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Saayii Tolof Part 325 EPISODE 26 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Orphan In Marriage’ ‘Baayo Chi Saayii’ ‘Kumba Amut Ndeye’)


   “But that is too much!”

   He took the phone from her;
“Where are my children? Let me speak to them. What ransom are you asking?”

The Kidnappers
    “D20 million if you want to see them alive.”

   He went back to the police and started to work with them to find his daughters.

The Kidnappers
They spoke to the girls;
“We will not harm you but want your rich dad to pay us a ransom of D20 million that’s all.”

“But our dad is in the U.S how can he paid such a large amount? Please don’t kill us we are innocent.”

Steph Ken
“Are you not the street man who met us while hawking in the streets?”

Bad Boy
“I was the one but when I told you to let me kill your wicked step mom you refuse she asked us to kidnap you and ask for big ransom which she will divide between us and her. Your dad is back if he pays you’ll not be harm.”

Steph Ken
“Even though both she and her daughter are wicked but we don’t wish her dead there is too much death already in our lives.” 

    She travelled on her business trip and returned home and found the scene.
“What am I hearing a kidnapping? What is the ransom?”

Mama T
  “D20 million you are looking at a very rich woman here I refused to be fooled thrice this time around I’ll shoot the shot.”

   “You have graduated into a PhD Fellow and I salute you remember me in your paradise oh!”

He collected the police and came home with the money and collected Mama T before she left she poisoned the breakfast she prepared for Gaa.
She went to ask him to take breakfast before going in search of his daughters;
“Food can wait let me find my daughters first let’s go.” The couple left.

“Where is my mom?” Then she saw the breakfast on the table she sat down and ate it all.

The Search Party
Gaa, Mama T where searching for the kidnappers and the police in their private car followed their car.

The Girls
Being smart the girls untied themselves and ran away before the kidnappers can realize their disappearance. They ran away.

The Search Party
They bracketed with the girls and Gaa stopped to pick them up Mama T panicked and ran away with the brief case.

At Home
    Mama T first them and went to collect Mbachu and what did she found?

There on the ground was Mbachu stone dead on the ground as her mouth foamed.

Mama T sobbed bitterly and confessed her sin as the police came in with Gaa;

“My friend Mary Congosa advised me to do it to collect the ransom and become a rich woman after you ditched me twice how was I to believe you again? I poisoned the breakfast to kill you but Mbachu came and ate it up. I am finished! I am finished! I kill my daughter! Nemesis have finally caught up with me! I did injustice to your daughters please forgive me!”

   “But I came for you I bought the house, the car all the comfort, your tickets have already been bought but I wanted it to become a surprise to you and Mbachu we were all to go together with the girls and now, officers arrest her for killing my first child.”
The End.  

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