Amanda Aminata is a brilliant girl and her dad Papa Frumose promise her the world;
“My daughter I’ll invest everything I have to ensure you get your educational goal even if I have to go bankrupt.” Was he able to meet the promise?

Papa Frumose
He was a middle income earner doing a successful business with his partner Francis Faddy, a friend and confidante but later the relationship becomes sour, and it was reported that the business become bankrupt coinciding with his illness and he could not verify it truthfulness. Then Papa Frumose became bedridden and all monies kept by the family was spent in his cure but to no avail; rumours has it that his partner Francis Faddy gave him slow poison in his food served to him at a party held at Francis Faddy’ home. Papa fell ill after the couple celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

Mama Josephine Joko
   She is a loving, lovely, faithful and devoted wife to Papa Frumose her first and only love of her youth they married in their late teens; she sold all her jewelry, beautiful attires and other valuables to get him cured but to no avail. She prayed for him and has hope in his cure.

The Final Hour
The inevitable happen finally Papa Frumose gone home to rest after a long ailment without any cure and extensive pain; mourners filled the house and compound as mourners in the neigbhourhood far and wide shared one description how Papa, Baaba as her family, friends and relatives fondly called him was fatherly, a good Christian, citizen and neighbour always ready to give a helping hand. The family was shattered as Papa died in penury but one thing was certain he kicked against them selling the house he has built for habitation.

Amanda Aminata
She was her father’ pet and only child after the couple lost twins and another child before Amanda Aminata was born her parents started as struggling couple before the success of their business. 
She went on a mission to borrow more money needed for treatment and when she came back she found a compound full to the brim with mourners she went straight and found her mom sobbing bitterly and some mourners counselling her and she asked what the matter was and wanted to see her dad but was stopped but she break the grip and rushed to the bedroom and found her dad covered all over.

Speaking to the Corpse
   She rolled over the bed sheet and directly spoke to her father;
“This is not you dad! What about your promise? My university education? Where are you going? What can we do without you? You have broken your promise and have dashed my hope.” She wept bitterly.

   “I heard what people are alluding to that Francis Faddy gave me slow poison but God will be the judge whatever he did or did not do the Lord knows and in Judgment Day everything will be clear.” Papa posited in his bedridden condition.

Mama Joko
“Don’t mind anything all hands are on deck to ensure you are back to your feet we all love you.”

Amanda Aminata
“Nothing will happen to him he promised to finance my education up to university level.”

Mama Joko
“Do you believe him? He is just trying to give you courage.” She went to Aunty Susan Sabelle who is a second cousin.
“I have sold all my valuables but still Fru is unwell I don’t know what to do again?”

Aunty Sue
“Believe in God everything will be fine I would have helped but the girls university education took away my savings you know education of my girls is my priority but all the same whenever I have something I’ll surely helped.”

Papa Frumose
    “You bother your self Joko you know your cousin would never help you as she always gossip about our relationship please I beg never go to her again she will discuss about us and would not give any help.” He advised.

Mama Joko
“I am just confused and do not know what to do next.”

Papa Frumose
“You better go to outsiders than Susan.”

Amanda Aminata
“You are a gallant soldier we will miss you rest in perfect peace and the glow of the lord always with you.” She bade farewell to her dad.

Another Wealthy Family
The father Alhajj Kutubo is the traditional leader of the community he was accepted by his community and clan of elders his wife Haja Oumu assist him as a wife to perform his duties their children Dr. Mam Biram an OBG (Obstetrician Gynecologist) is yet to come from abroad but their daughter Mbassy is a lawyer and has come home practicing her profession.
Rumour has it that Haja Oumu is a tigress very aggressive and is feared by the chief the couple is worried that their son has no interest to follow his dad’s footsteps and become the chief of their community and this is very worrisome to his mother and also he has not yet taken a bride which is a precondition.

Aja Oumu
   “When is our son coming back to take up his responsibility now that he has graduated?”

Chief Kutubo
   “Take it easy with the youth of nowadays you cannot force them to do anything he would surely come if he is ready.”

Good News
   Dr. Mam Biram came home unannounced Haja Oumu jerked at her seat;
“Is this a conspiracy? Do you know that your son was coming and you hid it from me? I did not make any preparation to welcome my son this is very unfair.”

Chief Kutubo
“I am shock as well as you I am just seeing him and very happy that he made it low key he is like his father we dislike big ceremonies where vanity is always manifested. Welcome home my son, come and give me a big hug.”

Haja Oumu
“Anyway your favourite soup has been prepared as well as local juices eat to your fill my son.”

Dr. Mam Biram
    He ate to his satisfaction and ask his mom to keep some for him for supper;
“This is what I’ve miss at home the food and the local drinks thank you mom you are the best cook in the whole world.”

Haja Oumu
   She bluffed
“I’ve always cook family delicacies for myself to please you as your contentment is my pleasure now order me son what do you want me to cook to formally welcome you home?”
He spoke into her ear and mom laughed aloud and said;
“Okay son your wish is my command.”

Chief Kutubo
“As head of the house I also have a right to know what is said in private.”

Haja Oumu
   “This is a secret between mother and son when the day comes the knowing would be in the eating.”
To be Cont.

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