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Saayii Tolof Part 332 EPISODE 27 (Difficult Marriages – Amanda Aminata ‘Joye Buga Nimbal’ Mandy Cry for Justice)


Mbassy introduced her friend Pandy to her brother Dr. Mam Biram and became the match maker the two got connected and a relationship developed.

Chief Kutubo
   He does not yet know about the development and is becoming impatient with his son but he still control his temper but whenever Koto Baaba paid him a visit he agitates him to take action against his son.

Koto Baaba
“Are you afraid of your son of a doctor? Tell him the truth or better still find him a wife.”

Chief Kutubo
“Are you my friend or an enemy? I experienced it once but would never try it again; I found my brother a wife when he went abroad he came and refused the wife and went and found one for himself it brought rift between us and led to our malice for years until recently when my old mother threatened to curse us unless we make peace with each other. How can I practice the same with my own son? Let him find his own wife period I am a modern democratic chief. With the idol worshipping he also rejected it saying he is a practicing Muslim and not an idol worshipper.

Uncle Frank Residence
Mandy got adopted as she is no stranger of household chores she did laundry for her uncle, aunt and Pandy but Hoti Hor refused to exploit her and saw it as injustice.

Hoti Hor
“I can understand our parents but not to do laundry for Pandora to even give you her panties that is disgusting and as for me don’t you worry I can take care of myself.’

“It is not a problem at all I can do it for my family are you not my family?”

Hoti Hor
“We are your family and should not hold you as a slave I am not happy with how they are treating you.”
Hoti Hor always bring her laundry and join it with Mandy as she helped her. Aunty Sue does not want this she always called Hoti Hor and sent her on errands and before she comes back Mandy would finish washing later on Hoti Hor decided to keep her laundry for another time.

Aunty Sue
She came one day and scolded Mandy;
“I was warned in my dream that you should no longer do laundry for my family you are a witch and you are cursed that’s why you killed your parents.”

She is very surprised and defended herself;
“It is God that took my parents away and Aunty Sue I am not a witch.”
She gave him a nasty slap and pushed her away.

She complained to Hoti Hor
“A strange thing happened today as I was washing for aunty, uncle and Pandy’ clothes aunty came and took all the clothes away as she branded me a witch who have killed my parents and when I protested she hit me very hard until I tumbled down and hurt my ankle.”

Hoti Hor
   She is very angry with her mother and she confronted her;
“Mama why did you torment Mandy who has just lost her parents? It was heartless to brand her as a witch.”

Aunty Sue Sabelle
“Isn’t she a witch? Where are her parents? I’ll be damned to let her harm us in any way.”

Hoti Hor
She counseled her cousin and gave her hope;
“Don’t allow her dehumanize you, you are a good girl with a big heart and God would always be with you lean on me I’ll always be here for you.”

At Chief’ House
    Mbassy introduced Pandora to them and they were very happy;
“She is a graduate in Public Health Nursing and we have done the same course she is a sophisticated girl fit to be Mam’s wife and I know her and as it is said the devil you know is better than the angel you know not.”
They greeted her with open arms;

Haja Oumu
   “My daughter you are welcome into our family and hope Allah would join you together in holy matrimony.”

   “Thank you Ma you are such a nice, noble family.”
“You are welcome.” Haja Oumu posited.

Chief Kutubo
   “Welcome my daughter I have only one question, do you want to marry my son?”

   “Yes sir, I feel honoured thank you.”

At Uncle Frank Residence
    Mandy is a prayer warrior which was offensive to Aunty Sue Sabelle as she was praying loudly Aunty Sue Sabelle came into her room and rebuked her; she threw ice water at her and she jerked from the floor where she knelt;
“But mommy!”

Aunty Sue Sabelle
    “Don’t ever call me mommy again your mother is dead and I am not go to the kitchen and cook the meal.”

Ayo Wole (Ken)
o Baaba is right you have to see the community ‘jaalang’ and pray before it prior to be a ruler why are you so stubborn?”

Mam Biram
“I’ll never pray before the ‘jaalang’ I am a practicing Muslim if that is their condition so let them give it to another family.” Doctor left and went away.

Chief Kutubo
He called Ayo Wole Ken and asked him to talk sense into his friend;
“Your friend is stubborn please help me put sense into him.”

Ayo Wole Ken
“It is hard Chief but I’ll try my best.”

At Uncle’s Frank
As he asked Mandy to give him cold water she slipped and flashed the water on the ground and Uncle turned round and gave her a nasty slap.

   “But what have I done to deserve this nasty slap? It was an accident.”

Uncle Frank
   “An accident? Stupid idiot! You are a witch who has come to torment us but we’ll be damned to allow you destroy our family as you have destroyed yours.”

She cried bitterly and said when she was alone;
“Both my uncle and aunt are into this conspiracy but I’ll not allow them to frustrate me just as Hoti Hor has advised.”
To be Cont.

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