Mbachu conspired against her sisters and they received the severest punishment they never deserve.

Amanda Tauru
   She went to the supermarket with her mother Mama Harriet then she saw her friends Singian and Steph Ken then she rushed out leaving her mom inside.
“My friends long time you have not come to school what is your problem and why hawking bananas in the streets like this?”

Before her sister could explain she took it up;
“Our wicked step mother Mama T refused us to go to school and forces us to hawk for her all day long while she starves us.”

Amanda Tauru
“Does she do that to you? Let me go to my mom and she can take you home to stay with us until your dad returns from the U.S; let me go and discuss with my mom she is very kind and my dad would support my mother.”

With Mama Harriet
    Tauru explained everything to her mom who felt empathetic but decline to do what Tauru suggested;
“That would be illegal how can I take some body’ children into my custody without their parents’ consent? I can give them some money to be buying food hidden from their step mom at least not for them to be starved.”

   “Half a loaf is better than nothing let me go and tell my friends.” She told the girls and they accepted their fate and took Mama Harriet’ offer she gave them an amount of money which they promise to safely keep for their use in time of need. She prayed for them to pray to the Lord;
“My angels, Tauru told me about your predicament but I cannot take you in it would be illegal and call child abduction but I’ve done what I am able to do pray to be strong until your dad return to end all your woes amen!” And the children chorused. “Amen!”

Hawking In the Street
    As the kids continue hawking ‘a hit and run’ driver knocked Singian and ran away a Good Samaritan picked her up and took her to the hospital for treatment Steph Ken accompanied them.

Steph Ken
    She came home and reported the accident and Mama T scolded her;
“Stupid girls! You are bad lucked but let me make it clear I’ll visit her at the hospital but would never stay there Steph Ken will stay by her sister’ sick bed.”

Eric the Ex- Lover Boy of Mama T
He came to pay visit to another accident victim a friend of his and they met as they were coming out of the hospital ‘old firewood no hard for cage’ as the saying goes.

Mama T
She rushed to embrace him but Eric stood cool and cautious;
“Why are you cool towards me Eric? What have I done to deserve such cool reception?”

“Here who is speaking Tina? You betrayed me for your ex-lover who came back after betraying you to buy you again with wealth? How can I trust you when you jilt me for him?”

Mama T
   “This is an open space lets go somewhere cozy and talk follow my car.”

A Cozy Spot
   She ordered food and drink and they talk;
“What was I supposed to do? We were just dating and you never proposed. A woman has a clock and she fades away and when Gaa reappeared and gave me life and a promise for better life what was I supposed to do? Moreover, I heard stories of you frolicking with small girls but it is better late than never, I now have no feelings for Gaa but just playing my cards to ditch him at the right time; as you have rightly said he has bought me a well- furnished house, a car and would sooner than later be my passport to the U.S together with our first child by God power but we can party from the money he sent me I can elope with you and we get married you are the person I have feelings for Gaa lost my trust when he betrayed me, wasted my time and married Mbachu then Hoyan he uses me as his last fiddle but I’ll teach him a lesson this time around.”

He thought hard and decided to also play along; they ate, drank and were merry Eric started to go to Tina’ home and enjoyed its facilities then one day he sighted Singian he jerked then alerted Tina;
“What is that girl Singian doing here?”

Mama T
  “Where do you know my step daughter? I hope you are not playing pranks with her? If you do I’ll skin you alive.”

“Please Tina give me credit how can you view me as a pedophile, when your step daughter Steph Ken during her stay with her late stepmom Hoyan was hit by a hit and run driver I was the Samaritan who took her to the hospital and she is very smart and witty if she sees me here she will recognize me and would enquire what was I doing here she sees me as a noble man and I don’t want to disappoint her. We can meet anywhere other than your house.”

Mama T
    “She dare not if she recognizes you and tell her father I’ll kill her.”

“You are not going to kill anyone because I’ll not give you the cause.”

Mama T
She is now openly cheating with Eric at night after clubbing till very late she brought him home to sleep in her room.

   She is displeased with her mom;
“Why is she doing this to my dad? It is not fair, look at what dad did for us? We are now living a posh life unlike before when we cannot even boast of a decent meal. She has to stop or I’ll inform dad about her flirting with this boy the age of her youngest brother.”
She decided to barge into her mother’ room and refused to apologize.

Mama T
   “Rude girl! Didn’t I warn you to be knocking before entering my bedroom? Do you understand? Get out and shut the door after you.” She scolded Mbachu.
To be Cont.

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