe what you are telling me Ade.”

   “You better believe it as it is the truth I for one was never in agreement that Tunde should sponsor her education without tying the knot it was a cruel gamble I told my friend but he disbelieve me just as you I have foresight and would never leap before I look many people are dishonourable and greed can make them stoop to anything and make casualty self-esteem, self-respect and dignity. I have come back to our community and have found employment here.”

   “God have answered my prayers I also have employment here teaching in a private school at home. May God bless and strengthen you in Jesus’ name let me go and prepare you a delicacy.” She rushed to the kitchen as Tunde beamed and thanked God for giving him a woman like Bimbo so simple, contented and discipline.

Bimbo with Efy
She found her preparing a leafy veggie soup and she helped her picked the leaves.
“Efisiny! What am I hearing? Are you marrying another man other than Tunde Njie? Somebody told me but I refuted it”

  She decided to embarrass her;
“Evil gossip! So you now gossip me with idle people like yourself? What can I tell you don’t you like to progress in life? Do you believe in change which is the only constant thing on earth? Thank you for gossiping with my name I have nothing else to add to subtract hear whatever and take whatever when you are ready you can leave as you see me here I am cooking and am very busy.” She got up to leave.

   “Efy I have the feeling that something terrible is about to happen to you.”

  She put her palm on the ground and rubbed it on Bimbo’ mouth;
“Prophet of doom back to sender.” Then she started to leave.

   “You know what our people say biting the hand that feeds you everyone opposed Tunde for sponsoring your education without tying the knot and made you his wife it was a risky gamble but he took it because he loves and trusts you if you betray him the Law of Khmer will strike you mercilessly and if it does don’t ever come to me seeking for any assistance today your eyes are blind because of greed but you’ll live to regret it when nemesis becomes your guest.”

“Go away and never come to my home wicked and jealous so called cousin my boots!”

Before they quarreled when she wanted to dodge the topic she asked;
“What about Ade? Talk about yourself and not me? Has he proposed?”

   “I know you want to dodge the topic but I’ll still answer it with sincerity; he has not yet propose but we are heading towards that he has been transferred to our community and he has a good job I also secured a teaching job in a private school close by in the catchment area I thank God for that my man is close by me and God willing I’ll never disappoint him for choosing me from the multitude.”

“That’ good news let’s celebrate it and leave Efy for a while.” She posited with sarcasm.
“We need capable men to take care of our needs not those who scratch the earth to make ends meet.”

   “But love is very important if there is love there will always be a way; are you not a graduate who can always find a good job to take care of your needs and your parents’ why did our parents took us to school? Why did Tunde finance your university education? Isn’t it to empower you? Don’t you enjoy Tunde’ true love?”

“Can you eat love? It is God who took care of me not Tunde stop giving him the glory had God not intervene it would not have been possible.”

  “Does God come to your farm and work it for you? Why are you saying these strange words? You have definitely change.”

  “But thank God it is positive and not negative change.”

   “Now you are adamant and insulting but we will talk again and I’ll remind you of all these callous words.”
To be Cont.

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