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Saayii Tolof Part 340 EPISODE 27 (Difficult Marriages – Amanda Aminata ‘Joye Buga Nimbal’ Mandy Cry for Justice)


Wole Ken
He paid Pandy a visit and confronted her;
“Pandora! Isn’t it a small world? Do you ever think I can influence your future husband by dumping me for a so called ‘big guy’? Now your desire is to marry a specialist doctor isn’t it? Now it is payback time I’ll reveal your secret because I don’t want you to deceive another good person.”

She panicked but hid her fear under the guise of arrogance;
“Liar and loser! What secret are you talking about? You know nothing about me as for dumping you I did it for a better choice how can I choose you and leave my Prof friend?”

Wole Ken
“But why did he not marry you? He too dump you for a better woman eh?”

   “Dr. Mam is a gentle man he can never believe you go ahead and tell him. What is your proof?”

Wole Ken
“You have to do fertility test and I’ll convince Mam that before he marries you it is to be proven that your womb is perfect.”

   “Is Mam going to marry me because of babies? He is not feudal we can always adopt a child.”

Wole Ken
“Your case is not natural you inflicted it upon yourself and you have to be punished for that.”
Pandy panicked but still hid it.

At Uncle Frank’ Residence
   Mandy was thrown out of the house she wept bitterly but on deaf ears;

“Mom is right this witch of a girl wants to snatch my doctor fiancé from me and I’ll be damn to let this low life of a girl snatch him from me throw her out let her go to the streets where she belongs.” Pandy posited.

Dr. Mam Enroute
     Dr. Mam was from the clinic going home then he saw Mandy with luggage and limping then he came down and went to her;
“Mandy! Where are you going with luggage limping and weeping?”

   “My Uncle and Aunty threw me out accusing me that I want to snatch you from Pandora when I explained the circumstances of our meeting they say I am making up stories where can I go now no money no relatives my former home was mortgage by Uncle Frank when mom died.”

Mam Biram

“Get in where you’ll live will be decided later.”
“Thank you Good Samaritan you are saving me a second time may God always be with you.”

At Chief’ House
Mam Biram spoke to his father in a frank discussion;
“The girl I rescued from the robbers I rescued again from her uncle and family who threw her into destitution she is a deceit girl and I am putting her under observation.”

Chief Kutubo
“Mbassy found you Pandora and we sort of like her but it seems you are not serious about her and I’ll not fuss about it in fact you have to find your wife but if you don’t act in a fortnight I’ll find a girl of my choice and broke my vow.”

At Mam Biram’ House
Mandy took over the household chores and became the perfect housekeeper she cooked delicious recipes and made Mam eager to tie the knot she is ready and she went to call him to the dining;

“Food is ready can you come over to the dining and be served.

Mam Biram
He went and found only one plate he then asked;
“Where is your plate?” Mandy murmured.
“Bring your plate and let us eat together or else I’ll also not eat.” Mam teased.
She brought her plate and they ate together afterwards they played draught they now became best friends enjoying each other’ company the love blossom and because ripe for the fruit to be plucked.

At Uncle Frank’ Residence
   Mam Biram visited Uncle Frank and register his intention before sending in his delegation;
“My intention is noble I want to make Mandy my wife.”

Uncle Frank
“How can I give my children to one suitor? Where you not Pandy’ fiancé? How you parted ways with her? If you do how can you now date her first cousin?”

Prior to the Decision
   “Pandy befriended by best friend Wole Ken and she aborted his child at the last hour in a critical abortion which cause her, her womb when Ken accused her I did not believe at first then he challenged her to go for fertility test in any clinic of her choice to ascertain what he was saying but Pandy refused and I gave her an ultimatum that unless she do the test I’ll not marry her and she became adamant that I want to make her a baby making machine; that is not true I just want to ascertain a fact if her condition was natural I would not mind adopting a child but it was done as a result of betrayal to my friend who loved her so much that he was ready to lay his life for her but she betrayed him based on class after he has done everything for her nothing is static I can have problems tomorrow how will she react to my misfortune?”

Uncle Frank
“I cannot give my consent to this witch of a girl go somewhere else I cannot betray my daughter.”

Mam Biram
   “Thank you sir for being very frank with me I beg my leave.”

At the Restaurant
Wole Ken met Pandy
“What did you tell Mam Biram about me?”

Wole Ken
“Exactly what he told you I did not hide my intention did I? Nemesis has finally caught up with you ha! Ha! Ha!”

She came to Mam Biram house to fight Mandy;
“So you have finally snatched my fiancé but you cannot get him without a fight.” She rushed to hit her but Mam intercepted and threw her out;
“I cannot marry you cheat how can I look Wole in the eye but you hurt him so much that’s why he loath all women when only you is the culprit never come to my residence again or I get you arrested for trespass.”

At Dr. Mam’ Residence
As they were playing ludo the emergency phone rang and they were called to attend an emergency the duo went to the clinic whom did they found Aunt Sue Sabelle dead on the hospital bed and Uncle Frank paralyzed and on a wheel chair half of his body deformed both Pandora and Horejah weeping bitterly;

The Confession
Uncle Frank asked Mandy for forgiveness;
“I killed your parents and forfeited your inheritance I tried to kill you many times but we failed nemesis has finally caught up with us but before I died I have to hand over your wealth to you the company is own by your parents and now you forgive me.” Then he died her daughters were devastated as they disown their parents.

Chief Kutubo
He stood as a father and also a father in law the honour given to him by Uncle Frank before he passed away.
The duo got married and Mandy took up her degree course to become an OBGN her utmost desire in life later on she graduated and become sole partner of her husband in their private clinic Wole Ken being an Accountant was made the CEO of Mandy’ company and he married Mbassy and the couples lived happily ever after.


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