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Saayii Tolof Part 334 EPISODE 27 (Difficult Marriages – Amanda Joye Buga Nimbal, Mandy Cry for Justice)


 She got the most shocking revelation about her family fortune and betrayal of her uncle Frank and Aunt Susan Sabelle.
When she went to her uncle’s office she narrated the story and how the information changed his face but her uncle insisted for her to give her more information which she refused to give for Lawyer Mahoney’ safety.

The Couple
They exchanged notes then decided to act with speed to cut Mandy’ feet before she stands firm.
“Yusupha said the spirit protecting Mandy is very strong and that she cannot be harmed.”

Chief Security Abdou
   He appeared firm but a womanizer he feast his lust on the maid servants.

Chief Kutubo’ Residence
Mbassy took Pandy to her parents and they immediately fell in love with her;

Haja Oumu
    “You are beautiful and am sure with your sophistication you’ll make a good wife for my son welcome to my home my daughter we are eager for our grand-children.”

Chief Kutubo
He is very happy and smiling he said;
“Welcome home my daughter Mbassy is going to develop another home and you are going to develop our home.”

Mam Biram with Ayo Wole Ken
“Yes I like the girl but you are familiar with the saying ‘all that glitters is not gold, I don’t know Pandora it is Mbassy that know her what about if she has some tricks I don’t like? I don’t want to experience any divorce my parents are married and now at their 50th I want to surpass them Allah willing my dad is a Muslim man but he is only married to my mother even though every-one calls mom a ‘panka’ naughty woman but my dad condones and love her very much to the extent that family, friends and the entire community said she has put dad under a spell. But my assessment is that they love and cherish each other because even though she has some negativity she also has some positivity which impressed dad and make her refused to marry another wife.
I want compatibility with my wife, I love simplicity and service to humanity. Can Pandora be that woman who share such principles? Let us court for a while and see how it works. I’ve found a wife but I have to ascertain whether she meets my principles even half way.”

Ayo Wole Ken
“Mam you are naughty and just wants to trouble your parents I am out of here.”

Mam Biram
    “You can be crossed with me now but tomorrow you’ll understand my lesson of life is look before you leap.”

Her philosophy of life, ‘eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you’ll die.’ She got naked in bed and asked Mam for them to have fun but it was repulsive to him;

Mam Biram
“I have a different outlook of life and I believe in sex after marriage I know it sounds funny with you such a sophisticated woman but that’s me please forgive me just be patient until the knot is tie there is no need to be in a hurry.”

She became angry and accused Mam Biram of not be a man;
“Can you perform, are you a man?”

Mam Biram
Mam refused to be petty,
“I have no answer for that but please let us be civil to each other.”

She felt insulted and appeared cheap in front of Mam Biram;
“Look at this cheap snob whom does he thinks he is embarrass me? He cannot I am Pandora I’ll give him a fitting answer and would not allow him waste my time I’ll flex and makes him think he is the only one until I get him tie the knot I’ll play him a game he’ll never forget.”

At Kassim’ Shop
The duo went and apologized for Mama Susan Sabelle’ naughtiness;
“We cannot understand why she behaved as such but she is our mother and we have to apologize for her bad behaviour.” The duo explained.

“I accept, it is not your fault she is our parent and I forgive her she was just trying to protect her niece although in the wrong way.”

Hoti Hor
“My mother is wicked and I am ashamed that she is my mom she pretended to love Mandy but she is deceitful Amanda is a good sister with a large heart.”

Pandora came again and behaved like a good girl;
“Mam I accept your principle which is very noble I’ll wait until the knot is tied why not?”
He hugged Pandora and admired her dress;
“You look just like an angel my sunshine.”

Mam Biram
“That’s my girl.”
As they lay in bed chatting the emergency phone rang and it was the private clinic he is operating in partnership with a friend Dr. Phil from the U.S.

Mam Biram
“I have to save life Sunshine, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” He left.

She is furious;
“What sort of life is this? How can I marry such a man? What sort of life can he offer me? No private life even in bed he can be called and he’ll be off for duty.” She grumbled when Mam left.

At Uncle Frank Residence
Pandora discussed Mam Biram with her mom;
“Mom it has happened for your daughter Dr. mam Biram Joof OBGY Specialist of Sohna Ndungu Gaye Clinic is interested in me what have you to say about this opportunity?”

Mama Susan Sabelle
She jerked from her seat and got up;
“Say it again? A Specialist OBGN interested in my doctor? It is too good to be true. Did he proposed and when is the date of the wedding? Is it going to be ‘Taka Basang’ or registry? But I don’t accept changing your religion for marriage because if it does not work you are left in limbo change your faith on belief that’s better.” She advised.

“The little I do know of him is that he is a principled man who studies every thing before getting into it his philosophy ‘look before you leap’. His first step getting to know each other before proposal and I buy that it is life long no need to be in a hurry.”
To be Cont.







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