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Saayii Tolof Part 327 EPISODE 27 (Difficult Marriages – Amanda ‘Joye Buga Nimbal’ Mandy Cry For Justice)


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Uncle Francis Faddy and Aunty Susan Sabelle came to pay condolence to Aunty Joko and Amanda Aminata they came with money for family support and wept bitterly.

Uncle Francis Faddy
He lamented on the problems facing his company;
“I would have given more but cannot because of the problems my company is facing you know I owe 80% share and your father/husband own the rest but I cannot give you a bulk due to the problems but as soon as things get better I’ll give you a bulk to lift you up from this predicament you found yourself in.” 
Aunty Joko and Amanda Aminata thanked the couple for their concern and prayed long life and happiness for them.

Hoyan Hotensia
  She is very kind and empathetic she counseled her cousin and aunt;
“Mandy, Aunty Joko take it easy upon yourself it is God’ will you have done everything possible but his will prevail uncle Baaba does no wrong to neighbours, friends, relatives and opponents alike his place is heaven may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.”

 Wealthy Home
 Chief Kutubo thank God for the return and success of his only son as a graduate in obstetrics/gynaecology (OBGN) both parents are very happy as well as Dr. Mam Biram;
“I am the happiest person on earth to successfully come back home and meet both parents alive as well as my grandmother my one and only wife.”

 Chief Kutubo
 He called his deputy and council of elders and inform them of the good news of his son arrival and success.

 Haja Oumu

  She prepared his delicacies and local drinks for the celebrations of his return.
“I have prepared all his delicacies and favourite local drinks for his enjoyment and he is very happy.”

 Dr. Mam Biram
 “Home sweet home for the past ten years I’ve missed our food and drinks I’ll now eat to my fill and freeze the rest.”
Guests laughed heartily.


Mandy’ special friend is Kassim the shop keeper close to their house he used to help her a lot with small, small things he helps her sell fruits to augment her school fees. She will hawk and give him the leftover to sell for her in his shop.

“You are my star and I am your fan a young lady wanting to enter university and hawking to ensure she pays her tuition shows determination and courage and I am inspired.”

 Amanda Aminata
 “Our rich relatives Uncle Francis Faddy and my Aunty Susan Sabelle refused to help us in a big way as we know it Uncle Francis have 80% share while my dad has the smaller share but still we cannot benefit from our small share dad’ sickness was solely shouldered by us as we sell all our valuable assets but dad was equivocal;”
“Never think of selling my house which is meant to provide my family with habitation.” Dad told us in very strong terms.

  “That was what saved our shelter and we thank God for our father’ resolve what would we have done if we sell our house?”

 Wealthy Household

    Chief Kutubo wants his son to learn how he runs his community but Dr. Mam Biram have another concept of life.

  “I want you to learn how the community is being run by me as handed over to me by my father if not the chieftaincy will be taken over by other families on the traditional lineage.”

 Dr. Mam Biram
 “If that was your wish why did you send me to learn to become a doctor to save lives? That is my prerogative I cannot idly sit down on a seat settling disputes and being honoured in glory. You’ll be alive for many years to come sit comfortably on your seat.”

 Chief Kutubo
 “My son needs to inherit the seat traditionally because my community still likes me to lead because I’ve served them very well and I don’t want my family to lose the privilege that is my dilemma and my son is nonchalant.”

 Haja Oumu

 She is very bitter with her son;

“Mam Biram! Why are you being selfish? Don’t you want my family to retain the chieftaincy title? Do you want it go to other families?” She scolded her son.

 Chief Kutubo

Take it easy with Mam today’ youth are unlike us if you force they rebel just leave it to me to dialogue with Mam Biram.”

 Haja Oumu

 “This is my problem with you, you spoil this young man too much, why do you give him a voice in this situation? He is our son despite being a medical doctor tell him the truth and stick by it.”

Aunty Joko

Aunty Joko is still pious, dutiful and prayerful and has hope that the future will be bright.


She passed her university entrance examination; she came home from hawking with excitement she asked her mother to guess;

“Mama guess!”

 Mama Joko

 “I cannot guess but it must be very good for this excitement.”

“Maximum mark is 400 and I got 350 sure entry into university to study medicine my speciality OBGN.”

 Mama Joko
  “I am very happy that your effort has not gone in vain my daughter, God has answered our prayers and we should give a thanksgiving though our reality is how to pay the tuition but all the same.”

 Wealthy Home

Dr. Mam is under pressure to marry a wife before he can inherit his father’ seat according to their community tradition.

“I cannot marry for tradition sake marriage is a life time undertaking and I should be convinced that I’ve married my vibe.”

Haja Oumu
 She is furious;
“What am I going to do to put sense into the skull of this stupid son of ours? Your dad’ seat security nonchalant, to marry a wife a precondition he adopts the same attitude now he assumes to be our parent not the other way round but do I blame him? It is Chief’ fault he gives him too much leverage.”

To be Cont.

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