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Saayii Tolof Part 341 EPISODE 28 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yaaye Ju Buge’ The Greedy Mother)


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Tunde did everything for Efy he took her from the gutters to glory sacrifice everything to give her university education his friend Ade call it a gamble;

“Boyfriend! What about if Efy betrays you at the last moment and marry someone else? How would you cope with that? Please marry her and invest in your wife is my candid advice.”

“That is immaterial it is not possible Efy is an angel she would never do such a thing wait and see. Efy is mine let her finish her education first then I’ll marry her and we start a family.”

Was Tunde absolve? What about Ade’ prediction? Another interesting Episode welcome to Episode 28 Yaaye Ju Buge!

 is a qualified mechanic he has a Garage and a mechanic spare parts shop in the city and his business is faring very well he came to the village to check on his parents and fiancé Efisiny. He visited her home but found Mama Aiye in front of the door;
“Mama Aiye I’ve come to Efy is she at home?”

Mama Aiye
“No Efy is not at home she has gone out.”

   He is not convinced he heard some voices inside the sitting room and obviously Efy’ voice and also a posh car was parked at the centre of the compound he became alert and suspicious who was it that Mama does not want him to meet and he/she was entertaining Efy? He insisted to go in.

Mama Aiye
“Why are you insisting to enter my sitting room when you are not invited into my house? Efy is not here go until another time when she comes I’ll inform her you’ve paid a visit.”

“If Efy is not here can I see Papa before I leave for the city?”

Mama Aiye
   “Papa is asleep and he has given orders not to be awoken,”

“Something fishy is going on I am not convinced that Efy is not at home.”

Mama Aiye
   “Why are you doubting me in my own house? Go until another time.”

  She is with a noveau rich guy who is just from South Africa Teddy Ted Aina who came with lots of money gossip has it that he is dishing out counterfeit, drug, blood, money laundering you name it but he really has the buck and easily displays it and bluffing about it in a land of poverty, ignorance and disease people worship the buck and anybody who has it is God and that’ what exactly happen to this junky of a boy who has no respect for anybody.
Ted Aina showered Mama and Efy bucks and they became flabbergasted and lowered their dignity, self-esteem and self-respect.

Ted Aina
He asked them to say funny catch words and behave funny just to suit his taste as he acted weirdly.

He insisted that he would not go anywhere until he ascertain his suspicion.
“Mama I cannot understand your change of behaviour.”

Papa Ekundayo
  He heard the voices outside and decided to come to the sitting room where he found Efy and Ted Aina then he proceeded outside to meet Mama and Tunde.
“Good afternoon my son when did you arrive from the city?”

“Papa I cannot understand the drama! What is happening in your home? I was told you are fast asleep and does not want to be awaken up I am also denied access to Efy I heard her voice but mama insisted she is still not inside the house and this posh car parked in your compound what is going on Papa or am I dreaming that something bad is going to happen?”

Mama Aiye
Before Papa could answer she took the word from him;
“Who are you to come into my compound and start to interrogate me? Do I owe answers to your questions? Efy is not in go until another time.”

Papa Eku
  “My son I was asleep but did not tell anyone not to wake me up when you come I thought you were still in the city welcome to my humble abode but to tell you my son madness has entered my home and I cannot say anything about it the drama you see here is real and has been orchestrated by my wife and daughter I have nothing to do with it.

When Papa enquired who was outside before he came out to see Tunde Mama said;
“He is not an important person.” But when he knew it was Tunde he asked him to go home and rest but Tunde protested;
“But what is happening why are you asking me to go home and rest?”

Papa Eku
He repeated;
“Madness has visited my household and I’ve been sidelined.”

Mama Aiye
She asked Tunde to leave;
“You are embarrassing me I have an important visitor leave and now!”

His world shattered and he remembered Ade’ advice and warning;
“No! Efy is not like that she is under the manipulation of her devilish mother I have to see her fact to face and iron things out.” He refused to interpret the reality which was too hard to swallow.

Tunde picked him enroute and he explained the scenario at the Joofs’.
“Didn’t I tell you but you do not understand I discovered Mama Aiye’ greed long time ago she is never contended and is always comparing herself with other people that is a bad tendency which I don’t like in a person who is bound to lower herself for any gain sacrificing self-esteem and self-respect and that is what she inculcate into her daughter your Efy.”

“Don’t be so certain lets’ give Efy the benefit of doubt until she proves otherwise.”

He became sarcastic;
“Benevolent lover hear you talk you are dreaming again hear you talk!”

Ted Aina was blabbing as he narrates his travels and sojourns;
“I’ve travelled all over the world the seven continents Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas North and South and call me the CNN Traveler ha! Ha! Ha! I like my boo and my bucks but this ‘boo’;” he quizzed Efy unto to himself, “is the best of all I’ll adore and spoil her patapataaa!” The trio laughed heartily and loudly.
To be Cont.

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