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Saayii Tolof Part 339 EPISODE 27 (Difficult Marriages= Amanda Aminata ‘Joye Buga Nimbal’ Mandy Cry for Justice)


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  She expressed fear and said;
“I want to go home.

Mam Biram
“Where is your home? It is safe for you? Who do you say hired the kidnappers?”

   “According to them my Uncle Frank hired them to kill me.”

Mam Biram
  “You can stay here until you are completely well and I’ll take you back to your uncle if you so desired.”

   “Thank you.”

Mam Biram
“I should be the one to thank you as you have lifted a heavy burden from my shoulders.”
As promised he took great care of her as she assumed roles and made Mam Biram full for the first time in his life he appreciated her cleanliness and excellent cooking skills.
“You are organized and clean as well as being an excellent cook.”

   She smiled and thanked him for his care and concern.

The Kidnappers
   They decided to keep quiet and collected the reward from Uncle Frank and when he asked about mission they answered in the positive.

“We have done a perfect job Mandy would never trouble you again.”

Uncle Frank
   “Excellent nice doing job with you.”

Mbassy with Pandy
   “The two weeks ultimatum is approaching or my dad will lose his chieftaincy please Pandora marry my brother.” She stooped before her friend.

At Mam Biram’ House
    Wole Ken visited him and they were discussing about the accident;
“How is the girl now is she okay?”

Mam Biram
   “Thank God who his wonderful intervention she has almost recovered.”

  She came out from the kitchen walking on clutches as she smiled and greeted them.
“Lunch is ready.”
“Thank you.” Mam Biram thanked her as Wole smiled.

Wole Ken
   “She is a perfect wife Mam think about it.”

Mam Biram
   “What are you talking about?” He scolded him.

A Rude Shock
Pandy came to visit Mam and found Mandy coming out from his kitchen;
“What!” She exclaimed as she almost fainted.
“What are you doing in my husband’ kitchen when everyone at home think you are dead? Mom is right in calling you a witch. Have you come to attack me in broad day light?” She pelted her shoes at her as she rushed to attack Amanda Mam Biram intercepted her and asked;
“Do you two know each other?”

Wole Ken
He heard the commotion and came out to enquire and whom did he see?
“Pandy you! What are you doing here?”
With fear and fright Pandora left in a jiffy.

Two Interesting Revelations!
  Mam remained dumbfounded overwhelmed with the scenario. Wole Ken left immediately.

At Uncle Frank’ Residence
  “Mom was right she is a witch she want to snatch my doctor husband from me this ungrateful witch of a girl she has to be thrown out into the streets where she belong I wish the kidnappers had killed her.” Pandy posited.

Uncle Frank
   “She bewitched the kidnappers and they set her free and lied to me but I’ll deal with them no one deceive Frank and live to tell the tale.”

Thrown out into the Street
The family bundled Mandy’ luggage and threw her into the street she cried and told them her story which they refused to accept Hoti Hor begged on her behalf but received some nasty slaps from both parents.

Mama Sue Sabelle
“I am very happy I have been vindicated Mandy is evil and she has come to destroy our home as she has destroyed hers but the good lord I served has exposed and vindicated me. If we see you anywhere near our residence I myself will roast you alive.”
Uncle Frank concurred.

The Untold Story
Wole Ken was wrecked by Pandora he was working in a firm as an Account Clerk well paid he courted Pandy as she was learning in the university he helped in renting her a room and parlour close to the university as well as giving her pocket money then after she completed school she got pregnant for Wole who promised to marry her but she declined when a Professor lecturer was dating her she decided to dump Wole and threaten to abort the pregnancy he begged her not to kill his baby;

Wole Ken
   “I know you’ve found a richer guy is fine I am now too little and insignificant in your life but please let my baby be he is my first child after birth I’ll adopt him and give my child to my mother for keep please.” He stooped and cried bitterly as a child.

   “You are very wicked Wole Ken how can you beg me not to abort this curse you call a child I want to marry Prof so how can I tell him I am carrying the child of a no body? I’ll abort it and don’t try to stop me.”

Wole Ken
“Pandora! Don’t dare me if you abort this baby I’ll place a curse upon you, you’ll never again hear the cry of a baby so help me God!”

She laughed at Wole Ken and mocked him she however, went ahead and abort the baby at an advanced stage and in the process unknowingly her womb got perforated by a quack doctor because she was advised by qualified doctors not to attempt the risky operation. Wole Ken got the story and confronted her.

Wole Ken
   “I’ll not allow you deceive my best friend you see the world it is one home you never believe that I could be a factor in your marriage to my best pal I’ll tell him your story and you have to go for the test to ensure Mam Biram does not marry a barren opportunist, a cheat and a gold digger.”

“I am not scared Wole Ken go to Mam Biram and tell him my story you can do nothing about it.”

Wole Ken
   “Let us bet time will tell. Nemesis, the Law of Khmer has finally caught up with you devil of a woman you made me cry for my innocent baby I’ll ensure you pay for your deeds Mam Biram is too good to be a victim of deception.”
To be Cont.


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