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Saayii Tolof Part 337 EPISODE 27 (Difficult Marriages – Amanda Aminata ‘Joye Buga Nimbal’ Mandy Cry for Justice)


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At Uncle Frank Residence
 Uncle Frank sent Hoti Hor for some errands and she asked Mandy to accompany her as soon as they left he spoke to some people over the phone;

Uncle Frank
   “The target is coming along with my daughter she is the fair coloured and shorter in height please let nothing happen to my daughter do you understand?”

At the other End
   “Of course boss nothing will happen to your daughter we have also got the picture of the target.”

Uncle Frank
“No mistake a handsome reward awaits you good luck.” He made a wicked smile.

At Dr.’ Residence
The duo is getting along fine and they chatted happily each one trying not to offend the other.

The Kidnappers
Three men came along in a fast moving transport whisked away Mandy before she could realize anything she wailed and Hoti Hor was dazzled she fell and before she could do anything the transport vanished into thin air she wept bitterly calling for help people came and found nothing as she narrate the incident to them.

Hoti Hor
   “Three men in a red transport came from nowhere whisked my cousin away and vanished into thin air. I am going home to report to my father.”

The Kidnappers
Mandy was with them they gave her food and water but she refused to eat and drink instead she said;

   “I am tired with life kill me I want to die and rest in peace I am tired of this wicked world and want to join my father and mother no one seem to love and care for me I am innocent I have done nothing wrong to deserve such treatment.”

Terror one of the kidnappers told her the truth;
“Your Uncle Frank hire us to kill you and we are just doing our job.”

“But why what have I done to Uncle Frank why did he hate me this much?” She sobbed bitterly

Chief Kutubo’ Residence
   He called Mam to enquire about progress;
“How is Pandy are you satisfy with her?”

Mam Biram
Don’t hurry me dad I still need more time.”

Chief Kutubo
“Son I can no longer give you time you cannot see everything until in marriage the lady will hide her ugly side until the marriage is tied I’ll give you until next month to decide or I pull myself out of your affairs and you go elsewhere to find a new dad period!”

Haja Oumu
    “You have seen it your son is stubborn and you have pampered him too much he has to be pressurize I for one want to see my grandchild before I die my age mates are now holding couple of grandchildren why is our son different?” She grumbled.

At Uncle Frank’ Residence
    Hoti Hor went on hunger strike she believed her father has not done enough to find Mandy.

Hoti Hor
“I have the feeling that no one cares about Mandy but I’ll go on hunger strike until my cousin is found.” Her parents panicked and has to coax her to eat;

Uncle Frank
  “My sweet daughter the case has been reported to the police and they are doing everything to find Amanda and God willing she will soon be found.”

Hoti Hor
“I am not convinced that you did enough let us go together for me to certify your efforts before I break my hunger strike.”

Mama Sue Sabelle
“Are you now doubting your father because of that curse Amanda of a girl? This is very serious and you want to kill yourself because of her?”

Uncle Frank
 He winked his wife and spoke directly to Hoti Hor
“She is very right let’s go to the Police Station and you verify.”
The duo went to the Station and the police showed her the open file;

Station Officer
“Young lady our detectives are spread and Insha Allah God willing we will find your dear cousin healthy and sound and hand over the abductors for justice to take its course, take heart and pray for her everything will be well.”

At the Kidnappers
Mandy continue her third day hunger strike without food or water the kidnappers became worried;
“Let us talk to Frank the girl refused to eat or drink what should we do next and when will he pay our money? The food is poisoned I think the girl sense it.”
Mandy over heard them saying that.

He is not that destroyed he still has some empathy in his heart when the others went away and left him to guard their captive he asked Mandy to narrate her story;
“I cannot understand why Frank want to kill you, you look kind and innocent.”

“I am as surprised as you I lost both parents in mysterious circumstances and came to live with his family he used to share a company with my dad rumour had it that he gave my dad slow poison to die and my mom also die of the same ailment after dad died a year between them now he asked me to relocate to his residence they suddenly changed and decided to treat me as slave in their house.”

The Game
 The kidnappers came and were dead drunk except Terror he untied Mandy and asked her to run for dear life and he went back asleep and pretended nothing happened, the kidnappers awoke to great disappointment the others woke him up and asked after Mandy;
“Where is the girl who was tied here?”

“Where is she? We were all fast asleep.”

The head of the gang reprimanded them;
“How careless is this? Frank would not pay our money after all this trouble and he’ll go after our head disperse and bring the girl dead or alive!”

Pandy with Mbassy
    “Your brother does not love me he is just making excuses look at a whole me and Mam Biram refusing my advances when other men die for it? This is an insult to my integrity.” She complained.

   “That is not true he told my parents he’ll soon make a decision on you there is just a little misunderstanding of how both of you interpret life give him more time he’s coming around and would soon be yours my dad give him until next month or he’ll not interfere in his life again and he has taken it very seriously. I should not tell you but he asked me to tell him what kind of gift you would appreciate from him.”

   “Really or are you pulling my legs?”
To be Cont.

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